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  1. Thank you! I can stay away for a long time, but I always have to come see what all you guys are up to. Listening to this kid sing tonight, Aurora. Have you heard her?
  2. Happy Birthday & congrats on your relationship. I am proud for you.
  3. Hi there, just happened to read your latest comments and see how you were doing. I am so sorry about your mom. I have only read a few comments but will go back to the beginning and read it all. My older son was diagnosed with testicular cancer about the end of March and immediately had his testicle removed. He has been through a full round of chemo that began three weeks ago. Tomorrow he begins round two. I shaved his head this week because his hair began falling out. His chances are pretty good but we will always worry. My dad had prostate cancer years back and had it removed. His PSA count went up enough a couple of years ago that they did local radiation. He has to go back every six months. Right now it's just showing up in the blood tests but it is THERE. I hate cancer, both my sons have now had it. And it is just so hard to believe. You have my deepest sympathy, IAG!
  4. All the perfect people on Facebook, that's what!
  5. I hope you give it two months. It really takes awhile to get into your system.
  6. I have a feeling you will be able to fly someday soon. The meds take quite awhile to really kick in, much longer than you have taken them. Took me a couple of months for full effect. If 50 doesn't work by then, you can ask for more.
  7. I rarely shed a tear since starting Zoloft. Crying is no fun, so good riddance to that! Glad you are better.
  8. I almost blacked out when I started Zoloft, scared me. The doctors should start us off slower than they do. The last time I started taking it, I remembered that bad experience and halved the dose for weeks. I didn't get sick that time. But man, I used to have the most horrible nightmares and night sweats. I did that for a very long time, And those dreams were so vivid. But for some reason I loved it. Crazy, I kind of miss them.
  9. So sorry! I used to take 50 mg. Zoloft but have taken 100 for the past few years. Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing at all! Wish you well and hope you can take that trip.
  10. Congrats, Victoria! I know how much this means to you. Bless your heart, it has been a long road but so worth it.
  11. That is my fear with my older, bipolar, ocd son. The younger one is guaranteed a government assisted group home, which almost scares me more than wondering about the other one being on the street. I hear some very unpleasant stories about assisted living homes. I feel all the things you do, and this is why I am trying so hard to keep myself healthy and outlive both my kids by just one day. :subdued:
  12. I bet he really did want to blow his head off. He probably felt this way even before he was caught. Sounds like he is a pretty decent guy, only went through some middle-age crazies and the Internet became something to make him feel alive again. He has to get a grip on himself. My husband had a work mate that was caught by police and convicted of sex crimes. He was parking where girls could see him and masturbating. My husband was so shocked. When they would travel, the guy would always get up real early in the morning before they had a meeting, probably doing his thing out of state.
  13. I bet your husband will be the same father he's always been, BellaDonna.
  14. I cannot believe what I just read, BellaDonna! You have all my sympathy. Be safe, please.
  15. Hi Victoria, Just got the time to read your journal. I remember when I thought my younger autistic son could someday be ok. Then finally, at some point I realized I had been in denial all those years. So sorry you are having a hard time. You, Fudgie, and I all understand what it is like to lose someone while they still breathe. No way to explain to anyone, just no way. Hopefully your son will qualify for disability support. Mine has been getting a monthly check for seven years now. His disability is classified as one not expected to improve. He has low IQ, autism, and schizophrenia. But the rules here say even so, he will still be reviewed every seven years. People who are likely to improve are done every three years. My son's psychiatrist is really the only one they have to ask, and he will support us all the way. I am still feeling uneasy during the process. The doctor has mailed the records, and I did my papers. Oh, what fun! It wouldn't have been quite as bad if they hadn't made me do that in March and then again in October. Apparently they just threw my first one in the trash. Keep hanging in there, you are doing fine.
  16. Letters From The Earth By Mark Twain (1909) Wow! I loved this.
  17. Hell? Right in my own house. Come inside, and you will see.
  18. My son talks to someone in the attic pretty often. He can be totally lucid and just occasionally throw in something psychotic. It's interesting. He was waking up from a nap yesterday afternoon, and I was hanging clothes from the dryer right by his bedroom door. I heard him saying, "I know you're up there!" He thinks it's mafia. I tell him it's probably just a mouse, but he insists it's mafia. lol
  19. Oh, I am sorry. That will be hard on you mother if she is ill. Is she at home or in a hospital?
  20. That is sad when you begin to lose the people that knew you in childhood. So so sad. I know that crushed your mom. Sorry you lost your grandfather, Victoria. He was a very strong man, I can see that. He looked great right until the end.
  21. Sadly, many who suffer from this condition can't change enough to control their emotions...no matter if they are going to the doctor and doing everything in their power to try.
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