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  1. I would like to take revenge on my ex-girlfriend who had been cheating on me with her co-worker for seven months. The problem is I'm currently in a foreign country. What would be the best way to break their immoral relationship? I want to break it up at all costs! I'll be grateful if any of you can give me some ideas for effiecient vengence. I know revenge is not good. But I like personages such as Heathcliff very much. [/b]
  2. I just thought I'd start a "fun" thread on this Friday morning. I was thinking the other day as I looked at my 2 tattoos, "Man, Ed (my ex husband) would have flipped if I got these when we were together!" I had always wanted a tattoo, but was "not allowed". My first one was my "badge of freedom". That got me thinking, how many other changes in my life would he have resented? He had always tried his hardest to make sure I had no self-esteem and my "life" was taking care of him and the household. Since I left him, I have regained my self-confidence and I have a rich and fulfilling social life. What about your life now would make your ex take a step back and gasp? Mine: my two tattoos my amazing self-confidence my new circle of friends me in a healthy, loving relationship
  3. I put a spell upon your head I left you wishing you were dead All the Hell you put me through That was the least that I could do Voodoo magic is in the air I've been told I have a flair For rectifying what is wrong My magics swift and not too long A pinch of this a dash of that Secret ingredients put in my vat I'll teach you not to mess with me And while you suffer..I'll dance with glee Dont turn around or you may find That you have simply lost your mind Can you hear me laughing at my joke? Those funny words that I had spoke spoke Ha Ha Ha..He He He The final revenge is not for me You thought you had me..I can tell But now its your turn to rot in Hell
  4. It's been about one and a half years since I have broken up with my first love. I am a sophmore in college, and I have fun meeting and getting to know other girls more personally, but I still have this underlying hurt feeling that comes out of no where when I think about my ex-first love. It starts out like this: We had college coming up, so we broke up because of that. While in college, she finds another guy and finds every way possible to shove it in my face. I have never returned this type of behavior in anyway, and have even offered to talk about our differences in person, but she's persistent in making everything an "online" ordeal, making all our contact be based on the internet. In the end, I was the one who hurt her terribly, and we haven't even talked in person since then, yet I don't think that's the case. I have offered to take her out to lunch to iron out everything, but she refused. She persisted on keeping everything online, which made me feel horrible and unwanted. In the end I keep having these revengeful thoughts, but I know that revenge will get me nowhere. This past summer she contacted me online to tell me she regretted rejecting my lunch invitation, and that she want's everything to be "fine." I found her at her work to respond in person to this message, but all she did was stare into my face blankly, which hurt my feelings. I wound up telling her that she hurt me even more online, which probably wasn't the best thing to do. My negative feelings towards her have gotten to the point where I have probably messed up other possible successful relationships. This is not healthy at all - I need to find some way to move forward from this mess! I need to find another way. I know revenge is not the answer, and I am not about to stick my neck out again to mend any misunderstanding. I am not about to go backwards and find some way to win her back because she's totally not worth anymore of my time! What can I do to get my genuine confidence back? How can I overcome this?
  5. Ya know the jocks i highschool? The popular kids? Where are they now? Shoe salesmen. The Al Bundies of the world. They played girls in collage, and now have a crappy job, are balding and no one will date them. They have Nothig to offer. The same is with your ex. If your ex cheated on you, or lied to you, she will be doing that for the rest of her life. Not with you, but someone else. They will have to deal with it. If they pulled the "i dont know if i love you anymore" thing, they will feel that way with someone else. Yes, the guy she's dating is now your friend, not your enemy. Because she will do the same to him. In the end, they will end up 60 years old, with a crappy relastionship, or none at all. All the beautifull people here, will grow from it, and avoid people like that in the future. They will find the right people and have familys and love the people they are with. They will be the people laughing over a quite meal. They will tell their SO "Remember my Ex? I almost forgot them, heard they just ended another relastionship by their stupidity. I'm so glad she dumped me, so i could find you". If you don't believe me, the above example. Who has more cash? Bill gates (the ultimate nerd) or Michael Jordon (the ultimate jock). Who has a better life? the guys who picked on you in highschool? Or you? I just heard that a girl i had a crush on in highschool, who teased me, and played games, and then rejected me hard, has 4 kids, and the fatherS left her. Revenge is not something you do. It's karma, it's the natural flow of life. Thought this might help some of the people who are having a hard time.
