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You need to get on birth control and better yet, get your tubes tied if you stay with this man. Do not bring another child into the world connected to him. Raise the child you have and get into therapy to get yourhead on straight

Read up on controlling and abusive relationships. In addition to very quick involvement, very quickly living together, getting pregnant right away, making you financial dependent, he is now also trying to isolate you. Remember how he threatened you if you left the house and took your child to visit your mother? Remember him stabbing himself with a piece of glass to manipulate you?

AMEN. My ex isolated me. Picked arguments with my relatives, acted abrasively to people who i was trying to earn the business of, etc. at the end of the relationship i really didn't have anyone left.
File using a PO box or your parents house as an address and then move in with your folks.

Seriously, file with the court to establish custody and child support and make him someone who you only see when necessary to exercise his right to visitation with the child.
But you need to wake the heck up.
My abusive ex did the same to me. My family also didn't like him because they knew he was awful to me. But I turned against my family and friends who tried to warn me and he always tried to isolate me and put me against the supportive people in my life. This is classic abusive behaviour.

Please don't have more kids with this abusive cheater. I hope you also get tested for stds and begin birth control.