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About Me

  1. I've been on the pill for 2 months now. I'm supposed to get my period any day now & I heard that the pill can make your periods irregular for the first couple of months. I know the first month was irregular for me. Has anyone else experienced irregular periods while on the pill? How were your periods irregular, like were they early, late, short, or long? Also, how long until they became "normal" again?
  2. Alright so, I was over at my boyfriend's place last night and while we were lying in bed he brought up having sex. Not that we should have it right then and there, but talk about having it soon. At the time, I was very comfortable with idea of giving him my virginity. We talked about birth control and he told me he'd be happy to take me to a clinic etc etc. And I was thinking "Great - I'm ready for this". The thing is, now whenever I think about it...I get a little nervous. This is a big thing for me and I really want to know I'm ready. I absoltely love my boyfriend. He means the world to me. But still, I'm nervous. We've had oral sex a few times, and its been great. Having sex has been on my mind...but I guess I just assumed I wouldnt have to really think about it for a while... A small part of this nervousness is to do with me being really self-conscious. Slowly, I've been getting over this... Anyway, I'm going to go check out a birth control clinic sometime this week...if anybody has any suggestions or tips they'd be greatly appreciated. I just feel unsure...Anybody have anything to say? Thanks.
  3. Ok so i'm new on here but i've searched everywhere on the internet & it seems as though nobody is having my problem. I started birth control back in August & I stayed on it for 2 months & I started losing unexplainable weight & I thought it was the birth control so I quit taking it....well it is about 6 months later & my problem all of a sudden came back the other day. I got a stomach ache one night & thought it's just something going around well I have had a stomach ache for a little more than a week now and I throw up every time I eat or even drink anything & i'm losing a lot of weight again & lastnight i had this sharp pain where my heart is, it felt like I was having a heart attack but then it just went away, I told my mom about it but she said she felt sick for about a week or so a couple of weeks ago & that I am probably fine, I am thinking I probably need to go to the hospital especially if I cannot eat, anyone know whats wrong with me or what to do?? *Nikki*
  4. I have these choronic migraines, and I've had them all my life. They're pretty bad...I've been hospitalized a few times for them. My mirgaines increase twice a month: once when I'm ovulating, and once around my period. This pretty much translates into me missing school about twice a month...which is really stressing me out. My actual periods are painful also: the cramps, the irritability, the works. I'm on meds for my migraines and menstral cramps, but they're not enough. I'm still pretty miserable. Today (I was home sick and on my period, go figure) I had a talk with my mom about getting my tubes tied to prevent this from happening. She gave me a smile and said that wouldn't help the symptoms. Mom said that going on a birth control pill and going to an OBGWYN would help with the pain. She also told me about some other stuff. I'm ok with going to an OBGWYN; with my migraines, another docter asking questions won't phase me. It's the long term effects that scare me. Infertility is a big one she mentioned...I don't plan on having kids ever, but that's how I feel NOW, it may not be how I feel in the future. I told my mom I could always adopt...I've always considered being a foster mom. So I guess my question is, what are the long-term side effects of a birth control Pill? I'm 16 now, and I don't know how long I'd be on this pill. Years? 6 monthes? Until I'm thirty? Would you advise against me going on the pill? Is it worth the pain relief? Does it even work? Thanks in advance for the responses. I really appreciate the help.
  5. Hi all! I've been considering switching my birth control from the pill (Yasmin brand) to the Nuva Ring, which is a squishy plastic ring that is inserted into the vagina. I'm considering it because it has a lower dose of hormones and I won't have to remember to take a pill every day. Anyway, the company website says that most women don't feel it inside them, and men don't notice it's there during sex, but you can't always trust the website...and my boyfriend is more endowed than normal (lucky me, lol) so that could make a difference. My question is, have any of you been on the Ring, or had sex with someone who's on the ring? Can you feel it during sex? Does it cause a strange taste down there, noticeable during cunnilingus? Has it ever fallen out? What about side effects like irritation and discharge (gross, I know - sorry!) I want a simple and effective method of birth control, but I don't want it to negatively affect sex for me or my boyfriend. I want him to be just as comfortable with my birth control decisions as I am. Thanks for your time, and I'd appreciate any and all advice
  6. Just a quick question.. What's the significance of taking the birth control pill everyday at the same time. Obviously you have to take it everyday, but is there a reason why it should be at the same time?? Like does it not work as well if its taken at different times during the day? I just started the pill & I was just wondering that. The doctor I talked to was making it seem like the reason was because it would be easier to remember that way, but I also didn't specifically ask about that, it was just a random thought that came to mind. Anyone have any idea?
