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The Life of Christopher Allen Brackner


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This is a terrible tragedy that should have never occurred.


Mewskitty was a sweet person who was so young and had a whole future ahead of him. I am deeply saddend that he chose to take his own life.


If nothing else, I hope this tragedy will encourage other people who are considering suicide to seek professional help, and for everyone to take the posts in the Suicide forum very seriously and approach them with great care.



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Originally Posted by Jess...

P.S. It says his last activity was yesterday at 7.13am...?


That ll probs just be the moderators shutting down his account. He's definitely dead.


Some of his family have access to his account and have visited this site since his death.

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I am here fighting back the tears. This is so very sad.


My thoughts and prayers are with the family. If you read this I am so sorry. he was such a special soul that had great things in his plan of life. This is so tragic.


I am praying that the angels are walking with you as you deal with your greif.


Please feel free to stick around here, many here will be your support.


Many here loved him too. Granted we were 'online' I like to think we were his friends.


My heart is breaking. I did not know that he was this sad.

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Having personally known quite a few individuals who have struggled with issues, including cases of love gone sour, that have chosen to end their lives, this thread hit beyond the nerve and into the bone. I have not come accross something like this in a few years, but that's not to say that it doesn't happen - chances are we don't usually know of the person or hear about it so it doesn't quite hit home.


I think a good point that has already been mentioned in this thread is the severity of issues posted on here or when discussed in person. Sometimes we don't truly know everything that's going on and tend to dismiss it with a peppy 'you'll get over it' while other times things are taken with a grain of salt because we don't know if they truly are being sincere in their intentions, and being an Internet forum, sometimes it can just be flame or trolling.


I view this site as a place to obtain good, general advice on issues, and if it appears to be something much more severe, then to escalate 'treatment' to the professionals. It's unfortunate how this story has ended, but I thank the moderators for deciding to post this thread - perhaps we can learn from it when dealing with others on threads here or perhaps someone in a similar situation can learn from it and try to address their issues in the most constructive manner.


My condolences to the family & friends.


RIP Chris.

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I don't think anyone here could have saved him.


You might be right - we can only help those that want to be helped. There is only so much anyone can do, especially on an anonymous Internet forum.


Perhaps I'm just trying to grasp onto something which isn't there? Like I could have done something to intervene, but that's highly unlikely.

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This sort of thing truly does make one take into account how fragile life really is and how permanent a 'solution' suicide truly is.


It's always a sad thing to deal with, especially when it happens to such a young person.


If any good comes out of this, it just might be the possibility of it convincing others not to do it.... The outpouring of love on this site is tremendous and these are people that either only knew Christopher from these forums, or not at all.


Can only imagine in comparison what this has done to his family and friends.


I know as a person that's contemplated suicide myself on a few different occasions, once actually attempting 12 years ago at 16... that this sort of thread makes me glad I didn't.


Guys life can be hard... believe me I know. All one would have to do is read my most recent posts before this one, to see just how conflicted and mentally torn apart I am.


That being said maybe there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel and maybe I (and those also suffering from depression) just haven't found it yet?


I know that even in my day to day life there are 'good' days and while I wish they were more common, it's undeniable proof that good days do exist. The key is finding a way to make the good days the norm, rather than the exception... and this goes not only for myself... but for anyone battling things like depression, I only wish Christopher could have kept on fighting and seen this for himself....


I will keep Christopher, his family and his friends in my thoughts. My heart goes out to them in their moment of grieving and I truly hope they can find closure at some point.

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Simply heartbreaking


I only read a few of his posts as I have not been here that long, but I had no idea he was in such pain. Things can happen so fast and we can feel like we've lost the world. It breaks my heart that he didn't feel he had anything left to live for... I hope he is at peace now.

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Ode to MewSkitty:


At such a young age of 18, his restless soul yearned for acceptance

His only fault was to be human, and felt the pain in silent isolation

God's gift of his beautiful soul to us, is what we greatly appreciated

The selfish act of his own betrayal, to quench his pain of living hell

Blessed is the mercy that's all powerful, of the God we all admire

He now finds eternal peace, for God is truly all forgiving

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