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  1. I've been pretty much out of commission since getting let go - sleeping all day, up all night, sending in dozens of applications and resumes to things I'm not even interested in... until last week. K sat me down and told me that if I need to wait to find something that I know I'll enjoy, that I feel I'm good at, then we will be okay (financially). He just wants me to be happy with my choices, whatever they are, and he will do anything I need in order to make that happen. I don't deserve this man. I'm going to be a really sh***y wife.
  2. That's really sweet. I know this doesn't compare in any way, but I had a beloved dog that grew up with me that passed away when I was 17. He was 17 also. I loved him so much and it really broke me when he passed because it was kind of in a traumatic way, and I've never felt right about it (just that I didn't get there to see him in time, he passed due to old age). Anyway, ever since then, whenever I am feeling really awful and have had a lot of stress going on, he comes to me in dreams with such clarity that even in my dream, I recognize that he's there to give me peace and calm - like, wh
  3. What kind of foodie shows are you into? My guy really likes Master Chef and I've been pulled into watching it with him a time or two.
  4. It sucked. We started a new marketing campaign over the summer and it tripled our business, but upper management didn't hire additional help to handle the increased case load. We had 6 case managers and I handled all of their closed cases alone. I just couldn't keep up with my workload. I worked overtime, I signed up for On Call shifts as an excuse to work from home, I even worked from home off the clock on weekends. I did everything I could to meet their expectations and just couldn't. It wasn't really possible for me to, and I think they realized it afterwards, because two days later, the se
  5. Things aren't good. I got fired from work last week. It's a thing I'll describe later. Wedding stuff is still happening but I've been kind of disinterested in it for right now. K understands. He's been so good.
  6. I'd give a lot to have a personal pool. I broke my ankle in January and although physical therapy helped a lot, I still have a lot of aches and pains. Having the ability to swim to ease those would be awesome.
  7. I'm late to the party! Happy Birthday! I haven't interacted with you long, but I like what I've read. I hope you'll stick around.
  8. OP, she may have had those experiences, but she ultimately chose you. You are worth more to her than random hookups and such. That can be a pretty powerful feeling.
  9. Oh we definitely aren't stressing over it! My mom already volunteered to just make cookies if we can't get the cake thing figured out (and I loooove her cookies), and with cookies you don't really need to stress over making them the day before or the same day. And we have other catering options that would work out. And the invites can still be used. We honestly don't really care - we just want to stand up there together to say "I do" and then eat with a bunch of our friends and family after. And I do want to wear a nice dress and see him in some nice clothes. He looks so handsome when he's pro
  10. So okay, when I was 18, I did this exact thing. I settled with a dude that was a few years older than me, but never wanted to have sex, EVER. The relationship lasted for 3 years and it sucked so bad. You are better than this!!
  11. Our invitations came in and they aren't the right color. They appear to be *close* to our color when viewed in photos, but to the naked eye, they are much different. Bf contacted the company yesterday to see what they would say - we are prepared to keep them regardless, as they are still attractive and quite nice, just not "our color" - and the agent believes that there was a printer error. They are redoing and sending us new ones for free. We went to a cake tasting on Sunday, and while the cakes were delicious, we ran into issues with the event planner. She wasn't the same one we had when
  12. It doesn't really matter when you changed your mind - what matters is that you changed it, period. You don't want intercourse and that's fine. What about other sexual acts? Are you totally against anything at all? If you are, or you're too busy, too tired, etc and you just don't want anything at all, you need to be honest with him. It's not right for him to pressure you into these things, but neither is it okay for you to expect him to remain in this "relationship" without meeting him wants and needs - a relationship without sexual connection is just a friendship.
  13. All I want is to marry my guy and figure out a way to buy a house with a big yard for a bunch of dogs. I'll race you in our dream pursuits!
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