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  1. I've known him 10 years (knew him before prison). We recently reconnected. He's in prison for a non violent crime (no lectures about him being a 'bad' person pls) and has five more years. For the past year we've been talking he doesn't act sexual or romantic. When he tries it sounds awkward and fake. Whenever I confront him (wudnt a prisoner be horny as h*ll?) he says hes 'scared' to seem like hes just after me for my body. It just doesn't seem normal to me. He's hinted that he got 'VERY' close with his cellmate, and is depressed this guy left, but won't elaborate. He seemed straight when
  2. No matter how many girls you have sex with you are afflicted. A cursed soul of someone who really loved and lost. And that hurt was so bad, so tremendous that you can never love again. You may not even survive it. You just want things to go the way you picture them in your head, but that’s not reality. You want it so bad you long for it; you want her to be this person in your head so badly but she just isn’t. Yet why does this feel so wrong. Why do I feel so lost , and as if I have this gaping hole in my chest where my heart used to be? It’s been years and I’m still not over this. It’s been a
  3. Greetings EnotAlone Family. As always, Im thankful for you guys helping me put things into perspective. So some of you have been following my posts. Im coming from a break up (about 2 months back now) and a strange online line (short term tho). I decided to not consciously seek a relationship now and focus on pushing my focus (currently working on a house music label which is going well so far). Im going to tell you the full story cause this one is quite interesting. So a week ago after a studio session I decided to go buy Pizza, initially planned to get a takeaway and go back home. At t
  4. The mother of my 5 children and I had been together for 8 years before I was sentenced to 7 years in prison for things I did when I was younger(before I met her). She remained strong for the first 3 years, coming to see me every weekend and talking on the phone as much as possible. Then I was moved to a prison far from home and I eventually stopped recieving visits. After 2 years of only phone calls and letters she left me. But I remained in contact with my children by calling once a week.We had been broke up for 7 months when I was finally put in a workrelease program/ halfway house a month a
  5. Hello everyone, I have started a job at Starbucks 6 weeks ago and I just hate it. I don’t get along with any of my colleagues- not so much that I just feel it’s forced , very very forced. The job itself is just dull and repetitive and I just hate being there. I feel like it is a prison. I feel my energy is being sucked out of me! I have just finished university in a degree in medical sciences and been volunteering prior to getting the Starbucks. What should I do??
  6. They say when you meet your soulmate you know. Thats how I felt when I met this man four years ago but I was in a relationship and he was on and off with his girlfriend who he has a young child with. The chemistry was so intense but I am loyal so I did not give in which he says made him want me even more because he knew I was trustworthy. We had no contact for a year or so and I heard he was in a car crash and was critical. He had been driving the car and was under the influence and was sent to prison to serve his time. He has 27 months done and will be out over the next couple of days. Since
  7. Well not really a change in career per se I would still work in legal, but change from civil defense to criminal defense full time. For the past few months, I have been helping a solo criminal attorney set up his practice on a part time basis after work and on some Saturday's. I have been helping him market his business (advertiseing), set up his office and interviewing potential clients. He won't represent clients he knows are guilty, only the ones he senses are innocent. Although realizes some could still be guilty. This includes those charged with drug dealing, robberies, assa
  8. I'm worried. I just want our first time back to be great
  9. Me and D was together for a year when our little girl was born. Things were great, until DV started. D got arrested in Oct 16 and found guilty so we broke up for a while at that period. Then started seeing each other for a while a few months later, then found out I was pregnant. He wanted to keep it but I didn't because we had a newly 1 year old and our lives weren't stable to bring another child into it. So I chose to abort, and then we broke up from then. We got back together around Christmas 17 and then DV started again, really bad. He got arrested Jan 18 and found not guilty so he was rele
  10. It's going on 5 years w 2 kids, both still in diapers... It's really been by far the hardest relationship I've been in, but the love at times has been the greatest in my life...We've both said and done things you wouldn't believe to each other except for cheating(I think) and now we're separated due to an eviction because of a big fight we had. I admit my financial situation wasn't the best and I slacked on taking care of business but that wasn't our only problem....I guess what is bothering me is the fact that something is pulling on me to leave but I feel obligated to stay with my gf and ou
  11. Not sure what to put tbh but I have been in a relationship for 8 months. During this time I suspected he was up to no good so went on his Facebook..sure enough loads of messages to different women. The familiar pattern emerged....it was my fault I shouldn't of snooped. He talked me round to believing he would change. No...I've found messages to ex saying he still loved her. I've been an idiot in believing him. A few weeks back admitted he had met someone for coffee. I went mad we fought and he grabbed me round the throat. I left but within a couple of days he had talked me round. He's always d
  12. Ok so I know now a days it's very hard to find real true friends. But I have been friends with this girl for over 5 years you could say we are best friends. We use to see each other everyday and text everyday but now a week later from getting out of jail (she was in for 3 days) she has been so distant I seen her one time for maybe an hour and now she won't reply to any of my texts, calls or snapchats. And no I had nothing to do with her going to jail but I did put money on her books because no one else would. I'm just wondering am I doing to much for her? Expecting to much from her?
