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I can see both sides. I think single mothers who want to find a partner should date; but otherwise the kids should come first and if they can afford a good sitter or have family to help they should have a social life including whatever- casual dating, seeing friends, etc - but if it's just one parent then the kids have to be even more of a priority in general. In my two-parent family my social life as far as going out where it would mean my husband would have to be home(rather than getting his work done) is low on the priority list.


One of my friends is a single mom mostly because she cheated on her husband who she'd been married to a short time, and has 3 young children where 2 are from an ex boyfriend (drug addict/in and out of jail) and only one is with her ex and she has no real job. As she says -she makes bad choices in relationships. Not to be judgy but in what you raised I wouldn't put it all on the men for leaving. She is a really good mom but overwhelmed and soon will have no stable place to live. Very scary.



Yes, every person different, but I'm well acquainted with a man who is actually not a bad guy. He has been divorced twice. With his second wife, he was jealous of time she had with her grown-up children, and especially young grandchildren. He was very high maintenance and AI think he would be very clingy. I think that he wanted to be the baby himself.

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Though I don't know you personally, MM I have to say you've been a champion through all of this! I am sure you've had some difficult days but from what you've shared, you've had an amazing attitude throughout all of this


Thank you. My friends have been telling me the same thing but, really, I'm not a very strong person (no idea how I come across in writing).

What I am (and has helped a lot) is very rational. My first thought when they told me I had cancer was so, what if I die? It's not like I'm 20 and I haven't lived my life...and it's not like I have small kids to leave behind. Plus, in a world where people die from hunger, cold, curable diseases just because they live in poor countries with no medicines, wars, terrorists, etc, etc, etc..who am I to complain? I'll do what doctors say, pray for the best but if things don't work out, oh, well. At least I'm lucky to live in a country with medical care and with family and friends running around to help me. Millions of people have none of those things.


I think it's vital to keep things in perspective...whatever happens to you, someone out there has much bigger problems than you.

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I admire that about you MM, your rationality. I am the same. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just a cold person, because when something that's supposed be emotional (and for most others it is) happens, all I do in the moment is think about the practicality and the reality and what I need to do to solve the problem.


Anyway I think it's a good thing when bad things strike that's for sure!

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Today I had my last radiation treatment. With that, everything that doctors could do has been done and it's up to God from now on.

My final blood tests came back excellent and my doctors are very pleased. They said that, basically, what I had was something 'innocent' (that's the word they used), that I've reacted better than they thought I would to all treatments (it helped that I had had no other health issues) and that as long as I get tested often, it seems that I'll be fine.

Next come the MRI's..not sure when I'll do them, I'll call my doctor in about 3 weeks.


Oh, and on February 28 I'm going back to work...yay

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