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  1. Way to go, ND. I'm glad things seem to be going so well! How's Dakota dealing with it?
  2. Today I had my last radiation treatment. With that, everything that doctors could do has been done and it's up to God from now on. My final blood tests came back excellent and my doctors are very pleased. They said that, basically, what I had was something 'innocent' (that's the word they used), that I've reacted better than they thought I would to all treatments (it helped that I had had no other health issues) and that as long as I get tested often, it seems that I'll be fine. Next come the MRI's..not sure when I'll do them, I'll call my doctor in about 3 weeks. Oh, and on February 28 I'm going back to work...yay
  3. One more vote for your debt not being Adele's business atm.
  4. Correct. It's one thing to say 'this is my single ex' and another thing to say 'this is my now married ex'. Re. Adele, I'm glad you're having a good time, ND. My instinct says it won't last (too much, too soon, still married) but I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Thank you. My friends have been telling me the same thing but, really, I'm not a very strong person (no idea how I come across in writing). What I am (and has helped a lot) is very rational. My first thought when they told me I had cancer was so, what if I die? It's not like I'm 20 and I haven't lived my life...and it's not like I have small kids to leave behind. Plus, in a world where people die from hunger, cold, curable diseases just because they live in poor countries with no medicines, wars, terrorists, etc, etc, etc..who am I to complain? I'll do what doctors say, pray for the best but if things don't work out, oh, well. At least I'm lucky to live in a country with medical care and with family and friends running around to help me. Millions of people have none of those things. I think it's vital to keep things in perspective...whatever happens to you, someone out there has much bigger problems than you.
  6. I had my last chemo session today My doctor said he's very pleased and told me what's next. I'm going to have 3 radiotherapy treatment sessions (starting January 23), full blood tests at the end of January and I'll see him again in about 40 days to tell me when my MRI will be. I'm going back to work in February and I'm very excited about it...I've missed school more than I thought I would
  7. Getting into a relationship with a married woman who's still living with a husband who doesn't want a divorce is like asking for drama.
  8. If they told me after we had already started a relationship, no, I wouldn't stay with them. I would wonder what else they haven't told me.
  9. In the case over here, he didn't have to go out and buy anything...he strangled her...just saying
  10. Are you sure you want to get involved with someone who's still living with her husband? Even if what she said is true (planning to get divorced), you don't know if he's ok with her dating other men. Recently, here, in my country, someone killed his wife because she wanted a divorce and had started seeing someone..they also slept in different rooms. I don't think it's worth the risk.
  11. When was the last time you talked to slush? Oh, and if the new guy isn't Greek, why do you call him that???
  12. Things seem to be going well with Freda. I liked her response...she seems honest and as interested as you in a second date.
  13. HAHAHA...imagine getting a text saying how cold it is and replying with 'sex'
  14. Personally, I love this approach because it would show me the guy has paid attention to what I said about Wed. being my first free night and he's thoughtful enough to plan for it a week before and, also, there's some cheekiness in it that I find cute. Plus, I've talked to so many guys online who couldn't plan a date...I wish someone had asked a week in advance but, honestly, I can't think of anyone...and, as you all know, I've met hundreds of guys! Different strokes for different folks
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