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  1. Wow...that’s bad. I’m glad you kept $3000 to get it repaired....I’m sorry that this has not ended as expected. All reno’s are unpleasant, but the payout is that you love the space at the end...to not love it makes the inconvenience and stress not worth it...and that really sucks.
  2. The tile work looks beautiful. You picked nice stuff :) I hope it doesn’t all need to be torn out...*fingers crossed* Your contractor isn’t getting sick of it- this is his job, he does the year round...it’s tough on you because there’s no escape. Hopefully it’s finished up soon.
  3. I’m sorry that everything is happening all at once. I understand the stress of that :) How have the reno’s been going? Did he give you a date of completion? Are you going to post pictures when they’re done? Because I’m super jealous and excited for you. My bathrooms are 1990’s time capsules...and I dream of having a shower that I can shave my legs in lol. I hope your reno’s stay on budget, finish on time, and exceed your expectations.
  4. It’s funny how therapeutic decluttering is. I just did the pantry/kitchen cupboards...and it felt so great. I’d love to go through the storage rooms but Jay wants to save everything “just in case”...it’s a bit ridiculous. I need to wait for him to go on another work trip....and purge the basement in secret. I’m glad you’re doing well :)
  5. My mom is...pretty sick. She's sleep around 22 hours a day now. I keep thinking about you and your brother doing this...it's really hard...I'm thankful dad is there with her most of the time. I know I need to up my game...I'm only there 20 hours a week...so hard trying to take care of my business...my house, my husband and my daughter...I don't know how you did it.
  6. Not judging, but an honest question....why continue to date him when you know you don't want to get attached...when he has red flags...like...why? That's enough reason to walk away. It's hard to not get attached and to not like someone that you spend time with...so if you can see that it will probably end in disaster...why not end it and look for someone without red flags? It's funny...the men that talked the most about loving me...that talked the most about the future...were always the ones that showed me with actions that they loved me the least. Always remember...action expresses priority. Talk is cheap. Look for someone that *shows* you with their actions that they care. You're too lovely to give up on dating. There are so many men that will feel like they hit the jackpot meeting you...you just have to meet one worthy. And yes, that is the tricky part....and for you, a huge piece of that puzzle is learning to cut out men that aren't long term relationship material as soon as you realize they aren't your forever...you're too nice giving these men chance after chance to show you that they can be different, that they can be better. A leopard doesn't change its spots. Find one with good "spots". Keep remembering...you are fabulous. Find someone as fabulous as you are, and you'll be golden xx
  7. Ugh, I would want to cancel Friday too. That guy sounds exhausting...you told him where you are and it's like he's got his fingers in his ears...he's not very respectful. It sounds like he's not the person you knew when you were young.
  8. How did your procedure go? I've been thinking about you but get distracted every time I try to write. Are you back to work soon?
  9. I still love people from 15 years ago. It doesn't mean I'd change my life if they had come back, or that I want to be with them. It just means that I think they're an awesome human being and look back on our time fondly.
  10. They say when you're feeling down to go out and do things. It sounds like you are. Just make sure when you get your bank account built back up, that you start doing more things that aren't working I get why having money in savings is comforting....and I think it's smart. It does give you options...you could travel, you could buy a place...you will be safe if something happens with your job (it's not something I ever thought about until this last year). It's smart to have a contingency fund. I think you'll make the dream of a place on the water a reality. It sounds like a nice future I hope your procedure goes well and that you heal quickly. Do you want to share more or is it too personal? I'll be thinking about you. When do you go in?
  11. There is nothing more unattractive than feeling like you are just a warm body that could be replaced by any other person walking by. I totally get it. I don't like aggressive men either. Not in the beginning anyway. Not when I'm still trying to figure out if I like him or not. It sounds like he doesn't want to get put into the friend zone and he's going to make sure you don't see him as a buddy.
  12. Lol that's pretty funny. I'm glad you had an awesome weekend
  13. Dr Bernstein? I had a friend do that. She lost like 80 pounds and she's kept it off for several years. I don't think I could do that program...it isn't long term discipline, but it sure is in the short term. My friend ate barely anything...I would go on a murderous rampage after 2 days...it would be bad.
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