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  1. I'm 26 and i just met this girl who i'm really attracted to. She's 18 and so far i cant seem to tell what she wants. She wants me to come to her house and chill with her along with her whole family? this make conversations awkward coz i just met her and cant ask her personal things and really get to know her like i want to. She has cancelled one on one dates twice and i cant seem to figure out the best way to approach the situation. she has had one bf and says she does like hugging,kissing or sex? Any advice?
  2. You really shouldn't be jealous of your fiances daughter. She is probably like that beacause she feels lost because her mum and dad are not together. She is at a very vulnerable place in life right now seeing as she is only 13. She is still a kid. You as the older mature person should deal with the issues you have with your man with him. you shouldn't feel resentment towards her because your man isnt telling you that he loves you. He already has told you that he doesnt say it coz he doesnt feel it. what more do you want. better tell him to get his act together in regards to you.
  3. I am in a bit of a predicament. I'll give you the short version of the story. My roomate and best friend got my cousin pregnant. The baby was born 2 weeks ago, and both me and him both found out the same day (sunday) that he is the dad. we knew she was pregnant but i didnt have a clue that it might be his. As yet he doesnt know that i am aware that he is the dad! Now what do i say... eventually its going to be out in the open. I feel bad for him that he found out so late and everything, but then again he should have been more careful. I am not pissed that they had something going on, that i was aware of, but i also know they weren't serious... they were just messing around. Now everyone is screwed it seems. two people stuck together for life with a baby, with someone they never thought it would happen with. Whats everyone tae on this?
  4. lovelorn


    I am uncut and i have never had a problem witha condom, Look into buying Magnums or some other brand of bigger condoms..... they do come in sizes too. find one thats good for you. when your penis is erect the foreskin should get pushed back anyway by the head. so i think my friend its a mater of the size....
  5. Hey, It quite plain to see that your man is still feeling hurt that you called things off with him and his only way to try get you back is to try as much as he can that he is doing good without you. I am a guy and i have been in a situation where i tried to intentionaly hurt a girl by flaunting it that i have a new woman in my life even though i had deep feeling for her. Its always hard being dumped . If it bothers you maybe you should talk to him.... he might deny his actions but he needs closure over the breakup. good luck
  6. MMmmmmm Truth be told it is possible for a girl and a guy to be friends but only in certain situations and circumstances. eg.... you might be friends coz he used to date an aquaintance or something which would just make it weird if you wnet out or some tother situation where you are kinda forced to be nothing more than friends. Your situation is a very prickly one, you should explain to this new friend of yours how you feel and that though you want to be friend with himit might not be a good idea to be very close,.. like say calling at 10 am on Sunday is not appropriate. Hanging out must be minimal coz bottom line is that you have a man, and having another guy in the picture is not cool it complicates things. Finally coz you feel guilty about it all the more reason to tell this guy to back off whatever his intentions are. Your guiltiness should be an indication girl. good luck
  7. Doesnt sound like a good idea to me. From what i undestand you want him back and this is going to be your way of trying to showing what you guys once had together. It definitely is a romantic notion but if you're going to get him back, this in my opinion is not the best way. To him it would look like an avenue to be friends with benefits and i'm sure you want to be more than than. Think about it first before you ask him to go, however amicably you broke up, atrip for just the two of you could end up in heart break for one of you. Maybe if there were a binch of you going, then it would be less risky?
  8. Sounds like you have a lot on your hands...... first off i'd like to advise you never to strike her again.. when things get frustrating like that its better to just walk away. Just get awayfrom the situation the best you can even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom! Now this girl has issues she needs to deal with, from what i can gather she is being two faced for talking to guys and flying into a jealous rage when you do the same...(not guys i mean...lol) What you need to do is to sit her down and explain all these feelings you are having and if the discussion gets too heated get away from it. If she cant handle it verbally, write it in a letter telling her you're not comfortable in the relaitionship anymore and that she needs to make some serious changes if shes expects it to work out. Relaitionships about respect and understanding as well and she doesnt seem to be giving you either right now. She needs to get her act together or its time for an ultimatum. Be assertive, its not a situation of my way or the high way rather compromise and tolerance. Sge shouldn't do things that she says she doesnt want you doing. Too bad it took so long for the relaitionship to degenerate, but if she really loves you she'll concede and you guys can reach a safe balance. Jealousy is intrinsic in most everyone but people should be able to realise when it is irrational and when it is not. She seems to bring the worst out of you man, things need to change.... and soon. Might hurt but in the long run it is the best,........ dont marry her till you have resolved you issues. Divorce will be down the road. Good luck to you man. Dont let this get you down. if you still need someone to chat to, just post it here and i'll give you my msn log-on and i'll try my best to unravel a bit of your unfortunate ball of yarn take care
  9. Hey people , I was just wondering if its cool to ask many girls out at once. I have met 3 girls in the space of a week.... something so rare that even i was amazed. Things is i am attracted to all of them and they are different, but they all sed yes to a date. Now i am feeling guilty coz i didnt tell any of them that i had other dates lined up. I feel like i am being sneaky. Is it morallyaccepted to go out with many people at the same time while you choose and do you have to tell. I have a feeling if you tell you lose all of them? And if i drop off the other 2 and choose one what if it doesnt work out? and i have landed in the dreaded friend zone with the other 2? No one like being second choice... let alone third?? So what do you guys think.........? Lovelorn
  10. I have a girl who i have been having a long distance thing with for 8 months now. She is very sweet and professes to love me a lot. There are just too many things i wonder about, first she is 19 and she only like hanging out with guys, and all her old friends are her ex's which i find very weird. She goes to school in Canada so she left all those friend behind but now she has started again only hanging out with guys and i am worried that she might hook up with them again because she said thats what she used to do. she cheated on all her previous boyfriends, with one of her 'friends'. She also doesnt tell people that she has a boyfriend, and once when i went to Canada we had a huge fight because she was introducing me to her friends as just another friend. She constantly tell me that hers friends make passes at her and that he refuses them. She also once wrote a letter to her ex who ironically moved to canada as well that she wanted to get back together and she refuses to tell her othere ex's that she has a man! she also writes letter to them using pet names she uses with me and i had to strongarm her into telling some of her exes who she was telling she was single about me. Basically its a very awkward situation and i dont know what to do. I dont understand the secrecy of not telling she has a man and her obsession with having only guys as friends. She tells me she loves me and wouldnt do anything to hurt me, but sometimes i just dont know. i am confused coz i love her so much,..... someone help me!!!!!!!
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