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  1. I have been on both sides. Gluestick is right.. they have been thinking about it for a while... so it's easier for them But then every single situation and every person is different. What I felt as a dumper isn't going to be the same as anyone else who shares something here. When I broke up with someone, it was a sense of releif.... there was nothing wrong or horrible about him. There wasn't anyone else, nor did anything bad happen. I just wanted out and we wanted different things. I didn't miss him either, because I had so much going on in my life and things to do that I didn't really think about it. That might sound harsh, but it was the way it was. When I've been rejected or broken up with it has taken me ages to get over.... even if he was acting like an ass!!!
  2. Well, for me, it takes more effort to be angry at someone and to do something like delete them off facebook than it does to just leave it on. Facebook can be very fickle... breakups were easier before facebook... hahaha! I just think that it's something one might regret later... Of course, this is just how I do things, (people are allowed to be different! ) I just think that by deleting someone off facebook/ my space etc there are clearly bigger issues at stake, and by deleting someone you are only wiping away the tip of the iceberg, not the big bulk of mass"issue" underneath. Not saying you have a big bulk of issues, it's just my view on people ignoring their exes or people it didn't work out with or people they used to date. Just my 2 cents on it!
  3. sorry but I think deleting and blocking people off facebook is so highschool.... or kindergarten.... peopel delete people, then add them back... ackk.. it's so childish. so my vote would be for not deleting/ blocking!
  4. 200 pounds and muscular and no facial hair? You sound divine! I certainly don't like the teddy bear look!!! I may be making a generalisation here, but I suspect that girls who don't care that their guy has a soft tummy, probably have a soft tummy themselves!
  5. WEll personally I like a clean shaven guy... and nothing wrong with being lean... much better than being overweight! I don't think you should start dressing like a grandpa in pleated trousers either! You are 28 , not 78!! I'm nearly 30 and none of my guy friends wear pleated pants, even at the workplace!
  6. ugh... I wouldn't let any guy PAY for me.. especially not spend that much ( an airfare!!) for me to go see him.. Why can't he spend the airfare on coming to see you?? if I guy did that for me.. I'd feel like he expected something in return...
  7. maybe its because you started some new birth control......
  8. why do you want to create an interest and muddle about when she is with someone else? Sounds like you are interested in her because she is unavailable and you can't have her. With everything you are describing it sounds like a game you are trying to play rather than really be interested in her. Stay away from her I say.
  9. no.. its not weird.. but she will know you are interested!
  10. I think this all depends on where you're from. In GENERAL.. Canadians and Americans are much more prude than Europeans ... notice i say in GENERAL It seems that there are more Canadian and Americans that I know that make these 'numbers' so much more of an issue than my European friends and relatives just an observation
  11. i don't get what you are feeling guilty about.......
  12. its natural to feel like that I think.. but he with YOU.. not her..
  13. I agree.. I love the weight of a man on top of me.. but if one is looking for sweet loving tenderness, cuddling and comfort.. then that sounds like that person wants more than just a casual arrangment.
  14. ha ha!! I like that...'scratch the itch' (although I have to say a 'toy' has NEVER let me down ) what about boy toys ?
  15. one would hope that someone one is sleeping with is at least using condoms...
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