  6. Is there a psychological term for vengeful or other types of patterns in relationships that have resulted from bad experiences? For instance, males that relive a form of "revenge" on women because of a bad experience where a woman they fell in love with deeply hurt them.
  7. I wrote this thread for everybody that got totally screwed over by their ex.It is proof that if you do what is right,learn from your breakup, and work to be the best person you can be,thing's will work out in your favor. It does take time though.I remember a few month's after the breakup,I was reading threads on here,and 1 year seemed like a life time.I could hardly make it through a day. Let me tell you it goes fast.The trick is,you got to stay busy. Anyway...I'm going to make a long story real short. The love of my life took a big crap on me and dumped me about 1 1/2 year's ago, after a 3yr relationship.I cried everyday and posted here for a good six month's. Other than moping around and feeling sorry for myself,I spent all my free time making my life better. I took some classes, landed a sweet job, and moved to Florida.(Me and my ex alway's talked about moving out of the cold midwest together.I like it here by myself.)It took a long tme,I just got here about 3 month's ago. Not long after I moved, I heard from a friend back home that she was talking about me,saying thing's like "I'm so happy for him","I loved that kid","I was young when all that happened." Feeling cocky and confident, I sent her a post card of my new home on the beach.With a equally cocky message that said "This is where I'm living.Stay warm!" It was a petty thing to do,I know,but I had to do it. About three weeks later I got a letter form her.It didnt say much, I tossed it out and went to the beach. Three week's after that she call's.I must admit it was nice to talk to her.It was great telling her about my sweet crib on the beach,my killer new job and all the cool places I've been to in the last year. She told me she is still living with her parent's and not making more than $200 a week.She told me where she hang's out at now,and who she hang's out with.I know the places, they are dives,and the people are loser's. Then I hear from my friends that she is doing coke now and sleeping with everybody. That broke my heart,I know she didn't leave me to be living the life that she is living now. Thing's havent worked out for her the way she thought they would.I remember her telling me how she was going to get a apartment all by herself,get a new car,blah blah blah.She hasnt done any of the thing's she said she was going to do. I think it goes to show you that if you screw people over, due to your own selfishness, you get what is coming to you. Having said that,I can now now say I've had my revenge.I pray she get's her stuff together. All in all, everything has reversed.She left me because she said she could do better.Yea...Ok.. Peace out,Andy
  8. This weekend I met a friend who's also going through a breakup (both girls broke with us). So, basically, we've been supporting each other through these difficult times. We were talking about it when he asked me if I was curious about what my ex might be thinking about me and if I think about her everyday. I said "Yes! I'm curious and she's the first person I think when I get up! I'm always thinking of her!". That's when he asked me "So, how can you handle it so well?". He was referring to the fact that I'm on my fourth week of NC and it seems that it's nothing special to me. That's when I told him that I'm always feeling bad, always feeling really down... I just don't show it. However this made me think maybe he's right, at a certain point. I always told my ex that if we breakup I will disapear. She never understood how could that be possible but I always react like that when a breakup occurr. So, I've been thinking why do I always enter into "NC mode" and I found the following conclusion: Revenge! A mix of revenge to make her miss me and, also, a bit of hope, waiting her to break her pride and call me. Off course NC helps me to get over her, but when it's done as a revenge tool, it makes things harder for me 'cause, obviously, even if I can make her miss me, it will make her so mad that her pride will be higher than before. thereforeeee, she will never contact me (she never did). So, in a certain way it's a kind of self-destructive behaviour. I just want to get over her but, if possible, do it in a peacefull manner, without any regrets. I've analised my relationship and what went wrong from my side, and really want to improve those areas of my life but all these thoughs are making me feel as if I'm trying to improve myself based in wrong motivations.
