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  1. I am very happy in my relationship and I still do it
  2. Trust me prozzack, it did hurt like it was no tomorrow!!
  3. Nc really works, my ex broke up with me and wanted to be only friends...I said ok but then started the NC from email. myspace,phone etc.That way she realized what she lost and came back to me..Our relationship is 10 times stronger now.This don't always happen to everyone, but you have to look after yourself, and if it means for you to cut him off then do so.
  4. I felt the same!!! I did NOT want to take her back after that.I was like if you really cared about me how could you just drop me and date right after we broke up.All this crap was going through my head.But when she came that weekend and I seen her I could not say no.I told her there wil; be no 3rd chances.If she mess up this time she might as well hit the road.I mean I never took any of my ex's back..I felt well, I can give her another chance after praying about it.I guess she realized that she messed up and lost a good man.I felt I make the right decision.
  5. This was the best advice I ever took,because of this she realized what she lost and came running back to me..Our relationship now is better then ever.Thanks Dave
  6. Well just to give you an update, we did get back togther.That was the best thing i could of ever done!!!She is sorry about what she did..and that's why i tool her back....I never been the one to take people back especilly after being with someone else.But some people deserve a second chance.
  7. Just an update???She drove all the way from VA to Ga just to tell me that she loves me and that I am the only one for her.She was so hurt about what she did to me and I could see it in her eyes.I love her very much and I did take her back.Since we been back togther we have been so happy.I am still scared but without the NC I think none of this would of been possible.thank you guys so much for you advice.I am truly in love with this woman and she is also inlove with me.
  8. I really want to, she'd driving all the way from VA to GA so we can be together this weekend...So most likely I will.Im just scared.I mean I felt the reason she broke it off was because she was feeling someone else and since it didn't work she coming back...But I do love her and willing to make it work for us.
  9. She broke up with be because she said she had no time for a relationship..So I did the NC...she said she had that time to think about us and she realized that she is in love with me.It hurt when she told me that but i guess she really see what she had.
  10. Would you take your ex back if while you was broken up (there choice) they slept with someome else in a two week period????
  11. exactly...Time will heal...and keep your friends around!!!
  12. It happened to me.now Im not sure if I want her back!!!!We was broken up for 2 weeks and now she admitted she slept with someone else during that time period, Now she wants me back...Hell !!!now that she's back I don't know if I can trust her.O well!!!
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