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  1. yes, i feel somewhat stupid asking this at my age, (18 1/2) but my boyfriend and i have been having sex for a year now, and we've been using condoms and spermicide. However i want more protection for obvious reasons, and i'm really thinking about getting on the pill, patch, or ring. The thing is i dont really know how to get it... i have no insurance as of now (i'm just a student without a job) my boyfriend has a job that gives him insurance but i can't use it, since we're not married. so i'm wondering, where can i go to get birth control without insurance? is it even possible? we're willing to pay out of pocket for the exam(s) and the bc. can i see a family doctor? I'm not aware of any planned parent hood's in my area. thanks for helping
  2. So I'm sure we all know the importance of taking birth control pills properly... but what happens when you physically lose one? I dropped one of mine someplace that I absolutely cannot find it, just to cut to the chase. I searched high and low. I took the next day's pill immediately-- which is the same color (and I'm guessing, the same potency because it says something like 30/30 on it) So now I'm a pill short, but I've got another pack. So I'll take one from that. But since it's not something like pain killers, or something like that, I should be able to get another pack, right? Hopefully? I'm REALLY curious and I can't get in touch with my doctor until maybe tomorrow and I'm dying to know-- I don't want to have to deal with next month and being short and worrying if it throws me out of whack and getting me pregnant. Martha
  3. Guys im startign to get pissed.. I can't get off and if i do it takes about 45min to a hour of straight sex... its exhausting makes me tired and her tired.. sometime i just call it quits.. she is on birth control we use a condom sometimes, but even without one its not much of a diffrence.. I think im not attracted to her anymore even though i think she has a amazing body and is very sexy but there might be a little thing in the back of my head telling me somthign else
  4. Hello all, I've been going out with a wonderful woman for the last 8 months. Shes 21, Im 24. Sex has been GREAT, everything else is awesome. We get along so well, and we are absolutely in love with each other .... Recently (2-3 weeks), shes been saying her libido is dying. We started looking for reasons, and couldnt find any. We communicate really well and she told me that its definitely not some emotional problem she has with me. Then it was time for her period, and she went off the pill (as usual) for those 4 days. Her sex drive came back ENTIRELY, and I was very happy with that. Once she started back on it though, after she was done with her period, she went back to having low libido. Shes really frustrated and so am I. Its sad to see something like that interfere with our otherwise wonderful relationship. By the way, she can still orgasm, and still gets wet. She just says she doesnt feel "horny", and theres no "tingle". She decided it might be her Birth Control, "Mircette", thats causing all these issues. So my question to all of you is: Has anyone experienced anything like this, or perhaps know someone that did? And if yes, pleeeassee shed some light on a solution for us troubled lovers. Thanks in advance! TheLostBird
  5. i am taking orthotricyclin-lo (type of birth control), but i dont take it at the exact same time every day--(for example sometimes i take it at 8pm, sometimes 1am.) i am not having sex(im a virgin), & my bf hasnt cum on his hand & fingered me or anything, but he has cum on me (just not right next to my vagina). is there any way i could be pregnant in this case...like if you dont take birth control at the same time every day (but you do take it every day), does it increase your chances of getting pregnant? also, do you think there is any chance of me getting pregnant if i am both on the pill & not having sex? i am just extremely paranoid, & would appreciate some feedback. thank you sooo much!
  6. A few recent threads have led me to write about this. I cannot believe how unreliable these things are. In my experience, they have broken on me and fallen off more times than they haven't. This is with different partners too. I've had sex over 500 times all up (5 different partners). Isn't it amazing that this flimsy piece of latex is supposed to protect you from life threatening diseases. I really hope that an STD pill is developed sometime in the near future. Condoms are terrible. If it weren't for the MAP and birth control pills, I'd probably have 4 kids by now. In case you are wondering...abstinence is not an option for me.
  7. Hello all, since there are so many knowledgeable people here I thought someone might be able to give me some information. I am on a medication (Tegretol) that reduces the efficacy of hormonal birth control. My doctor specificially mentioned birth control pills. From independent research I have decided that it is pretty much all hormonal based birth control. I am really here to see if that is true. Is anyone else on medications that interfere with birth control? And if so what do you use? My boyfriend and I currently use condoms, but I am wondering if there is anything else.
  8. My girlfriend recently started taking birth control and she was told to wait till she was done with her first package to begin having unprotected sex. My question is this: is birth control effective at all within the first 30 days? She has currently been taking it for a little over two weeks.
