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  1. In my city, seniors (65+) are getting vaccinated by their primary providers. They don't have to make an appointment, just wait for a call and THEN they make an appointment. It seems like most young people don't have primary doctors here any more. I know I do but I'm in the minority. However, they are savvy and I imagine sometime this year, most will be able to stroll into a pharmacy and get it done.
  2. Yes, I read that recently. I'm hoping that for you, it will be a little closer than that, maybe if vaccine production and distribution continues to be ramped up.
  3. YAY. I am so psyched for you! I, too, had the Pfizer shots. I had a short headache and some very mild fatigue for a couple days. No other issues, just like you. You may feel sicker with the 2nd shot (I did not, but many of my coworkers did!) so be sure to plan for a day off or so after the day you get your second!
  4. It's interesting how we are all wired/built differently. I think with age I've become more understanding/less judgemental but less willing to help. Receding inwards has been a coping mechanism for me during difficult times in my life and I did it during the pandemic too. I see so much suffering and I fear that getting more involved will cause my own lifeboat to capsize and then I'll be in the same position.
  5. I think you've hit the nail on the head, Kim. Your dad not giving you much attention, boys bullying you for your looks, feeling invisible when you were younger...it's not a wonder. I definitely think being aware of this is over half of the battle and you have that down. You need to sit with these feelings at the time you feel the urge to reach out and find a guy to flirt with. You have good self-insight and could probably work through them on your own or work to channel them into something else when they occur.
  6. What do you think that will look like?
  7. Good question. I've wondered this myself. 1.) I think Zoom meetings will become more commonplace and there will be more WFH opportunities for the jobs that can accomodate such arrangements. I welcome this. In-person meetings are a chore and it's silly to have to travel to go to one. Just do it online. WFH is great for many professions because it saves the business money (no renting a huge office building for everyone M-F) and it enables more flexibility and comfort for the employees. Personally, I look forward to the future because with the career I'm going into, there are tons of hi
  8. Since I've received both doses of one of the vaccines, I personally won't be wearing a second mask. I like the ones I have (washable/reusable) and they fit my face very well. However, if I weren't vaccinated, I would definitely wear two. I am still doing social distancing and I am not going anywhere/doing anything. I will be meeting up with a friend next week who also has received both doses of the vaccine and time has passed since her last one. I am still figuring out what we will do. It's definitely my sadist side talking but seeing adult anti-maskers/COVID-deniers get sick from the ver
  9. What are you looking to get out of this? Do you want something casual? Or something more long term?
  10. Kudos to you for being aware. I actually think what you describe is very, very common in people (not just women either), particularly younger people too - I'm not sure of your age. It's very flattering and kind of addictive to be in those early stages of getting to know someone, compliments abound, excitement, the other person putting in maximal effort, etc. I think many people experience this in their younger years and then it kind of tapers off after a while as many grow and derive greater joy and sense of self-worth from other things, whether that's from a good relationship, having a f
  11. Cherylyn, That makes a lot of sense that your empathy levels would fluctuate depending on current life circumstances. Reducing one's empathy in times of stress is a very common coping mechanism, both for short-term stress (in your case) as well as long-term (difficult living situations, abuse/trauma, etc.)
  12. I'm rather low on the empathy scale myself. Not my words there, but from my therapist who has known me for years. However, I have a good understanding of how others think/feel/perceive things. I just don't operate that way. I had a good upbringing with some troubles here and there but I definitely see the world differently and value different things in my life. I do believe empathy can be learned. I am not going to call you a sociopath. The ability to tell between right/wrong and not acting in antisocial, harmful ways is not necessarily from a lack of empathy alone. It just means that yo
  13. Alcoholic or not (it doesn't sound like you have a physical dependence but that is up to your doctor, not me or anyone else online, I encourage you to talk to him/her), there is one thing that is very, very clear here: You are not able to drink in moderation. I wrote on TinyDancer's post this and I'll write the same here: You know that you cannot control yourself with alcohol. This is not a character flaw or a weakness on your part, this is how your brain is wired to react to alcohol. It is not the same as someone who can and does drink in moderation without issue. It's just a huge trigge
  14. Glad to hear your BP is getting better, Sera. Pandemic has been a mixed bag for little ole me. I'm definitely very isolated, as I live alone, am single, etc. I definitely have had my share of stress and my work hours have gone up considerably as other health staff members have fallen sick. It royally sucks. The silver lining is that this pandemic has really distilled down a lot for me in terms of figuring out some things in my life, how I want them to go. I feel as though it has allowed me to "shuck" a lot of nonsense from my life. Being stuck with myself, mostly alone outside of wor
  15. I'm glad you did. Opioid withdrawal is miserable but not deadly, still incredibly hard to kick but it is something that can be done. I echo what others have said re: alcohol cessation being deadly if not done properly under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Yes, it can be deadly if one is physically dependent. Tinydancer, I am not sure if you are or not at this point in time; I am not in a position to assess that. I trust that if you are going to pursue that, you will be in touch with your therapist and your doctor and follow their directions. Okay that being said... Ad
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