  7. Hey i just starte birth control pills yesterday. My cramps today have been teh worst i think ever. Do u think its just because my body is gettin used to the pill, or some other reason? THanks in advance.
  8. Hey! I know this should go in the pregnancy thing, but I couldn't seem to find it.. Anyways, I was just wondering what are the chances of getting pregnant if you had unprotected sex (and ur not on the pill or any kind of birth control)? Anyone have a clue?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a little embarrassed and shy to go to friends and family on this one so here I go. My bf and I have been together for years. He's a very anxious man and worries about everything, even when it comes to sex. He is afraid of me getting pregnant. When we first started dating, it took him 1.5 years until we finally had sex. One stipulation to this was that I would need to tell him what future medications I take since some interfere with birth control. Simple enough, so I agreed. I am on birth control pills by the way. Fast forward 4 years. There was a time I got extremely sick, similar to a flu and was prescribed with antibiotics. As sick as I was, I took the meds to relieve symptoms and to get better. Well, after 4 years I forgot about this little stipulation and he found out when he saw the medication bottle on the countertop. He asked questions like, "How long have you been taking this?" "Does this interfere with birth control?" I apologized to him and told him that I took the antibiotics for 4 days and I wasn't sure if it affects birth control. He got extremely upset and told me that I was careless and that I should have looked into the meds and should have told him. A few days go on, I get closer to him in bed and he just flips over and faces the other way. A few days go by...then a week... and today hits one whole month of nothing. I've tried everything from dressing up in bed to being half naked. Nothing except me giving him BJ's. I know it's my fault but good grief... I feel like a worthless woman just giving BJ's with nothing in return. Not one ounce of affection, no endearment, nothing. Am I being too selfish?
  10. So up until December 17 I was in a long term relationship (10 years) I was on the combined pill 9 years of the relationship and did suffer some unwanted side effects of being on the pill that included a little weight gain, migraines, longer periods, high blood pressure, some kind of dry skin condition that I can’t remember the name of. At the beginning of trying to find the best pill for me I tried many, including two types of the mini pill that turned me into a phyco. So I eventually settled on one called mercilon. I have been on that one for many years with the said side effects, I was on it purely to provent pregnancy as my ex refused to use condoms as he wanted children and I didnt (hence we eventually broke up) So at the end of January I came off the pill, had my pill period then 6 weeks later I had my first pill free period and OMG it was awful, I can only describe it as though i felt my uterus was going to fall out! So I went back on the pill. Then in March after thinking about things and the side effect from it I decided to come off it for good. I again had my pill period then 5 weeks later had another period that wasn’t that bad and was more normal for me from what I can remember. But and there’s a big but here for me, although now my skin has just about cleared up, I’ve started loosing a little weight (I’m not over weight) my migraines have gone completely and I’m assuming my blood pressure has gone back to normal as that was pill related. My hair has started shedding like crazy, it began on the 8th of May, it’s maybe double what it was especially when I wash it. Brushing there’s slightly more than normal. My hair has these little white roots and after doing a little bit of reading I’ve discovered that it can happen but what I want to know is has it happened to anyone on here? I am really considering going back on the pill as this is worrying me that much. How long does it last? Will I get bald patches from this? I hate the pill but i love my hair more so I will go back on it if it doesn’t stop soon.
  11. bassy31mk

    The Patch

    My “girlfriend” and I have been through are ups and downs and have not been sexual active in a long time. She recently started wearing the patch birth control.. something she never has done before. I ask her why she is using birth control when we aren’t having sex. She said it is because her doctor said it will help her regulate her period. I’m not sure if that is true or not. I believe that she is wearing the patch because she is having sex with another guy behind my back. She denies this accusation. I know that she has been hanging out with this other guy because I caught them together and have seen numerous text messages and calls. I am asking the ENotAlone community if there is any reason a girl would wear a birth control patch in order to regulate her period. I would think that the only reason to wear a birth control patch is if you are sexually active. Please help.
  12. I've been seeing commercials about b.c. pills that let you have fewer periods. Of course I got all excited and I went on [url=" I thought the site was very informative. They don't advertise specific brands of b.c. though. So I'm wondering if they're gearing us up for a revolution in birth control? What do you guys think about this? Also I have a question. On the site I read that it is perfectly normal and safe for women to take 3 straight months of hormones and THEN take the placebos in order to have fewer periods. (It shocked me when I read that periods aren't any heavier after doing this But I thought that this could only be done with a mono-phasic pill - one that doesn't have fluctuating amounts of hormones. However I think most pills out there are tri-phasic, right? I'm on Ortho Tri-Cyclen LO which is tri-phasic. Should I worry about trying this method of postponing my period? Is the monophasic/triphasic thing a bunch of hooey? The site sure didn't mention any difference. I'd like to hear your thoughts on all this.