  9. My girlfriend is on a shot called Depo. I think it is Depo-Provera Sub-Q to be more exact, but am not sure. I know this is supposed to be the best possible birth control you can use besides abstinence. Ever since she has been on this shot, her periods have stopped. She does not have ANY periods. Does this mean she is perfectly incapable of becoming pregnant while on the shot?
  10. We've been... "trying".. for a couple of years, by trying I mean not using birth control.... Any suggestions, I'm not interested in fertility drugs .... or anything like that... I appreciate any suggestions
  11. I have been on birth control for over a year now and I was suppose to start my period over the weekend. I never got my period, just a barely noticiable spot of pink when I whiped, Some other times it was brown mucus looking stuff. I started on a new pack of birth control already, so I don't think i'll be able to get my period until next month. Could I be pregnant? It is really stressing me out, I won't be able to buy a PT until Sunday, So I'm trying to figure out if I could be pregnant or not.
  12. So I'm thinking of taking the pill, to help with my PMS. I heard yasmin was good. I read some side-effects of birth control and they sound really scary!!! exactly how common are the really bad side effects??? anyone have any bad past experiences? I don't know if it's worth the risks.
  13. Ok!! I'm on birth control. I've been on it for over a year now. I DON'T miss a pill if I ever missed a pill it was no more than ONE. I get freaked out easily and if I'm on top of anything it's my birth control. I was suppose to start my period this past weekend. But nothing ever happened. I saw LITTLE traces of what could have been blood, but it was not enough to tell me anything!!! So I'm kinda freaking out, I've already started on a new pack of birth control, so I won't start my period until next month. I didn't miss any pills at all last month at all. I know I'm stressing myself out about this, until I get a test, but could I be pregnant?
  14. I had been thinking that I might like to, but now I know that I don't want to. My boyfrined doesn't want any more childern. (This will be our 2nd) I know that if I did it I would be really regret it. I not against using birth control after this one is born for sure. I don't want another baby anytime soon after this one. I guess I feel that I am pretty young to make a prement decision like that when I'm not really sure. (I'll be 27 on my birthday.)
  15. Hello I have taken hormonal birth control for over 10 years, I have been wanting to get off of it for the past year. Due to a variety of reasons I went off my pill this month. Well, first off I like it alot, I am way hornier and in general I like not taking that pill every single day. Problem is, I don't want to get pregnant yet, mind you, it would not be the end of the world, I have a wonderful husband and we both have good jobs, but we both prefer to wait 3-5 more years. I don't want to get an IUD b/c my cooch is kind of picky as it is and I don't feel comfortable having a piece of plastic installed in me, especially in such a delicate area. So I've been considering doing a combination of natural birth control planning, by tracking my cycle and using an ovulation predictor combined with education on the subject. I grew up in a Catholic community and was taught the "rhythym method" by a teacher that had like 7 kids, but I think there is a way to do it where you can practically prevent pregnancy. Any one have any input, stories, experiences? Thank you
  16. Ok, so I am about to make love for the first time with a wonderful woman, and we both decide to use birth control (for her) and condoms for me. However, I have never done this before, and I would like to know how do I find out which condom size is the right one for me? I also have a question on the woman's G-spot. How do I find the G-Spot and what is the best way to simulate it? By the best way I mean I would like to really really please her by simulating it if you know what I mean. Finally, I would like to maintain my erection for at least five minutes. However I've noticed that when I masturbate or get one in public, it doesn't last for very long. All I'm really asking is to be able to maintain an erection until the job is done, so any advice on that? Thank you all for your advice and help.
  17. Ok, so I had the Mirena IUD inserted January 3rd. Since then I have had a mild-moderate period. Somedays it is heavier than others. I was told to expect some spotting for the first little while, but it has been 2 weeks and I am still bleeding. Does anyone else have the Mirena IUD? Is this "normal" with an IUD? Should I be going back to the OB/GYN?
