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He’s younger than me


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I need some advice, I turned 24 yesterday and my boyfriend is 22 (23 in January) I’m worried that I am too old for him and that it’s odd that I’m older as normally the guy is the older that the girl in the relationship, we haven’t been together long so I’m worried that his parents might think a 24 year old is too old for their 22 year old son.

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It's only 2 years, OP. You're stressing over nothing.


My last long-term ex was 2 years younger that me. We were 23 and 21 when we met, and we were together for 8 years. The slight age difference was barely noticeable, and not a factor in our eventual split.


My brother's girlfriend is 16 years older than him. That is a sizable gap, but they've been happy together for 3 years. Once people got over the initial surprise at their age difference, nobody thought anything differently about either of them.

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Not a good sign if you're digging up reasons to question things. If you don't want to date a "younger" guy, then don't date a younger guy. I've known women who wouldn't date someone younger on principle. Didn't matter if she was 5 years older or 5 weeks. Kind of a strange flex, but it's not my life. Still, that doesn't give you license to project your misgivings on him or his parents.

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lol my husband was 20 and I was 26....30 years later, still together. It's not about what's on the driver's license but more so what's up stairs, maturity wise. Did we get picked on about the age difference? sure I was robbing the cradle as they were all saying lol Did it matter? no, it was never an issue.

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Is this a conservative community?


I can see your concerns if so. I dated someone younger once and the family back then was in an uproar. Half of them couldn't stomach it and half chose not to care. You may be influenced by comments of those closest to you and societal norms. I'm gauging it's more offhand comments than anything that are getting to you.


Maybe slow down with the questioning and get back to why you're in a relationship with this person. Early twenties is a time for massive and exponential growth. You may be finding the two years sometimes feels like ten years instead especially if you've already graduated and he hasn't from university or you're working and he isn't. There are a lot of firsts that you're both not experiencing at the same time but put things in perspective. It may be your ages right now and not so much the gap itself.

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