  9. Here it is: My brother dated and talked about marriage with a girl for three years. Myself and two other friends were then talked into moving into a house with my brother and his girlfriend. After four months, one of my friends that had moved in with us, left us with my brother's girlfriend. I want to break them up. I don't want my bother to get back with this girl, and I know that will not happen. I just want revenge for my and my brother's sake. He had gone through a hard divorce once and this almost killed him. I will not tell him about this, it is something that I feel the need to do for us both. Please, I don't need anyone telling me I shouldn't stoop to their level or any stuff like that. I just want help finding a way to break these two up. I am willing to hire a PI or something on those lines to break these two up. I live in Minnesota. I don't want to be the better man in this, and I know possibly I will regret it later, but I don't think so. I feel that these two should feel as much hurt as my brother and I have endured. The guy was one of my best friends, and we treated him like a brother. I want revenge. Email me if you wish.
  10. Ok I will explain it as well as I can.... My ex.My abuser.Has been harassing me ever since we broke up.I fought back.Now I have Homeland Security on my tail.They want my computer.He hacked my fiances accounts on both Yahoo and Myspace.He has his mother trying to sue me for harassment to Waffle house (his previous job) and I might have called and told him he is going to prison and telling him his day is gonna come but he called my house to the point where we were ready to report him for harassment.He is sueing me for putting things in his name.They say I ordered $7,000 in merchandise,God knows how much of Pizzas and stuff,and harassment towards him. I did it in revenge.Is that wrong.I wanted revenge on him and that was just one way to lash out.Homeland Security has my IP address and they want my computer to prove it.I wont give them anything because they will get me on my school records for having a knife at a football game(I live in the Ghetto I have to have a knife for protection),then there are the scars on my arms,and the people in town who are scared of me.I was told they can put me away for that as well.So I will lose if I go.I will burn my computer before I do that.I am only 17 and I will not be in Jail.I have had to much mess go on.They told me as long as I clean my act up now I can be ok.Since I am 17.Well I have been.Now he has hacked my fiances account.I messaged him and said that's illeagal and you will be going to jail.Since he is 18. I had a major breakdown last night.It hit me.Everything he did to me.It fell on me like a rock.I have been so mentally strong for so long and I lost it.My mom told me she believed me.She also told me that I just have to let go.His day will come.Which she is right because he got fired from his job which was his pride and that was Waffle House (pathetic huh?).He got caught spitting in their food. He has a girlfriend.He has been with her since she was 14 and he was 17 at the time.Now he is 18 and she is 15.They have been together for a year.She has been harassing me saying I am lying about the abuse.Why are guys like this.She is so blinded like I was and when she finds out what he did to her...she will explode.I never did anything but talk to her about useless things.He likes to get them young and mess with their heads and make tehme the wrong ones.Now I am in a trap. I am scared he is going to edit everything I sent to him and her and try to get me locked up.What should I do?I carry a buck knife with me around the house because I am scared he is going to be there.i just need a little advice on how or what to do with this situation. Thanks for your help!
  11. I've finally got the courage to completely let you go.I realise I've been fooling myself that you care all these 2 years that we've known each other.I don't want to be your friend with benefits anymore.I don't even want to be your girlfriend if you offer me that.I deserve better.I deleted your phone number and IM,deleted all of our photos and videos,it's all gone,I've finally managed to erased you.Tonight is the last time I'm going to see you and tell you it's all over.I know you won't feel half of the emptiness you made me feel before but I don't really care now.I don't want revenge,I don't need your love,I know you can't make me happy.I used to live with the memories of our past,but in reality it's all a bunch of crap.This is the perfect ending of this piece-of-sh*t story.Farewell.
  12. Hi There is a saying that "Living to the fullest is the best revenge." 1. What is your opinion? 2. Are you able to live to your best? Does the break up motivated you to live life to the fullest? 3. What do you do after a break up?
