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  1. I doubt she never farted. I don't know anyone who can go a year without farting.
  2. If he didn't say anything or get grossed out, either he didn't hear it, or he just realizes that you are a human and you fart just like everybody else. Now that doesn't mean that you should just let it out as loud as you can next time, but you also don't need to pretend that your body doesn't function normally.
  3. Thanks for the update! I'm glad that we could help you and I'm glad that your boyfriend took it this well. I understand how you could have been hurt by what we said to you. It's never easy to hear things like that. But I'm happy that you eventually saw that we only cared about you and Riley. We know you have your dog's best interest at heart. Why else would you come looking for advice? If the dog in your avatar is Riley, he's so cute! I miss my beagle.
  4. Like Arwen said, give him time to think. Respect his choice for needing a break. He probably has a lot of thoughts going through his mind.. Think if the positions were reversed. Would you take him back if he accused you of cheating, hit you (I don't think it's more wrong to hit a girl than it is a guy), and then kicked you out?
  5. Honestly, I don't know. He's probably really hurt that you would mistrust him that much. Of course, your friend did a really bad thing. But I guess this should be a good lesson that you need your own proof before you can go accusing somebody of doing something so horrible. If I was your boyfriend, I would not take you back. Of course maybe I would feel different if I was actually in his position. But I would be really hurt over what happened. And punching a guy there is never ok.. in fact, punching at all is not ok. So, I would be a little upset about that too. Also, if you were still talked to this friend of yours, then I would definitely not take you back.
  6. Sure, some guys wouldn't go. Some guys agree with your perspective. But your boyfriend doesn't. He's not one of those guys you talk of. If that's what you want in a relationship, then you need to find someone else. That stinks, but don't expect your boyfriend to change what he wants to do because you aren't happy with it. Why do you think it's so wrong for him to have this interest? To him it's innocent. It would be one thing if he was going to strip clubs.. where one goes to check out others. But instead he's just doing one of his hobbies that he's been into long before he started dating you. Do you really think he goes to check out the girls? Do you really think that he doesn't think about you while away?
  7. I agree with Batya. He didn't think you would have fun because you wouldn't. You obviously don't share an interest in biking and he knows that, so why would he want to drag you along on the back of a bike? That doesn't mean he doesn't love you and love being with you.. it just means he knows you wouldn't have fun, so he doesn't want to put you through that. Even if you went to see everything that goes on, you would probably be insecure then too. Everytime you passed a half naked girl, you would be wondering if your boyfriend was thinking about her. And no guy wants a girl going just to watch his every move, or to watch where he's looking. Hope, your boyfriend is not going to these bike week things to look at naked girls. He might not be the stereotypical biker who has long hair and tattoos, and goes to these things every month. But he still has an interest in biking and this is something that he can do with his friends who are also interested in biking.. It's like comic book conventions. When you are so into them, just talking about them with your buddies just isn't enough. And since you don't approve of this, you should consider yourself lucky that he only likes going to these things once a year. Chances are, there will be girls wherever he decides to go for this biker stuff. Chances are, there are girls everywhere he goes. And your boyfriend is only human, he will probably think a few of the girls he passes are attractive. But does that mean he suddenly falls in love with them, or wants to replace you, or even wants to get to know them? Your boyfriend probably doesn't even think about them 2 seconds after he passes them. Last year, you said that when he got home he was all over you? Obviously he missed you and was happy to come back to you.. afterall, he did come back to you. I think another issue here is that you do not approve of this. And it's ok if you don't think it's a fair thing to do when in a relationship. But the problem is that he obviously doesn't agree. He probably doesn't see anything wrong with going when it's all just an interest he has. And I know that since you are emotionally attached to him, it makes it that much harder, but suppose he goes to these things once a year for the next 30 years.. can you handle that?
  8. I understand that your boyfriend isn't a horrible person, but his behavior should not be justified, no matter how extreme or not. I would talk to your boyfriend about his behavior towards your dog. Let him know that it is not acceptable and it's not the way you want him treating your dog ever. And why should your dog have to sleep in the cold basement all alone? Because he snores? Doesn't your boyfriend snore sometimes too? But anyways, I would bring up the idea of dog training. And training his dog. Maybe say that you think it would be fun for you both to do together and you can both learn how to train dogs and teach them right from wrong.
  9. Where does he live now? Personally, I wouldn't let him move in without finding a job first. Afterall, how will he help pay for things if he isn't making any money? He will be eating your food and using your water and your heat/air conditioning. I know it's the "friend" thing to do, but don't allow him to take advantage of the fact that he can live with you.
  10. So maybe the boyfriend doesn't realize he's doing something horribly wrong, but that doesn't make it ok! That doesn't mean that this dog isn't having to deal with it! The poor dog still has to pay physically for evey little mistake. Dogs aren't perfect ALL the time, they can be a handful. They will relieve themself where they shouldn't occasionally. Chewing furniture and stuff is normal for puppies and some dogs, they just need to be taught that it's wrong. But, a dog should never have to pay for their mistakes physically. And your Beagle snapped at you. This obviously isn't normal behavior from your dog. It's up to you to keep this dog safe from harm!
  11. We used to have a Beagle. They are such cuties! I agree with Scout. He is abusing your dog! If you are uncomfortable with how he treats your dog, then that's a problem! In no way do I think you are overreacting. I would never allow anyone to hit any one of my pets. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what dogs do, a "bad dog!" gets the point accross without physically hurting the dog. Have you ever brought this up with your boyfriend? The things you described scares me. If he continues this, then you and/or your Beagle need to leave.
  12. Meow18


    Like you said, you don't spend 2.5 months with someone and drive 30 minutes 2-3 times a week if he didn't really like you! Why don't you completely trust him? You really need to work on this because if you don't completely trust him now, then it will only get worse. And that's no way to be in a relationship! Has he done anything to make you think he might not be trustworthy? Have you been hurt really bad in the past?
  13. I've heard to wait at least a month when starting birth control pills before you don't use any other protection. Of course, the pill isn't 100% effective, so if you can't take the risk in getting pregnant, it's very wise to use a condom as well. I would call planned parenthood as soon as possible and see what they recommend.
  14. When you have so little school left, it would be crazy to not just finish. I've known too many people who put off school, thinking they will go back when the time is better, but never end up going back. Of course, if this is what your friend really thinks is logical, all you can do is offer your advice and support whatever he decides to do. Would you really want him moving in with you though? Was this his idea or yours? Would he start paying rent, and if so, when?
  15. If you wait for him to ask you, it might not happen. Who cares if it's "uncool"? Cool means different things to different people. To some people, Facebook in general is uncool. The result is more important than how it happens.
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