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  1. What happens if further down the track he decides he doesnt want your needy dog as well?
  2. Can you change your phone number? If so, dont give it to anyone who is in contact with him!
  3. There could be a million & one reasons why she is a little quiet...work, health, family, etc etc. Go & do something fun & forgot about your phone. She will message you when she is ready!
  4. Order a large pizza with the lot to be delivered just before you tell her its over. The look on her face will be priceless 😂
  5. As I got home yesterday she seemed kinda distant than what she usually is through text, however i do know she was out with a friend on a walk and had a skype call with more friends yesterday night so she kinda was busy. She was busy and has a life away from you. Dont smother her, start doing things apart from waiting for her to text you!
  6. Maybe his family is pushing him to have children, so this is his motivation to find a partner asap?
  7. You need to stop telling yourself this & rephrase it as "I used to go back"......this is a new you, and you wont be going back
  8. Take it one day at a time....dont think about the long term.....just get through the day without contacting him & it will become easier I promise you
  9. Prove them wrong & show them how strong you are!!!
  10. Thank you. It was 25 yrs ago. Life is great now....it was hard at the time, but it all worked out, and your life will too. Keep posting here & we will be your support system!
  11. I understand! My ex cheated & I had to move with 2 small children & literally no support from family or friends. You need to realise being alone is better than being with him. Join meetup groups, take up a new hobby, get a pet...anything to take your mind off him & your situation.
  12. Do not let him drag you down to his level. You are a strong woman & can have the best life ever, you just need to get away from his negativity. Do not start communicating with him again.
  13. Move back in with your family, block this man on social media & your phone so he cant contact you. You deserve a better life than this one.
  14. My 2 children & I had to leave our family home due to my failed marriage. We rented a small house, we had very little money, literally no help from anyone, and we survived. It is doable if your marriage is over. Your child will be so grateful that you took care of her. My mother chose men over my Sisters & I. I have no relationship with her. Please dont do this to your Daughter.
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