  13. My first love, at 17 years old. Broke my heart. After all we went through together, he made me feel so special, so beautiful. I thought I was all he wanted. I was in deep love with someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. However, a part of me was destroyed when he went to prison. I went to court with him with all hope he will end up coming with me, he got sent away from me. I was in the worse state I've ever been in. My heart was aching, I couldn't stop crying I never thought I'd ever be able to get over this. However my plan was no doubt but to wait for him and support everything,
  14. She cheated, left me. Said she felt trapped, needed to find herself, she didn't feel anything anymore... Etc. Guy she cheated on me with is 20 years older then her, and has been arrested 4 times for selling herion and in prison twice. Polar opposite of me. She's 23, I'm 26. It's been 2 months now. I did the whole begging and pleading for month 1. Month 2 went NC. Texted her after breaking down on day 30. We're now day 2 into the new NC. The only conversation we have had was when I tried to sell her engagement ring and she flipped on me, trying to make me feel bad. How can she not w
  15. Hi I'm new here and just need to vent. My girlfriend of 3 and a half years broke up with me about 3 weeks ago, it was the last thing I needed after what had already been a tough year. Due to the state of the economy, I lost my job welding which I was making good money at, and had trouble finding work for awhile so I am now working a job that does not pay well and am barely getting by. She says she doesn't want to be with me because she doesnt want to struggle her whole life and that I need to figure out what I'm going to do with my life. On top of all that my brother got sent to jail a few m
  16. I met someone online and we’ve been dating exclusively for a month and a half. Things are going very well and we have another date lined up this weekend. I always search my dates online before meeting them and this guy is very searchable. He has a great background and owns a successful business with excellent online reviews. Anyway, this past weekend I learned his middle name, and out of curiosity (or lack of better hobby really) I googled his name with his middle name. Several “arrest records” from free websites popped out. All of which list his very unique full name, DOB, and the same ar
  17. I really need some true honest advice i had been dating a guy 20 yrs from1994 off and on at one point we split for about 10 yrs i got engaged to someone else in 2010 but i left the guy to get back with the long term bf we got back together in 2013 after he got out of jail it was good at first he worked and was a very good man he lost his job and i noticed he went into deep depression he changed dramactically he begin to distance himself from me and treating me bad he say the uglyiest things to me stay out all night and blame me for his hardtimes i stood by him supported him while in jail whn n
  18. I recently started dating again after a long hiatus. Had a few dated but nothing panned out. Reactivated an old online account and the attention has been great. A guy messaged me saying he liked my profile wanted to chat. I obliged and we hit it off, emails, chats on the phone. A week later we plan to meet. I arrive at the meeting point and he phones to say he's had a run in with staff at the train station and he's may be about 30 minutes. Says it was just an argument that got out of control... I go home, he messaged at 2am to say he was arrested and he's just been released. Apart
  19. Hi forum, I am a 47yo Australian guy and I just wanted to share my story. I met the girl of my dreams "yes really" in late 2015, we were together for almost 14 months, and just 3 days ago she told me she doesn't love me and that there is no future for us, but would like to hope we could be friends sometime in the future. I am absolutely heartbroken "yes, guys hurt too, forget all this (be a man) rubbish. I loved her, and I am grieving the loss of her and our hopes and dreams" Our story was very different. She was separated from her husband of 8 years and had multiple domestic viole
  20. Hi feeling very angry and upset going to find it hard to keep my mouth shut when back at work. I work for a big multimillion pound company, about two years ago we had new upper management come into the company out with the old sort of thing, but these new manager almost seem out to sabotage the company than Improve things, I know there salarys vary fron 60k to 100k a year so you would think they should know what here doing. First thing they did when they joined was make the majority of engineers redundant this seemed crazy and when the question was asked all they said was ( where we come
  21. I honestly don't understand how people can ever argue this was consensual or that it's a he said/she said situation. I honestly don't understand how someone gets sentenced 3 months in jail for rape.
  22. Hi I'm new to this and never posted anything like this before but I am in need of help please just dont know what to do. it's all so raw. I will give a very brief resume of our relationship. We have been together 4 years, I met him after being on my own for a long time and we both knew the day we met we had met "the one" and my life was complete he was everything I had ever wanted. Very shortly after my life was turned upside down literally as only being with him for three month he was taken away from me and went to prison for fraud. He got six years and served 3 and came out in October
  23. Mine called this morning. The call woke me up (I work overnight so I sleep late). I looked at my phone, saw it was the ex, thought "that's random" and went back to sleep. He left a message saying he was going to be in my town (in a different state than his, about 5 hours away) tomorrow, and asked me to call him back. I just went on with my usual day, then about 7 hours after he'd called I called him back. I let him know that my work schedule would not permit me to spend any time with him tomorrow, and that I didn't have a day off until the end of the weekend. He kind of laughed and s
  24. I have been dating a guy for almost a year and a half. He used to text and call and say the sweetest things to me all the time. But out of nowhere, things changed. About 5 months later, I was at his house cleaning up and I found a letter from his so called ex. I knew about this girl from a previous conversation when he told me that she was a good friend of his back in college and she was dating a guy, got caught up and was sent to jail. In this letter, she confessed how much love she had for him and how she couldn't wait to see him when she got out of jail. I confronted him about the letter th
  25. Okay I need help im going out wit this girl and I really care about her BUT my ex of 2 years wants to get back together after a 18 months in jail but while i was incarcerated we had broken up and moved on now I tried to get back with her multiple times but I kept being rejected. When I finally met my current girl.the ex wants to get back together. I want to get back wit her but also want to see where me and this new girl go. Any help????? Things to consider Maturity: we all recently turned into all legal adults 18-18.5 Cognitive thought: Ex is psuedo-overly confident in public but alone
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