  18. My girlfriend and I have recently been discussing different options for birth control and have been doing some research on the subject. We both agree that it's not a good idea for her to be on hormones for a long extended period of time and we both don't want children. I was just wondering if anyone here knows or has any first hand experience with the "essure" method. It sounds like it could be an option for us because we have also discussed surgical methods but neither one of us are completely sure at this point if we want to have an invasive procedure performed. If we did, I would probably be the one getting the surgery because it would be medically less complicated. Just wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge of potential drawbacks or benefits of nonsurgical sterilization for the woman. Thanks! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  19. My boyfriend and I started having sex about 8 months ago...roughly...we've been together 1.5 years total. At first, we had sex a lot. I only see him on weekends and normally we would have sex 2 or 3 times a weekend. On New Years, we had an issue where the condom broke (I'm not on birth control) and so I took the morning after pill a few hours later and I have since gotten my period...so I really do not think I am pregnant. Both him and I have been freaked out to have sex since this happened. I am planning on going on birth control, but I do not have much money (I am 20 and in college full time). I only get paid about 150 every 2 weeks. My bf and I did not know that Walgreens had the MAP OTC, so we ended up going to the emergency room (lol) to get it and the a-holes did not inform us that instead of paying 250 dollars, that we could go to the pharmacy down the street. My insurance does not cover emergency visits all that well. I have to pay 100 dollars plus whatever tests they do. I have not gotten the bill for this yet, but my bf said he would pay for it but I feel bad making him do that. Anyway, we haven't had sex in a while. We have been having oral sex, but I feel as though our intimacy has declined and I am feeling guilty for not being able to have sex with him. I feel this pressure to keep him sexually satisfied (this is not because of him---it is because of my own insecurities). I will probably go n birth control, but in the mean time I feel like we are lacking in the sex department. And he isn't all that romantic. We took a shower together and I thought it was very sexual, but he really is not that creative with sex. I need to be able to spice it up without having intercourse. How can I add romance to our "sex" life without having sex?? And why do I feel so guilty when he was also part of the incident on New Years??
  20. I have a question for you that is worrying me... i used to be on birth control a month ago and stopped taking them for a month. I just got over with my menstrual cycle and started them again last Sunday. So, it has been 4 days on BC. I had sex with my bf last night and was wondering if could get pregnant???? I am worried because i dont want to get pregnant and if i have to, i will go to planned parenthood and do something about it? but i wanted to ask you folks before i went there. what do you think? Would the BC have kicked in by day 4??? does it take weeks to actually work (i hope not)!!
  21. I am considering getting an IUD device. My doctor doesn't like it because she says there is a small chance of causing infetility with it, but how big a chance is it really? I don't trust condoms and birth control pills disagree with me. I just got onto the depo-provera shot again, but I do notice a difference between no-shot and shot. My emotions and interest seem to have flattened out somewhat. So, that leaves the IUD... How big is the risk? Uncomfortable? I'd like to try something non-hormonal when my current shot wears off...
  22. I got out of the shower like 30 mins ago and i noticed a tiny drop on my nipple when i was gonna change. I assumed it was water but why still after i dried myself well. then I squeezed my nipple and white kinda clear liquids comes out i squeezed the other one and it looks like 6 tiny wholes on my niple that the liquid comes out from. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???? Don't tell me is milk. The amount that comes out is much less than when you pop a pimple. I know I can't be pregnant. because, I haven't had sex in almost a month and I was on birth control for like 6 months with my ex. Could be a reaction to me stopping the birth control? Because, i tooken birth control before and stopped and never noticed this. please someone tell me. if you had this im like freaking out now. Or could be that i went back to the gym and been having hard work out? please tell me this is not a sign of being pregnant. thank you for your hepl
  23. Ok,i started taking birth control a few months ago,im on Yasmin. i never ever missed one and was always careful. Last saturday i had sex without condom and then missed my pil on sunday,but i took it at the same time (24hours later) on monday with mondays pill (so i took two on monday),and that was the last pill in the packet. i am now on my 7 day break, am i pregnant? tuesday was the first day of my 7 day break and i havnt gotten my period yet,and its thursday. im really worried because im only 17. can someone please write back quickly??im so freaked out. Oh, and if any of you are doctors i would really appreciate your advice!! thanks!! xxxx
  24. Just a quick question - has anyone experienced this...I've been on the pill almost a year now...ever since I started my period always starts on a Wednesday - every month it has - beginning last month, however, my period started a day late, naturally I was worried about pregnancy for that one day and I attributed the late-ness to stress. Well here is this month, yesterday was Wednesday and I was supposed to start...nope...it came this morning, Thursday. I'm now wondering if somehow my cycle has adjusted itself to come a day later now. Has anyone else experienced this? I find it kind of odd that all of a sudden my body wants to have my period a day later than usual. Don't get me wrong...it's one less day of a period now...so it's alright...just odd to me. OH and BTW I haven't changed pill brands at all...I've been completely constant...so I dunno
  25. What type of birth control have you had the least side afects from? What would be considered the safest form of birth control? What is the easiest form of birth control? I am only asking for your opinions and personal experiences. I am wishing to find another form other than the pill. I have had several problems with the pill and for the most part am very unhappy with it. I do not know if I should a different pill or a completely new type of BC. Thanks.
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