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  1. Hey Miss M. I've logged on after a long hiatus. Sad to see that you've been MIA since last summer. Hope all's well with you.
  2. Annie, hi, I am not on here as much but I wanted to wish you good luck on your job interviews! Your thread took me back to when I was on the job market and how anxious I was the whole entire time. I remember feeling like a failure every time that things didn't pan out. Now that I am on the other end, I see that many of the times, it really is NOT about you, but about what the company/school/hiring entity needs + lots of internal politics. And I hear ya about those "behavioral questions" that seem like questions just for the sake of asking questions. Just because you're on the hiring committee, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are a good interviewer! Anyways, I just wanted to wish you good luck Sending good thoughts your way.
  3. Congrats, Layaan!!! I'm sure you'll be great so put those worries aside
  4. Glad to hear that things are getting back on track with your husband Have a great summer!
  5. OMG, L. This is great news! Congrats to you!
  6. Well, is there a reason that you wanted to have "fish and chips" with her and take a hike with her? Do you want to reconcile with her? Was this a relationship that was fulfilling for you OR is Adele someone just good to date? From what you wrote above, I don't understand why you wanted to talk to her.
  7. Breakups are rough, even if it involves someone like Adele. Hope you are feeling ok about things, ND.
  8. Just saw this. So happy for you! Congratulations, L!!!
  9. Yay! That's great news, Miss M! Bet your students missed you during the past several months
  10. Well, that's kind of sad ... that people can't bring themselves to be nice enough to keep their mean thoughts to themselves for a newlywed couple. If you can't congratulate them, then maybe they should at least not say anything at all. I guess this (people's reaction to her wedding) could mean that Dakota is THAT annoying but still ... it's too bad that people are already anticipating the demise of her marriage and making snide comments about her wedding photos. On a different note, sometimes how long they dated has little to do with the success of the marriage/LTR. My husband and I knew each other only 3 months or so before we decided to get married and of course, perhaps (at year 3) it's too early to tell but we're doing fine so far... Who knows? Maybe Dakota has found a good partner to share her life with.
  11. L, how do you feel about your husband? Other than the dog issue and the renter issue, do you think you and he are a good match? From the post above, it almost sounds as though your life styles and goals and values may be quite different? (Sorry if I misunderstood ...) Anyways, sometimes I feel as though your husband is (consciously? unconsciously?) taking advantage of your visa situation, like he's dangling the proverbial green card before you to make you behave in a way that's amenable to him. When will your visa situation become more stable, do you think? I am all for picking one's battles, but you almost appear too anxious to speak to your husband about things that need be addressed (several times, if necessary, until they are resolved) because you're fearful of what may happen if he tells you to leave. And, to say the least, that's just so wrong Were you able to schedule an appointment with the marriage counselor?
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