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  1. Well from this link you will be able to get my last two post about a guy I dated and it turned out to be very bad. Anywho i was then planning on maybe having a casual sex realtionship with him but turns out well the guy doesn't seem to answer my phone calls . So I decided to just drop the whole thing. I was still feling abit dwon about it but , i'm truly over the whole thing now since I found out that well he's still sleeping with his ex... I felt relieved to hear that since well...ha it was all about him the date and I did nothing wrong...It's funny because I explained the date to my older bro and he suggested that he might be seeing someone else and well it turned out to be true.... I just don't see the point why some guys have to act like their interested when they are not...So this puts a conclusion to this whole story...Thought I share it with you guys... Oh and batyaa thanks for the advice.... I read reda the post that you gave me and to be honest with you its true that i trullly want to date someone and that i am setting myself up for less because thats all I think i can get...I'm still very young and trying to fiure what i want in life...Anyways thanks for your advice and everyone else reading up to date with my posts.
  2. Instead of asking her to choose you should put your foot down and you choose whther or not she is worth all this anguish you are feeling. If she is able to be with another guy more than you and also be able to say that its her life ..well you are apart of that life to. Anyways i think you should really think hard if you want to put up with it. good luck
  3. No wonder you feel that way all the time.
  4. I guess not..the only question is whether or not I wait 2 more weeks since its my frined b-day party and most likely he'll be there or do I call before...it might me ackward....
  5. the only reaon I know about him not driving me home is because of my friends bf who is friends with this guy...I don't know, I don't like him persay because of what he did but...I don't really want a rlationhip with him but more of something physical...would it be terribly wrong of me to call him?? I have no idea what to do anymore...
  6. ChocoBB


    I kissed a guy with his eyes open..totallly weird I told him but he said he liked to watch I tried not to bother...lol..it is really weird..I guess that is how kissign has always been seen by societey with the Eyes shut tight...lol
  7. Well that was my last post of whether or not I should continue to pursue the guy or not...Recently I have found out the reason why he did not offer me the ride home and well this made my mouth drop and I had no comment towards it. I'm sure you all will laugh or just be in awe when I tell you. The reason he did not drive me home was because I didn't offer to pay my movie ticket....Now the first thing that came to my mind was.... "How was I suppose to know ? You went infront of me at the ticket booth and bought 2 tickets not 1." This really made me feel like wow I should have said somehting maybe, maybe it was my fault and satrted to question whether or not if I would have said something the date would have been much better. This led me to think of other questions that has been bothering me... How do you know when a girl should pay for her dinner or ticket or whatever ? On a first date should the guy pay for everything or should the girl say something ? I still feel like I ruin the date partly but then I say to myself...he's a jerk if paying the movie was such a big deal or man what a cheap-o... Anyways i would greatly appreciate feedback from you guys mostly and ladies please let me know if a similar situation ever came accross...what did you all do ? I think I won't even dare to bother with him...*sigh* Totally confused ???
  8. To be honest with you I was in a similar place that you were in a few months ago. Not wanting to study, everyone expectiong me to suceed, my frined got back with her boyfriend and strated ignoring me....just very frustrating. Th eonly way I got out of it was just sticking to myself and just thinking what would make me happy. What can i do now that will change ? I ignored my friend for a good 2-3 weeks did not respond to her calls or anything. I know I hurt her when I did but it didn't bother me. The only resaon things got good again between us was because she invited me to go out with her and friends, which is what I did. got drunk and strated crying on each othr and everythng came oout about what i was feeling. i don't know if that will happen with you and your friedn but I say just ignore her for a while because if she is not calling you or just calls you once in a while then its not worth it. And maybe she just doesn't appreciate your friendship. Concentrate on youself, foegt what other ppl say or think . As robo warrior said lay-low. I know its hard. It feels like theres nothing pushing you to want to do good. BUt trust me in the end you will feel better. Plus with your ex..did he brake up with you? I hope you find what makes you happy and start to concentrate on yourself...don't be shy to reply or anything
  9. This is a problme I always semm to have what is the right momwnt to call guy. it bothers me still that a girl should wait on the guy because its kinda old fashion but to be honest with you , I never know when or when not to call. Just wait and see what happens...let him call
  10. Of course not, why would it be ? The way he sounded seemed a bit desperate and only out for one thing...how can he like you by just a simple look at your picture ? No you weren't rude...your not interested, your not interested plain and simple.
  11. very very simple question...why is it that a man could go find a girl that he just wants to have sex with and its alright but if a girl decides to go after a guy just for sex its totally wrong. It bothers me all the time because a girl is always looked upon a when maybe she jut needs to get her "fix". Explain to me this double standard if at all possible.
  12. I'll be honest the first thing I look at is if there is looks and smile, but to be honest with you it always depend in what context you meet the person.
  13. I met this guy a week ago and we hook up at a club after he asked for my number and waited a week until he called me. Then we went on date to the movies...We met at the theater and he paid for everything, nothing happened while watching the movies, no flirting or making out and all that fun stuff...Anywho after the movie he went outside to smoke and I went with him after that we talked for a bit an asked meat what time my bus coming and I told him it was going to pass in half an hour (oh by the way he drove there). After that I was expecting him to say well why don't I drop you home but he didn't he just said oh well you not going to wait outside right, silly me I said no. However, he just gave me a tight hug and said he had a good time and finished his cigarette and said well I guess I'll go to my car now.... Man was I mad. Its like he didn't even care or wasn't even corteous at all. The only good thing is that he is really attractive, which is why I am a bit like hmm should I just forget about him.. common sense says yes because it would stupid for me to go out with a guy who couldn't even offer me a lift home or even wait with me until the bus came...*sigh* Should I even bother or maybe I was asking to much from him ? Or maybe just naive to it all ?
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