  13. My gf went on the pill like 2-3 weeks ago. Officially she's supposed to wait a month i think before the pill is 99% effective. Everyone we've spoken to says 2 weeks is enough tho. I'm not sure why i'm posting this because for the sake of two more weeks I have no desire to risk getting my gf pregnant (we're 18 and in college). i guess i'd just like other ppl's input to out of curiosity. thanks!
  14. If you are pregnant (not knowing)and taking the birth control pill, would you still get your monthly?
  15. Hello all, I've been going out with a wonderful woman for the last 8 months. Shes 21, Im 24. Sex has been GREAT, everything else is awesome. We get along so well, and we are absolutely in love with each other .... Recently (2-3 weeks), shes been saying her libido is dying. We started looking for reasons, and couldnt find any. We communicate really well and she told me that its definitely not some emotional problem she has with me. Then it was time for her period, and she went off the pill (as usual) for those 4 days. Her sex drive came back ENTIRELY, and I was very happy with that. Once she started back on it though, after she was done with her period, she went back to having low libido. Shes really frustrated and so am I. Its sad to see something like that interfere with our otherwise wonderful relationship. By the way, she can still orgasm, and still gets wet. She just says she doesnt feel "horny", and theres no "tingle". She decided it might be her Birth Control, "Mircette", thats causing all these issues. So my question to all of you is: Has anyone experienced anything like this, or perhaps know someone that did? And if yes, pleeeassee shed some light on a solution for us troubled lovers. Thanks in advance! TheLostBird
  16. Hey EVeryone...again...lol Basically...i got sick for a week very bad that i needed to be put on morphine than got sick again the next week and had to be put on it again... my colon is inflammed and they think that i might have chrones disease....they found it REALLY WEIRD that i havent had my period in 3 years because of the birth control shot... now I dont know how the doctor didnt know that sometimes it does that already...but he hinted to me to get off it because I might be bleeding inside... i have no idea to tell you the truth...but BESIDES all this stuff thats going on... I just got off the shot about a month ago ... my hairs falling out WAY MORE than it use to...i mean i can make a WIG out of it by the end of the week...and my breasts are soo tender.... can anyone tell me if there are side affects when you GET OFF the shot... or anything about this situation im in... is it normal? is it not normal?
  17. Last night and this morning I had sex with my girlfriend of a few weeks - the first time that I had ever had sex so nonetheless I lost my virginity to her (at age 24). I sort of felt pressured into it because she would often ask to have sex, even though she respected when I said "no", she just asked very often. I very likely wasn't ready for it because today I am just absolutely having an anxiety attack and a half about it. I used a polyurethane condom (she is allergic to latex) while she wasn't on birth control. When I brought this to the attention of my friend, he absolutely went nuts on me and told me to never have sex with her again until she is on birth control. Now I am worried about what happened last night and this morning - I didn't climax at all during each time we had sex, in fact I couldn't hold my erection very well (except the second time, we had sex three times) as the condom really hampered my ability to feel what was going on. The condom didn't break or anything, and I didn't climax at all, but I'm worried about the chances of her getting pregnant anyway. I am having a major anxiety attack over this because of the reaction of my roommate. Should I be worried since the condom didn't seem to break and I didn't climax? What about pre-come? What are the chances? Can you tell if a condom has been broken? Do I have a right to be panicking right now? The second part of the question is tonight we may have sex again, but I'm REALLY uncomfortable about it now. I'm worried about bringing this whole matter up to her. I love her very much and want to make her happy, but at the same time I'm so nervous and uncomfortable. I would be more comfortable having sex with her if she was on birth control. How can I bring this up to her without her being upset with me? When we were having sex last night, she seemed initially upset when I asked her if she was tested, but it went away. I can't remember what she said but she got real upset for a few seconds but then dropped it and respected my questions. I'm really terrified about having a talk with her about this - what can I say to make things more comfortable for the both of us?
  18. A few recent threads have led me to write about this. I cannot believe how unreliable these things are. In my experience, they have broken on me and fallen off more times than they haven't. This is with different partners too. I've had sex over 500 times all up (5 different partners). Isn't it amazing that this flimsy piece of latex is supposed to protect you from life threatening diseases. I really hope that an STD pill is developed sometime in the near future. Condoms are terrible. If it weren't for the MAP and birth control pills, I'd probably have 4 kids by now. In case you are wondering...abstinence is not an option for me.
