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  1. Wow. Just WOW. :) :) :) I'm so happy for you Sportster...it's pretty neat how that worked out for you. Life is funny that way :) I wish you all the best, you deserve it :)
  2. Wow...that’s bad. I’m glad you kept $3000 to get it repaired....I’m sorry that this has not ended as expected. All reno’s are unpleasant, but the payout is that you love the space at the end...to not love it makes the inconvenience and stress not worth it...and that really sucks.
  3. The tile work looks beautiful. You picked nice stuff :) I hope it doesn’t all need to be torn out...*fingers crossed* Your contractor isn’t getting sick of it- this is his job, he does the year round...it’s tough on you because there’s no escape. Hopefully it’s finished up soon.
  4. I’m sorry that everything is happening all at once. I understand the stress of that :) How have the reno’s been going? Did he give you a date of completion? Are you going to post pictures when they’re done? Because I’m super jealous and excited for you. My bathrooms are 1990’s time capsules...and I dream of having a shower that I can shave my legs in lol. I hope your reno’s stay on budget, finish on time, and exceed your expectations.
  5. It’s funny how therapeutic decluttering is. I just did the pantry/kitchen cupboards...and it felt so great. I’d love to go through the storage rooms but Jay wants to save everything “just in case”...it’s a bit ridiculous. I need to wait for him to go on another work trip....and purge the basement in secret. I’m glad you’re doing well :)
  6. The dress is lovely, and it sounds like the venue will be as well. This is your first time living with a partner (I think), is there anything you’re surprised about?
  7. Thanks so much for your post. I’ve been meaning to respond...I’m just struggling a bit right now- Jay has been on a job for a month (that was supposed to be only for 2 weeks), and single parenting and keeping up with housework/commissions is kicking my butt. It’s not so much that I’m bothered by him dating...because I totally understand wanting to move on. The part that bothers me is...how quickly he’s jumping in. It’s just sad to watch because I know he’s only doing this because he’s in so much pain. It makes my heart hurt for him. He’s still with this same lady...they’re both s
  8. It's been two months. Things are getting easier....most of the time I can think about her and not be sad. Grief is weird though, and it overtakes you at weird times. Growing up we had a plant room...a room full of beautiful plants...and we weren't allowed to go in there. No one was allowed in there except mom. Over the last few years, she had gotten rid of a lot of plants…it frustrated me because she would just throw them out…perfectly healthy plants…because she no longer wanted them. Anyway, when she died, dad said, “plants are not part of my new life.” So last week Jay and I brought
  9. My mom died on Tuesday. She had the worst night....they couldn’t get her pain under control. Dad called me at 7am because he couldn’t get a hold of my brother. He was supposed to be on “high alert”and ready help if dad called...but he wasn’t answering. Dad wanted me to get a hold of him. I called him several times, I texted. I called his (live in) gf...no answer. I was getting ready to stop by at my brothers house and wake him up (it was now 8:30am) when dad called again asking me to go across town to pick up an intravenous morphine for her...the pharmacy said it would be ready in a
  10. My mom is...pretty sick. She's sleep around 22 hours a day now. I keep thinking about you and your brother doing this...it's really hard...I'm thankful dad is there with her most of the time. I know I need to up my game...I'm only there 20 hours a week...so hard trying to take care of my business...my house, my husband and my daughter...I don't know how you did it.
  11. Best update ever. I'm glad I saw it Good luck to you- I'm sending all the good vibes your way.
  12. It's been so weird here too. Like cold at night (down to 8-12) and then 30 during the day. You want to turn on the heat in the morning, but you know the house will be stifling by afternoon I've started baking in the morning. Warms up the house a little...and then we have food when it's too hot to cook lol
  13. Not judging, but an honest question....why continue to date him when you know you don't want to get attached...when he has red flags...like...why? That's enough reason to walk away. It's hard to not get attached and to not like someone that you spend time with...so if you can see that it will probably end in disaster...why not end it and look for someone without red flags? It's funny...the men that talked the most about loving me...that talked the most about the future...were always the ones that showed me with actions that they loved me the least. Always remember...action expresses p
  14. I've been feeling like...this isn't the place for me anymore. I'm just not connecting...Most of the journals that I followed are inactive...and the ones that I have posted in recently...I just seem to make people mad. I've checked out new threads...new journals...nothing is really catching my interest. My favourite people have moved on...and I think it's my time to do that as well. I just didn't want to disappear without saying something...I know there are so many posters on here where people have wondered where they went. I still wonder about some posters that have left....and some disap
  15. My newsfeed is full of what happened in Charlottesville and every time I read another article I feel my throat tighten and my eyes sting. I am livid that the world has racist as*holes in it...that are grave enough to come out and protest in public. With their tiki torches. Wt f is wrong with people? Why were there so many young people in that? When I think of racists, I think of old people from small towns. Old people that grew up when there was segregation. But I guess it shouldn't be a surprise with all of the police shootings...idk why I am surprised. I guess I don't see racism in m
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