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  1. Andrew11

    Shy Guy

    i have found that when i am with a group of my friends i can talk to the most gorgeous girls you can imagine and have no trouble with it, but if i am by myself and a girl approaches me i freeze and become nervous. anyone have a reason for this and ways i can stop being so nervous when alone?
  2. some of you might of read my post about a girl i just met. well i met another one and i need to know if she is interested in me or not. since you werent there to see what happened i will try to explain everything. the first time i saw her i made eye contact with her and smiled. she smiled back but she seemed to be smiling longer than usual. the next time i saw her i smiled again but this time i added a wave. again it seemed she couldnt keep the smile from her face. the next few times made small talk with her and yet again she was smiling ear to ear but she seemed to be a little shy so thats all i picked up from her. i started thinking to myself this could be going somewhere. the next time i saw her (if your wondering how we run into each other so much it is because i work at a ski hill and she snowboards there) anyways the next time i saw her she had lipstuff on and had her hair done nice and i thought it was kind of weird that she would get fixed up nice just to go boarding. i operate the lifts at the hill and it is very odd for someone to use my shoulder for support when loading the lift, but sure enough she did then she turned around and looked at me and when i looked at her she turned back around quickly. my question is pretty much this?....is she into me or is she just a really nice, friendly girl who likes to smile at people and its just my imagine running wild? please reply ASAP as i have work tmw and i know for a fact shell be there. i want to know as soon as possible before she loses interest (if she was interested to begin with)
  3. Andrew11


    thanks for the advice everyone. ill try my best to overcome my shyness and do what you hve been telling me to do...ask her for her number. these posts ahve helped me out quite a bit i think. i got to thinking the other night about this girl (whats new, i cant get her off my mind) and i thouht to myself, 'if i ask her out, she could say yes. how great would that be. but she could say no, who cares im only 18 with many years of dating ahead of me. BUT if i dont ask her, for the rest of my life ill have that unanswered question that could of so easily been answered if i had the balls....what if? thanks everyone its been a pleasure
  4. Andrew11


    something i forgot to mention is that i dont even know her name....the only thing i know about her is that she likes to snowboard. so its probably not a good idea to get her number when i wouldnt know who to ask for when i call. i am way to shy to even get a name....i need some serious help!
  5. Andrew11


    its not as simple to 'speak up' for me. i get all choked up, the thoughts in my head race at the speed of sound; im lucky if i can get hello out of my mouth without sounding like an idiot. and due to 'company policy' and 'so called 'insurance issues', i cant take a run down the hill until my shift is over. and by that time she is usually nowhere to be found.
  6. Andrew11


