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  1. My hair seriously sucks!!! Ive dyed it so many times that it's like extremly dry and brittle.... It's pretty fryed. Anyone have any products that they recommend to make it shinny and silky??
  2. Me and my boyfriend have had sex like 4 times right, well every one of those 4 times I dont think he has ever came. This bugs me because I don't know why he don't, should I bring this up? If so how?
  3. Ive been friends with this guy (we'll call him mike) Okay well me and Mike have been friends since we were like 12 years old. We have been through everything together. He came from a crazy family. His dad left when he was a baby and mike never knew him. His mom does crack and meth and has a different boyfriend about every week. When we were little I never noticed these problems he was having. His mom never seemed like she was that way to me. But now we've got older and things came out. last year he got arrested. He was 18 so they put him in a juvenile facitly. We wrote eachother and he would tell me he was surprised I was his friend for so long cuz him and his family werent that well off and that my family was. And all this stuff about his mom, and how ive always been there for him and he never realized it. And that he knew that i would always be because of our bond. Okay so he got out and promised me he would not get into trouble or anything like that. (he got out in april).. He seemed to be doing well except for occasional drinking. But last night he came over to my house high. He kept saying things were on him and people were after him and all this. I could tell as soon as I saw him he was high. I asked him what he did and he said pills. I got really mad at him and told him that I should stop caring about him because he dont care about himself and all this other stuff. Well then I made him let me give him a ride to his brothers house. When he got out of the car I told him I was mad because I care so much about him and that he dont belong in jail that he was better than all that stuff. Everyone says that im the only one he will listin to but anymore I dont think he will listin to anyone. It makes me mad because I know him and I know that he can change if he wants to and that he such a nice, caring person. It makes me mad at him though that I have to yell at him like his mom. I love him and I hate the fact he does that to himself. He always tells me he wants to marry me someday because he cant see himself without me. But comeon... I dunno. It makes me sad to think he is out getting high and could be killed or put in jail. I want him to listin and stay away from that stuff but how do I get him to? what do I say? PLease help
  4. Okay some Im going on the alkaline diet hopefully it will work! Anywaze I dont like going to gym... Mostly cuz I would rather work out at home. I was thinking ya know like mon, tues, wen.. yoga and areboics. Then the other days like a cardio video and the ball thing or weights. But everyday jogging. What are some good areobics, cardio videos? any ideas are helpfull. Also this will sound strange but see I want to loose weight but not my butt lol. I like it! What should I do to avoid getting a flat a**? Thanks!
  5. I agree with most of what you have to say... But the regret thing is wrong. There are somethings you should regret and somethings you should not. Not everything you regret makes you who you are. Regreting being with someone does make up some of who you are. But in a situation like mine, my dad recently died and I regret to the fullest for the way I treated him sometimes, things I said to him, and for not telling him how much I loved him each and every day. I dont think that's something that makes me who I am or anything like that and i should regret it, Sure regret is unhealthy for the mind and spirit, but how could you not regret that!!!!!!!!!
  6. The alkaline diet consisits of like using sea salt instead of table salt, coconut, sprouts.. Its about ph levels.. acid neutilizing foods that help you loose weight. It says its healthy and it looks healthy because the only thing your really changing is like eating no sweets, and drinking alkaline water daily along with other changes in the salt thing and eating more of other things. I just wondered if anyone tryed them
  7. I read in a recent magazine about the Alkaline diet, Has anyone ever tryed this diet? Just wondering.. Also Ive been considering getting a chemical peel.. I had no idea that it was considered plastic surgry intill i looked it up online... I want the one's that are done at spa's.. Know what Im talking about?
  8. Okay.. I wrote a post about this a few days ago.. link removed Well the car deal is now over I went and got it today. He's coming to my house this weekend to change something in it since the part didnt come in yet. I really like him what should my next move be? Should I txt him and ask him if he has a gf or say something to him. Or should I wait till he comes over?
  9. Okay Here's the first one. My ex and I dated for about 2 years.. Things were great in the start. Then he started becoming controlling, he would get mad if I talked about any guys, went anywhere, wasnt home when he called, hang out with my friends or even talked about them.. He wanted to be the only thing in my life. He thought I cheated on him everyday he always accused me of having another boyfriend and all this.. Well I moved but now im back and he has been txting my phone alot these past weeks tryin to get me to talk to him (he dont know im back but i think he has an idea i am) Alot of things came out when I was gone though. This one night that we spent together really gets to me. See I came to his apartment at 10 he left at 11 to go to the store (he says) he didnt come back for about 3 hours even though the store is right next door and closed already... When he came in I pretended to be asleep and someone called him and he said "oh you just called to say goodnight" thats all i remember but it pissed me off and he said it was his sis on the phone RIGHT!!! Well a few months after i left he told me the truth (or atleast I think) he told me that night he was invited to a party and I wasnt invited so he went!! A@#H$@# whatever!!!!!!!! Anywaze I know this is crazy but I miss him in a way but yet I dont want to see him or be with him again. What should I do? He says he has changed and if he has I might date him again I DUNNO very confused because I do but I dont! 2nd Problem My neice is 15 yrs old her boyfriend is 17 they have been dating for about 1 or 2 months! Today she came to my house and told me that yesterday he called her to tell her that he got another girl pregant 2 months ago because he was drunk and slept with her. He told my neice he was a virgin. I just think its wrong that he lied to her about something like that and that he's 17 and got someone pregant and DRINKS!!!!!! I told her not to talk to him anymore (even though it upsets me cuz he is a nice guy and maybe he has changed since the drunken sex thing) But Im scared he'll force her into something like that. She dont act like him liein and drinkin and getting someone pregant is a big deal she acts more upset that now he isnt talking to her because he is apparnetly scared she is going to break up with her. So what do I say to her?
  10. Yeah Caasiopia68, what u just said in ur post is a quote of the movie Hitch with Will Smith in it.. (its a movie dont take it as the truth) ANywaze.... I would say he's interested though... Just wait and see what happens
  11. Ok I have a question mainly for the girls!!! Ive pretty much had a stomach all my life and I hate it... How can I get a flat stomach (any tips that have worked) or is it even possible to get a flat stomach if you have never had one? Im only 18... PLease Help
  12. I think you should diffently just tell her... Afterwards ask her hows shes feels about that and if she responds negitivly explain how you would hate to have that ruin your friendship with her. If you dont tell her you'll never know if she may like you as more also and just as scared as you!
  13. Hello... This will probably be long so here I go. I dated a guy for 2 years and things were great in the first year and a half, Then he changed. He was beyond controlling, rude sometimes, thought I was cheating on him 24/7 (even though I never did), I guess jealous, and just controlling. He even got in a fight with my dad once (a fist fight) anywaze I broke up with him and moved. Now Im back in town and for some reason he as been calling my phone tonight which makes me SICK to my stomach. I just wanna throw up. By the way its been like over a year since I broke up with him. Anywaze.. I want him to leave me alone seriously. I know that he hasnt changed or anything like that and Im just somewhat scared of him because he is so controlling. I wanted to email him tonight and just tell him a few things and tell him to stop calling. Because trust me I have told him over 100 times to leave me alone but he always finds his way back. I think the email would work though because I was going to say I wasnt even back in town. Any ideas or thoughts
  14. Yeah shes right alot of people have problems. First off yes your only 19 you have your whole life ahead of you.. Secondly people who have things work hard to get what they have... Im sure you can find a job you need to put the goal in your head and not give up till you get one. Third of all.. Life is what you make of it just remember that
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