  13. Has anyone here ever really hurt someone (emotionally) in a relationship? If you don't mind sharing... and I'm not asking this to judge anyone. Not at all. I'm just one of those people who gives others the benefit of the doubt, and I think most people can be good people, even though they've made mistakes. This is what's making it so hard to let go of my ex... because even though he really hurt me (in more than one way) and I don't know why, I know that at least at one point, he did love and care about me.. and I really believe he didn't want to put me through everything that he did. So I was just wondering... why'd you do it? Was it intentional? Did you have good reasons, aside from revenge? Were you in love with the person when it happened? Did it happen again? Did you want to change, but couldn't? Etc.. Thanks ahead of time for any replies... sharing this stuff would really be helpful for me.
  14. I Dont know what to do in this situation, it turns out that 2 of my friends and myself all like the same guy, my one friend is like "NO,I'd never get with him" but she thinks he's cute and what not.My other friend has proposed a bit of a competition with me and that bothers me because I'll just let her sort of take the spotlight but I want to get some sort of revenge.. ..I want to further my relationship with him in a more one on one kind of way so that if she tries to show out for him it'll be like he's looking at her but thinking of me . . Any advice please feel free to comment.
  15. Hi fellows I am 39 and my wife is 49, living together for 18 years. In 1995 I felt cheated on by her, in 2004 I started to cheat as a revenge, in 2006 stopped cheating because I found out I was wrong.Now I am feeling strong remorse and regret. This remorse is killing me and it's hard to look on her eyes Confessing her would lead to terrible consequences I wanna be faithful and good again, but I can not deal with this pain Mustache
  16. If you look for my post titled "Revenge" you can easily see I as at one of those relapse areas that we go through from time to time, I thought about getting revenge for the longest time and have decided against it, for 1 I don't want to accidently hurt anybody, also I have gotten a few provate messages from somebody who was in the same state as me and could relate, so I am sorry if I scared anybody, for 1 this is probably not as bad as being behind bars, and secondly, it would terminaye any chance of ever getting back if it was meant to be in the future
  17. Was seeing a girl, and she told me all the usual lies. "We'll be together", "I love you", "We have something special" Turns out I was just a way to get back at some guy who left her, and now that he decided to get back with her she dropped me without looking back. Hurt has blossomed into hate, and I will have my revenge. I won't hurt her physically, nor will I do anything illegal, but I do have some info that could get her in trouble, possibly deported. Good bye baby!
  18. Is a little revenge good? Nothing violent twords anybody, just something like completely lighting her car on fire inside and out making it completely annihilated and out of commision
  19. my exbf broke up with me 1 week after i fell pregnant after being with me for over 3 years. Since then his actions shows that he doesn't respect or care about me or my unborn baby. I'm hurt and seriously upset and i want to get him back for what he did. can come one give me ideas for pulling off revenge or get even with dignity intact at the end?
  20. I'm not planning revenge on anyone. Again, I'm not planning revenge on anyone. I was wondering about the extremes to which people will go to get revenge. What was the most unusual revenge you got on an ex or someone with whom things ended badly? It has to be something other than sleeping with a bestfriend or crank calls. Why did you do it?
  21. Hi I post before about my husband cheated. I can't get over it, eventhough he dumped her already. I think because he didn't mean to end it, eventually he intended to keep her as a mistress for pleasure. I knew he didn't love or anything like that. We been together for almost 27 years and married 25 years and with 3 kids. This is the first and only time he cheated. I am so heartbroken on every lies he made. During that time I suspected it, and I confronted him. And I choose to believe his lie. At that times he wanted me back (bc of his guilt and try to do the right things), he was nice and sweet to me and I thought maybe I could let it lie but it has been a year and I found myself thinking about messing around with someone casualy and keep it as a secret, I think it might make me feel better that I am level off with him. I am usually very conservative and never flirt with anyone, or even go out without him or kids. The only reason I didn't do it yet because I don't know how. Everytime I thinking about his lies I am furious and determine to do so. I can't just divorce him, I wouldn't survive, and I still want to make it work. Any advice!!