    the story is as follows: im kind of a shy guy who doesnt have a lot of luck with women so im hoping that i will get as much feedback and tips as possible. i work at a ski hill operating the lifts and there is an extremely attractive girl who snowboards there. the first day i saw her i was blown away by how beautiful she was. she didnt really notice me at first (i dont think) until she looked my way. i stared into her eyes and gave her a smile and she smiled back. as i mentioned above, i operate the lifts so the only time i see her is for 5 seconds at the most before she loads the chair and heads for the top of the hill. when she sees me she waves, smiles and says hi, but there isnt enough time for anything else. i really want to get to know her, plus winters winding to an end so the hill will be closing soon. so if anyone could help me out in finding a way that i could actually have a conversation with her without it being 5 seconds long, i would really appreciate it. the second part of it is that i am shy and get nervous when i see her. i need tips on how to overcome my shyness and how to engage in a conversation without it seeming awkward on my behalf. im only 18 and so is she (if that helps in anyway) thank you eNotAlone and thank you to everyone who replies
  7. my ex gf and i still talk and are still kind of friends. the thing is she keeps telling me that she doesnt kno if she wants to get back together with me or not. this has been going on for a month and a half. at first she wanted nc but then she broke it and we were fine with that. then it hurt me to much to kno shes right there and i cant have her so then i wanted nc. every once and a while she would try to get ahold of me but i would never answer her or talk to her. then i broke that nc and talked to her and it didnt seem to bother her or anything that i wanted nc. i dont kno for sure but deep down in my heart i think she still loves me but im not sure what to think anymore. and i think half the reason she is taking so long to decide is that her best friend (who happens to be THE BIGGEST {mod edit} i have ever met) doesnt like me one bit and is trying to keep her away from me. when i am talking to my ex when she is around her she doesnt seem to want to talk to me for more than 5 or 10 mins. but when she is alone and i am talking to her she is a whole different person. she will actually talk to me nicely and for a really long time. tonite i talked to her for almost 2 hours until it got pretty late and she wanted to go to bed. i would just like to kno if anyone out there has any ideas on what she is doing or what she is feeling or what she plans to do with our relationship. and the thing is ive been offered a job paying really good money on the other side of the country and have to leave within a couple of months. but i have told her this and ive told her that if we ever got back together before then that i would turn down the job and not move away just so i could be with her. but she is still taking her sweet time. i love her more than anything in the world and would do anything for her (like turning down a really good paying job). so would you please help me out and let me know what she is feeling or what she wants to happen. i appreciate all the help in advance!....thanks
  8. ive already done no contact for 3 weeks and then she broke it to say she wanted to be friends and see where things go
  9. my ex girlfriend broke up with me and said she wanted to be friends and see where things go from there....and do i make things go in a better direction so that it will increase the chances of us getting back together?
  10. me and my ex havent officially gotten back together yet but after 3 weeks of NC she called and said she still wanted to be friends. we talk and stuff like friends would and after a while told me that she wants to get back together but not yet. She still wants her space so im gonna keep giving her her space because it seems to be working. if ur ex wants their space give it to them and you will soon find out what they are planning to do. if they dont call you for a while and dont plan to call you then you have to realize that it probably is over for good. but if you wait for them to call you and they do, then you know that they are still thinking about you. it might not mean that you will get back together but at least youll know that they havent forgotten about you completely. good luck!
  11. i might sound a little bit crazy for saying this but....NO CONTACT WORKS. no matter how hard it might be to have no contact with your ex, do it anyway. i am telling you this from experiance. there are plenty of posts out there saying the exact same thing as what i am trying to say but i am just backing them up because they have very good points in why no contact is good. if your ex wants some space to think or a little time to him/herself...GIVE THEM ALL THE SPACE THEY NEED! trust me on this one.i know its hard to do but in the long run it is best. the only way to give them what they want is...to give them what they want. if they really want to be with you, then no contact is the best way to find out. by not contacting them it gives them a feeling as if you are not affected by it because it was their decision in the first place. if they need space give them their space. after a while if they are still thinking about u, they will start to miss you and wonder what u have been up to. then they will contact u when their ready to. its hard to put in words but trust me!...it really does work and id just like to thank everyone who has read and helped me out withthe other posts that i have put on here....i really appreciate all the help i have got and everything has seemed to help me. THANKS EVERYONE...I APPRECIATE IT!
  12. i want to tell her something but im not sure where it will go or what the outcome is so i need some advice before i do anything or say anything i regret....what i want to say to her is something along the lines like: "is there any chance of us getting back together? because if there isnt i dont think i can be friends with you because just knowing that your right there and just want to be friends when i want to be more than friends hurts to much...i think no contact at all is the best way to go because i cant stand even seeing you knowing that theres nothing i can do to make you change your mind. i cant be friends with someone who i love as much as i do you." would this be alright to say? is there anything else i can say or anything that i shouldnt say to try to make things better?... i really need your help people im hurting soo bad!
  13. my ex and i have been split up for three weeks with no contact (her choice). when i tried to call her or try to get ahold of her in anywayin this three weeks she has told me not to call anymore and to just leave her alone so i stopped calling. she said she still loved me but she has moved on from me and doesnt want to get back together. she said we were on a break and she needed a little time to think. while we werent together i got a little drunk and had sex with someone else. my ex then said it was over for good because i cheated on her but we werent together when i did. after three weeks she calls me and tells me that she still wants to be friends and well see where it goes from there. now i talk to her basically everyday as friends like she wanted but thats not what i want. she asked me to do something with her the next day and asked me what my plans are for the weekend. i still love her with all of my heart and i think she still has feelings for me too. these questions keep bouncing around in my head and i dont kno what to think of them. 1)why would she call me and talk to me after she told me that she was over me and never wanted to talk to me again? 2)is what i did considered cheating if we werent together at the time? 3)is she considering getting back with me when she says she has to see where things go as friends or does she just want to be friends? 4)how do i prove to her that she is the most important person in my life and i love her with all my heart? beacuse when i tell her i still love her she replys with 'we are just friends'. i really need some help....ive tried everything and i dont want to be just friends with her i love her more than ive ever loved anybody else in my life....please help me!!
  14. the same night that she called...she unblocked me from msn and left a message saying hi on my comp.....i wasnt home at the time and when i got home she was still there and she started talking to me like we did before anything happened....before she went to bed she told me that i should meet her the next day...of course im going to...now i kno this is a really good sign that she wants to get back together....at least i hope it is.... if anyone knows whats going on in a womans mind please help me out and confirm what i think is happening... thanks for all ur help everyone...i appreciate each and every one of ur replys ....good or bad...later
  15. she has told me after we broke up that she still loves me. and when she called after the 3 weeks she was asking me things like 'how can we get back together if u keep lieing about everything'.... is this a sign she wants to get back together or is it over and she just wants to make me feel guilty about what i did and me lieing?
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