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  1. Whats it like to never be responsible for any actions & abuse? Does it make u feel good to not only tell me my thoughts are wrong/feelings are wrong but when i cry its my fault? My tears& depression not real? Calling me stupid &telling me to shut up not real? I couldnt even come to u with any issues because u screamed &yelled at me twisting my words, telling me what ever hurt me was actully what was hurting u! it was u whos sick!I hope it hits u like trees hit light poles,I was genuine &u took me 4granted!
  2. In addition she may be happily taken, gay, straight, you never know. When he comes home sex him good. Remind him of what he has at home. Remind him of how hot and sexy u can be. Join a gym. I know many older women who blow younger women out the box. i know ur going crazy but its ok. Its normal to be territorial. You saw green when u saw her. Than u drove urslelf further nuts by pulling that facebook stalking stunt. Cant say I never did it. lol Just get ur sexy back and show up looking hot. leave him in awe!
  3. Wow Im happy to read this. When I was 26 yrs old I worked for a mechanic as well. His wife took one look at me &not even 2wks later I was fires. Wanna know the saddest part. He NEVER hit on me & wasnt my type at all. His wife was older but she was stunning. She was so jealous of me & all she had to do was have confidence. U need to visit him more looking stunning. Mark territory all while being nice to her. NEVER tell her she intimidates u. Bake him food. Get ur MoJO back. And by GOD give him some sex!!!
  4. No, its confusing and the mind will play tricks on you, but the HEART can NOT serve two masters... Love of a child is different...the love you speak is of romance and that is not to be divided..you will always come up short.
  5. Not all women who are married are happy! Not all who fall for someone out side the marriage deserve to burn in hell. You sound like a man scourned to me JUT/JUSTICE? humm I think you are giving foul advice.
  6. No I didn't take offense..i was hoping you didn't . P.S. It can't be worse than my suicide poem, where someone said "aww how sweet I was like " * * *?????"
  7. Ok perhaps cute was a bad word. CREATIVE is much more suitable. YOU ARE NO HACK!
  8. Ok, this is just cute. And well put together. Thanks for the good read. And I "Midas Touch" NICE!
  9. Hence that reason I'd NEVER give anyone my passwords or any access to my inbox. Because no one can resist the urge to snoop..myself included.
  10. Truth is...just because someone COULD cheat doesn't mean they WOULD cheat. However I'd love to take this test. Most people would not. They'd rather not know. Ignorance is bliss in that sense!
  11. In all out honesty, I have a best "guy" friend whom i've never been attracted to and never even thought of hitting on. He is not into me at all. He and I have even shared a bed together (WHEN I WAS NOT MARRIED) and we didnt even think to touch eachother. He is not an ugly guy, its just he is like a brother to me. We are strictly friends. It is possible if two people go into it knowing its just platonic. We've been friends for over 6 yrs. My husband knows him and is not threatened at all. His lady knows me and is also not threatened. I don't call him at all hours of the night, I don't disrespect her in that way or him. We're just friends. HOWEVER... I do think that if you find someone whom you were friends with first and it turns into love..it could be the type of love that actually lasts.
  12. I have decided to try them. Thanks for everyones opinion!
  13. Thank you for your response..though it was a bit dramatic! I caught your drift. Thanks.
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