  22. So over the coarse of this week a friend of mine went out with me and we met up with a former flame of mine which i was kinda interested in again. Well i really didnt tell her that i was interested in him but im sure she knew what was going on. She felt the urge to intervine and start flirting with him infront of me! The nerve, i know. So i played it off, didnt let my temper flare up. The night ended and she went home with him. I talked to her once since then but she seemed distant while we spoke momentarily, like she knew what she had done. I really dont think she deserves to remain my friend but i want to break off the frendship and make it very clear. How should i do it?
  23. sorry to post again and again but please help. my bf did call me last nite and he said that it was all a big mistake. he said he was really drunk and that he thought i was ok with the fact that he was in bed naked with her and that i had told him to screw her. i told him i said that because i was pissed off and felt that he wanted to be with her. he told me that it was partly my fault because i never told them to stop what they were doing and that when i said screw her that the both of them thought it was o.k. i found it all sick and when i cut myself he called me a . he said that i shouldn't give up on him because we have been together for a long time and it was just a mistake. i saw him in bed with her they were both naked. neither one of them gave any consideration to my feeling or how i felt about what was going on. i think i'm crazy to forgive him. i want him to feel some of my pain. i thought about sleeping with his neighbor, his brother or his bestfriend just to let him know how it feels. i hate him for what he did and he think i should forgive him.
  24. Anybody that has read my previous topics knows the whole story, so I'm not repeating it here. The thread is Many things have come to light over the past 2 weeks. I do have one predicament. Actually, it's none of my business. But, since I know who he is cheating with (or know one of how ever many), I feel obligated to let her know. I know I would want to know if I were in her position. I do not know her personally, but I know her name and I know how to get in contact with her. What I've been told about her - she is 33, recently widowed (2 years ago, so not recent, recent, but still), and has a little 5 year old girl. She has low self-esteem and is rather shy. Do I say anything to her? Anonymously warn her? Or tell her who I am and just let it all out there? Or, just keep my mouth shut? I know he's just going to do the same to her as he did to me. I think he preys on people that he perceives to be vulnerable. She's not the only person he's been cheating on me with, and I'm pretty sure he's not going to drop the rest. But I don't know how to contact the others (and not really sure how many more there are). I don't want to come accross as the jilted girlfriend out looking for revenge. I'm not looking for revenge against him and certainly not against her as she has no idea what he's doing. I know how hurt I am, and how hurt my kids are. I don't think anybody else should have to go thru this. I just wish somebody had warned me about him a year and a half ago. It would have saved me a lot of wasted time, heartache, and headache.
  25. LET IT GO If you are holding on to something that doesn't belong to you and was never intended for your life, then you need to LET IT GO. If you are holding on to past hurts, pains, experiences LET IT GO. If someone can't treat you right, love you back, and see your worth, LET IT GO. If someone has angered you LET IT GO. If you are holding on to some thoughts of revenge LET IT GO. If you are involved in a wrong relationship or addiction LET IT GO. If you are holding on to a job that no longer meets your needs or talent LET IT GO. If you have a bad attitude LET IT GO. If you keep judging others to make yourself feel better LET IT GO. If you are stuck in the past and God is trying to take you to a new level in Him LET IT GO. If you are struggeling with the healing of a broken relationship LET IT GO. If you keep trying to help someone who won't even try to help themselves LET IT GO. Occupation If you're feeling depressed and stressed LET IT GO. If there is a particular situation that you are so used to handling yourself and God is saying, "take your hands off of it" then you need to LET IT GO. Let the past be the past. Forget the former things. God is doing a new thing. LET IT GO NOW, think about it. You owe it to yourself. Break the chains that hold you bondage. Break the chains that have been hurting you, so then LET IT GO FOREVER. Let the past be the past, break free to cut yourself from the things that have been hurting you and restricting you. Let the "TRUE YOU" shine and enjoy a wonderful future
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