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  1. I think I am not attractive to anyone. I am a total contradiction - I like my alone time with technology and games but I also like to party/socialise, which is rare because my network of friends is limited. I am not geeky enough for the geeks, and am considered too geeky for regular girly girls.
  2. Meet somebody during college. Unless you totally have everything thing together socially and emotionally, you will find it near impossible to meet somebody during your professional working life.
  3. Is it normal to feel like you can't have a meaningful connection with anyone???
  4. Is playful teasing of a work colleague considered flirting?
  5. You could ask the same question as to why you don't see many asian guys with white girls OR the even rarer situation of asian guys with black girls. I am asian and am pretty much into white girls, I never purposely hang out with asians only, but I notice that I get more attention from asian lasses compared to white ones.
  6. They are so different it would not work. It's not like I have many friends anyway. I've just started university again, and I don't know how to make friends.
  7. I have always wondered how people have groups of friends to go out with, when I can't seem to have that. Individual friends, fine but groups never.
  8. What about a guy who is somewhat close to a couple of people, but very willing to make new friends? He is very shy, but not socially awkward. He wishes to enjoy life and go out on weekends being social with people. His current friends mostly do not want to get to know him, more like just class him as a friend because they feel that having more people around them makes them feel popular. This guy would like to form close bonds with people but doesn't know how to.
  9. OK, very good answers. What about if he has a few good friends, no close ones but the reason is because he is very shy and finds it hard to make new friends but is very social and very willing to make new friends?
  10. Ladies; If you had started to date a guy, and things were going well, but then you find out that he does not have many friends at all; Would you be less attracted to him?
  11. I'm only down on the internet because that's how I feel inside. In the real world, I can feel happy around others. I'm still a bit too shy to smile at all girls though.
  12. Am I geeky? I wear glasses and am studying a Masters degree in Accounting...
  13. Yeah, but it was a group meetup, and one or two of the people were completely dominant in the conversation. BTW - no one wants to critique my post?
  14. Um.. ok Intelligence - I like to read up on things that interest me, and try to keep up to date with world issues/sport. I don't watch much TV, so can't discuss that. Humour - Kinda sarcastic, very easy going, so don't get offended easily Career - I'm going back to do a postgrad degree at uni to further my career prospects Hobbies / Interests - Hmm... need to work on this... I like playing old video games, and have a keen interest in cars. Nice / Kind - I am mostly, but will speak up when I feel that I need to. Compatibility - N/A, depends on the individual Am I a decent enough person?? I'm asking because I went to an internet meetup yesterday and all the talked about was TV shows, and I had no idea, and couldn't say anything.
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