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  1. Do you have any sort of rule that you follow? I realize it's different for everyone, but do you have a minimum time before you have sex or do you just do it when it feels right? I've been with guys, but I've only slept with one guy that I was actually in relationship with... Now I'm dating again, and I actually like him, so even though I wouldn't mind having sex with him now I feel like I should wait for awhile because I don't want to seem easy or anything... I'm just not sure how long. .... Also, this is off topic but I wasn't sure where it would go. Has anyone used the depo shot? If so, how did it work for you? I don't really want to go back on the pill and I like the idea of the shot if the side effects aren't too intense.
  2. *Shrug* I kiss my girlfriends, it's not a big deal. I mean, I don't make out with them, but kissing isn't a big deal. I have a boyfriend and I'm straight, although I do think women are beautiful and it wouldn't bother me too much to make out with a girl... I just wouldn't be turned on. I'd do it for cash in a second though. ;]
  3. I need to dump my friends and boyfriend because they smoke? Yeah, I'll jump right on that.
  4. He just wants us to get along. We don't hang around but we cross paths a lot, we end up going through the same connections for some things and it's hard to avoid her. ;[
  5. Mine was really awkward... I was 15, he was 18, and I was (still am) completely in love with him. We'd been dating a couple months, I realized that I wouldn't regret losing it to him... and I don't know, it was kind of disappointing. He couldn't get it in, when he finally did it hurt so badly I thought I'd break in half, he didn't even come. I felt like a failure, because I just wanted to be good for him. I definitely don't see it as one of the best experiences I had with him, but I'm so glad he was my first.
  6. This is kind of long, but I'm really not sure what to do about this girl and I could use some input. From the first day I've had class with her at school, she's been rude to me for no reason- said anything she can think to hurt my feelings, talked about me behind my back, etc. For awhile I was nice to her anyway- gave her rides, cigarettes when she asked, stuff like that. I'm a real mellow person and I don't like confrontation in the least bit, I'd rather just get along with people. Anyway, one night we were at the same party, and she needed a ride to someone's house. I drove her, a few hours passed, and she called back and said she needed a ride home. I was wasted by that time, and wasn't willing to drive anywhere (plus I hadn't promised her anything and definitely didn't owe it to her.) I apologized the next day, and ignored me and just about me behind my back instead, saying she wanted to fight me and all that bull. I kind of just shrugged it off, and a lot of people told me that they respected me a lot more for not getting worked up over her (she isn't very well liked at my school). Then her old boyfriend moved back down from Cali. I didn't know they had dated at first, we started hanging out, a couple weeks later he asked me out. She has a new boyfriend, but she was still really rude to him about me and told him he should dump me and all that jazz. I let it go and he didn't pay any attention to it... then on Valentine's day we were going to smoke out of his water pipe, but it was at her place from before he left. We picked it up, and he winded up leaving it at my house because he can't have it at his. The next day she kind of stormed up to me and asked where it was at-- all I said was "my house" and she totally flipped. She called him up crying, telling him what a *** I was, and about how I "left her stranded" that night of the party (which was about three months ago). I don't even know what to do-- I think it's ridiculous that she thinks she has rights to HIS bong, which he paid for and HE suggested I keep at my house... especially since she's been so rude to him since we've started dating. I don't know. I'm kind of at loss at how I'm supposed to respond to her-- I'm chill, but I'm not a doormat either. I don't take her crap anymore, but I'm starting to wonder if I really need to stand up for myself-- tell her to bring it on if she wants to fight, and if not just to leave me alone. I try to avoid her as much as I can, but she always finds a way of getting under my skin and I can't pretend it doesn't bother me anymore. She's told my boyfriend that she feels like he's replacing her with a 'better version of her' and it hurts her feelings and blahblahblah. I honestly don't feel sorry for her-- she dumped him when he left, and she practically screws her boyfriend right in front of him just to rub it in (although I don't think he has feelings for her anymore)... Anyway. That's about it. Any thoughts?
  7. I notice that I almost always tend to start talking like the guys I date, or want to date (probably why I have such a dirty mouth x I definitely think it is part of being accepted, but if they're anything like me it could be an interest thing too. Couldn't tell ya why though.
  8. Another day Another guy Looking for another high More close calls A different cop One more box Of pills to pop Thizz today Die tomorrow From waves of joy To pits of sorrow Flying's all good Till you fall and hit Bottom rock bottom And what you'd give To have your wings back. But suddenly your life is all flying And stealing and lying You're flat broke (and you're broken) And you're trying and trying To feel whole again When you’re not. You were brighter than boomers More vibrant than rolls And just like the E You’re melting holes In my head. More addicting than coke Babe, can’t you see? You’ve got me hooked And won’t be free Till I quit you. My love.
  9. I had the same problem... the first few times. ;/ It was really embarrassing, I thought there was something wrong with me. It makes it even harder if the guy is really afraid to hurt you. All I can say is practice. Everything'll click eventually.
  10. *hugs* ; ) Don't worry about it, I still think about it all the time whether it's brought up or not. But I'm definitely feeling better about it, I've had a lot of therapy lol.
  11. *Shrug* To be honest... yeah, it messed with my head a little, I went downhill after that. They drove me to some parking lot and left me, I woke up the next morning and I wasn't even totally sure what happened (I was too drunk and high to move at the time), my clothes were all over and I only remembered parts of it. I don't even remember if I said no. The parts I do remember are pretty... just, disgusting for me to think about. Stuff I never would have wanted done to my body. /; Needless to say, I don't exactly want to press charges and bring it all up again-- I'm just now starting to move on. I wrote a thread talking about it a little bit earlier. But I'm okay now. Sorry for getting off topic.
  12. Yeah, it's not much of an excuse but I was definitely not in the best state of mind for those two months, I normally am not the... easy (?) girl.. But eh. I'm not really talking about me specifically, but in general. I notice about half of the sophmore girls in my classes are going out with guys five or ten years older than them... It seems like such a gap, especially when you're my age.
  13. For the couple months I was single (I still am, but am hopefully in the process of getting back with my ex) I noticed that almost all the guys that tried to (or did) get with me were quite a bit older. I'm sixteen, and these guys ranged from 18 (a couple of guys who screwed me while I was very drunk and semi-conscious in the back of my car to 26 (he lied and told me he was 23 when he was really three years older with a six year old kid.) to 35 (my smoking buddy, who kissed me completely out of the blue right before I ran out of his trailer lol). I don't have a problem with older guys, my ex was a good two and a half years older than me when we dated, but it really makes me curious when they're more than five years my senior... what's the attraction? Why don't older, more experienced men want older, more experienced women? I do realize that this isn't true for all (or even most) men, but I didn't have a single guy that was still in high school express any interest in me whatsoever. Is it just because I was (am) young/naive/and vulnerable at the time, or is there something else I'm missing that makes guys want young girls? Does anybody else have the problem of only being able to get guys out of their age range? Oh, and I realize that the first example isn't a very good one... I'm sure they only did that to me because I was the only girl at the party and drunk enough that they could carry me out to my car.
  14. It was like a five. But only because I was in love with him. Otherwise, it sucked. I tried not to cry the whole time, but it hurt like hell and he couldn't even get it in... Bleh. I felt like such a failure.
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