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  1. If you dont want to eat food what about a protein shake? I hope this gets sorted for you quickly.
  2. Stop involving your children in this decision. You are a grown woman. Getting rid of a man threatening your children should be the number 1 priority. You should be protecting them, not asking them if they think he is a "good person". He ISNT a good person, he has no respect for anyone. This is all too close to home for me. My mother's second husband chased me with a kitchen knife, screaming at me that he was going to kill me. All I did was stand up to him. We ended up in the middle of the road, my mother finally calming him down. No police were called, no one asked if I was ok. I wa
  3. It sounds like its your way or its wrong. In the words of Dr Phil you sound like a "right fighter" Does this happen with everything he suggests? Do you suggest a different way to do it, then get angry if he doesnt agree with your way? This marriage sounds exhausting.
  4. If you go back to this man you will have no one else in your life except him. Your children will have nothing to do with you, once they are adults they will be gone. My mother put all her abusive husbands before my Sisters & I & she is now a lonely old 84yr. The hurt & resentment is too great. I refuse to visit her, I spend my time with my children & grandchildren who l love & they love me.
  5. He sounds lovely, not a player wanting to hit & quit. Give him a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  6. It sounds like he isnt going to have a lot of free time to see you any time soon. Are you ok with seeing him when he can fit you in?
  7. I understand what you are saying. My childhood was terrible too. Alcoholic father, arguments, no money, divorce, abusive step fathers, the list goes on. I kept it all bottled up & just got on with life, but it all came bubbling up to the surface when I went through menopause. I ended up having councelling and that turned into actual trauma councellling. It has helped a lot. I realised none of it was my fault, I was a child for goodness sake, even though my mother expected me to be the adult & do things that were far beyond my years. I still have the thoughts of not bein
  8. I want to tell you my story. I think you need to hear it. My mother & father regularly fought. I can still remember him hitting her with an iron one night. They divorced & she went on to marry 4 other men, all abusive to both her, me & my Sisters. I am now 59 years old. My childhood still haunts me. It haunted one of my Sisters so much that she chose alcohol, pills & eventually suicide. I have been through trauma councelling and I have no relationship with my mother. I am closed off, have very few friends, dont trust many people & protect my 2 children f
  9. I dont think I would want her there for the whole week either. It sounds as though she is going to need a babysitter, as harsh as that sounds. It is your wedding week, which should be wonderful & full of good memories. It shouldnt be you on tender hooks wondering if/when his Sister is going to relapse. I hope this doesnt cause issue with you & your fiance. I think his Mother is very rude asking for her Daughter to be taken with you.
  10. Where are her children going to be while she is holidaying with you?
  11. Wow, we have never heard of these in Australia!!!! Hope the poor unclothed ladies dont spill hot coffee on themselves!!!!
  12. Block, delete, NEXT!!! Why would you even consider going back to him? He is trying to manipulate you
  13. She wont "get over it". I was bought up in the same situation, but I had no where else to go, so had to live with my mother & her abusive husbands. I am 59 & still feeling the affects of this. I have been through trauma counselling and have no relationship with my mother. I cannot fathom a mother picking an abuser over her own Daughter. Your poor Daughter is feeling abandoned, unloved & not worthy of your protection. Trust me, when she is old enough she will be no longer in your life. You chose a man over her, and she will never forget or forgive you for that!
  14. Wow, that list is really something. I would have blocked him after that. He sounds very controlling & will only get worse. You can do so much better than him!
  15. Congratulations on your new baby! My Daughter just had a baby as well, and we post pics every 10 mins lol Please dont let this petty minded woman upset you. You are allowed to post what you want, when you want on your social media account. She is obviously jealous that her baby isnt the only one in the family now. Put that video back up, with a hundred more!!! Restrict her & her family's access to your accounts. Only let people have access that are positive & loving towards your baby! Life is too short for toxic garbage like her.
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