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  1. We do flirt with each other all day but in a completely non sexual sort of way, making fun of each other, laughing together, and generally just spending a large portion of the work day hanging out Who is doing your work then? How can you both get away with "hanging out" all day? Also how long before her BF in HR hears about all of this. Companies always have a grapevine.
  2. Can you be my physician Wiseman ? lol I had a bone density scan & it found I have osteopenia (sp), the precurser to osteoporosis, but this wouldnt cause the rib fracture, that is why they are looking further into it. Yes, they found my anemia by doing a blood test after my rib fracture. It was always lowish, but all of a sudden to drop to 4 was very scary. I had my second iron infusion on Saturday, and I dont feel any better yet. I do have a hiatus hernia, and while eating I have noticed food is getting stuck more often. This scares me, as a esophageal cancer came up in one of my searches. Good old Dr Google!! I have another phone consult with the Dr on 17/9. Hoping I can get in for the procedure before then, so I can have more info.
  3. Fingers crossed that all is well with your Step Dad
  4. thank you all for your support! I really appreciate it. The surgery I mentioned was the colonoscopy & endoscopy. Not really “surgery” as such, I probably should have said “procedure”. Because we are in such a tight lockdown it’s going to be hard to find a surgeon to do it, but I hope it’s soon. I am not vegetarian. I eat chicken & seafood. I’m not a big meat eater only because I don’t like the taste. The broken rib & the loss of blood is the major concerns & hoping they can find the cause soon! I will keep you posted.
  5. Hi, thanks for your suggestion, but no, unfortunately I cant take iron tablets at all, they really upset my stomach. I have had to have 2 iron drips straight into my veins.
  6. Hi Everyone, just wanted to see of anyone has had any of the symptoms I have. It all started when I over reached for my dropped phone & broke my rib. It literally popped, and I had extreme pain. After an xray it was confirmed I had broken it. Since then I have had numerous blood tests, a bone density scan, a chest CT, spine CT and I'm going to have a colonoscopy & endoscopy. It was discovered that I have very low iron. I am a 4, when I should be 64. I have had 2 iron infusions in 6 weeks, and still have immense fatigue. I can sleep for 8 hours & still wake up exhausted. I have been through menopause, so the low iron isnt from periods. It looks like I have an internal bleed, but they cant find where. The broken rib & low iron is very troubling, and I am under the care of a hematologist in a Hospital. I am in Australia, and we are in a strict lock down and most surgeries have been cancelled. My Dr is trying to find a local surgeon who can operate on my asap, so I'm currently waiting with fingers crossed. Has anyone had anything like this? I'm trying not to over think it & worry too much, but its easier said than done.
  7. She is doing the "cheating but not actually cheating" version of cheating!!! She is telling herself this to justify it. Walk away & block her. If she is doing this to her Husband she will do it to you too.
  8. There are a lot of assumptions in that post!!!! Just ask the poor girl out for a coffee & see what happens.
  9. I would stay away from Sydney if I was you! The delta variant of Covid is rampant here !!!!😟
  10. You've known him for 3 months & he thinks he can start telling you what you can & cant do? Why would you put up with this? He sounds very controlling & it can only get a lot worse. I would dump him now.
  11. What's worse, is last night when we talked, he was telling me about how he was talking to an old high-school friend, who is best friends with his ex-girlfriend, and how they were talking about how the ex isn't over him still, even after them being broken up for almost a year. Then, something along the lines of she is mad at him or something and she was going to reach out, I don't know. This is why you are anxious. Why would your BF tell you this?
  12. I saw that OP is in Australia. If she is in Sydney we are currently on a 2 week lock down, so may not have been able to see him.
  13. I am sure part of your kids acting out is because of the unhappy home environment. They dont feel safe. Get rid of this loser boyfriend & concentrate on yourself & your children
  14. This happens all the time to me. I can sense if someone is real or not within a few moments of meeting them. My intuition has never been wrong!!!!
  15. So I gave in- this was partly for the sake of the kids- but having said that I know that my 12 year old is aware of the negativity and he takes my side- which is not healthy. Ok, so your 12yr old is now stuck in the middle defending you. So you went back for the sake of the children....why? They obviously arent happy living in this environment, and if a 12yr old is defending his Mother, things must be pretty bad. How about you stop thinking about the feelings of the manchild you married and start thinking about the feelings of the children you are supposed to be protecting? You are doing them no favours with staying with him.
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