  19. Hi I need some help. Four days ago my girlfriend had unprotected sex. I was away for a while and for whatever reason she didn't tell me she stopped taking birth control. So now we're freaking out. We must be too late for the morning after pill, is there anything we can do besides just sit and wait?
  20. I had been switching birth control pills because there was always some side effect i didn't like...the last of which was gaining about 10 pounds in five months. So i talked to my doctor and decided to stop taking them altogether. I have had sex this month, but we used condoms, spermicide and all. on the pill, i would start on wednesday of that week, and i haven't started yet. I know i should give it more time before i start to freak out, but i woke up slightly nausiated this morning, and that worried me. For any of you that have taken and stopped taking the pill, how well did you 'adjust' afterward? do i have anything to worry about? what should i do?
  21. Ok I have had my period for 2 weeks now.. And now i am concerned. I have seen my doctor and she said it's probly because I have started using the depo-provea birth control. But she also commented on me taking a pregancy test if the bleeding doesn't stop.... Is it possible that I am pregnant?
  22. Hey ya'll Can I take a multivitamin along with my birth control pill? Thanks Le-Lee
  23. This really might be tmi for some people. I am very open with this kind of stuff, very medically minded, so I think nothing of it. But if you're queasy about it, I recommend you stop reading I just started on ortho evra, the pill in the form of a patch you apply once a week. I hate it so far. Not for any other reason except that it actually gets messy. I always have a stinky ring around the patch and the edges get dirty and I need to make sure it's still on a few times a day. This is my first cycle, just put on the second patch this morning. When I go to the doc to get the next month's script, I'll likely ask for something else. But here's my question for those that are on the pill (as opposed to depo or any other bc). I started it like the doc told me, day 1 of my period. It's now day 8 and I'm still bleeding. Is this normal for just starting to take the hormones? It usually only lasts 5 or 6 days normally. It's not bright red and heavy, just looks like it's been dwindling for the past 4 days. To throw a curveball, I also had an infection that seems to have cleared up with antibiotics. I started the course the same day I put on the first patch and finished it today. I'm not looking for a diagnosis. I just can't see my doc right away as he has a waiting list, and I don't want to go wait an hour at the walkin clinic just for them to tell me its normal. So I'm looking for other lady's experiences. Thanks!
  24. c0ld


    ...I was wondering...if you take a pregnancy test a couple of days after sex how accurate is it? I mean I have been told that IF sperm gets into you and you take the test it will almost always come out positive. Does that mean you would get more accurate results if you waited like the 6 or w/e it is days until the sperm is "gone"? In any case I think I'm pregnant. I am 19 and I have a good boyfriend, he takes care of me well, we have been using condoms but nothing else, I know it's not good, but I hate doctors... which poses a bigger problem if I am infact pregnant huh? I guess I could suck it up. Currently I have no job and my boyfriend is looking to get another that pays more money. We have been planning to move in together in a couple of months anyways. I mean I'm not saying that this is a right move or anything but my mom had my older sister when she was only 18... Anyways...I was just wondering why I have to be the w/e % that gets pregnant while using condoms I mean, I don't want to be mean, but I have a friend who is like a * * * *, every other night she's with a guy, and only occasionally is it the same guy. She uses condoms and she is not on birth control and she has never gotten pregnant. I have only had sex with one man, my boyfriend, and we've been together for only 6 months, and now this. He is thrilled, he would love to be a father, I on the other hand do not know if I'm ready. Don't get me wrong, I know I can do it, but I would've rather waited until like after I turned 21 or something, I don't even feel like a full adult yet! Anyways I'm not really complaining. I knew the risks of only using condoms (my mom has told me the story of how my cousin came to be even though my aunt was on birth control AND using condoms!) I can't really say anything else. I mean I'm not really spiritual but whenever it came around time for my period I would begin to pray again and just ask God to help me and lead me down the right path, and let whatever is supposed to happen just happen. So even though I am having second thoughts...this may be what was "supposed" to happen. I dunno call me crazy, or in denial, but I just needed to get this all off my chest.
  25. Okay, well i recently had sex for the first time and i have a few questions. First of all, the condom broke, which doesn't scare me too bad because she is also on birth control, but what measures can you take to try to prevent breakages? I think the condom may have gone on without leaving much space at the end and the hole was on the very end, so does that probably mean that was the reason? Also, i am uncircumcised and when the condom went on i didn't have my foreskin pulled back. i really couldn't feel all that much during sex and i was wondering if that was a reason. Would using a lubricant help to prevent tears or rips in the condom and does it make it more pleasurable? (it did get a little dry after a while). thanks a lot
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