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The Life of Christopher Allen Brackner


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Firstly, I want to send my thoughts to his family and friends. I also want to let everyone know who is hurting here that I feel for them. I hope that you can learn or gather strength from his loss. His loss may help someone else in the future in a way that it affected so many people here.


Im going to say this, and this may not be the right place. I see kids, lost kids, come into the United States Military who are lost, have no family or friends, and before long these kids are formed into United States Marines, United States Army Soldiers, etc... These men and woman find a part of themself that gives them pride in THEMSELF.


I had an assignment at RIP (Ranger Indoctrincation Program) and in this program we push these soldiers to their limits. I have also done some time with raw recruits, just off the bus. My point is, when these men and woman graduate, and at family day, noone is there to see these kids graduate. While I am in my job as a DI, I am the meanest person on EARTH. It is my goal to make this person into a soldier, someone who will survive in combat if need be. The greatest thing that happens is when these men and woman come up to me on family day, salute me, and ask me for 1 minute of free time. I always grant them this time and they usually always mimick the same thing. They thank me for being so hard on them, pushing them, teaching them, and being a role model for them. Many of these soldiers conveyed to me that they felt like I family to them. I always tell them to look around, and everyone they see in uniform is and always will be their family forever.


What I am getting at is I wish I knew what kind of problems this kid was going through. While the Military may not have been the answer to this particular persons life, it seemed to me that it was something he was looking for. He needed self respect and a way to get self worth.


I think that as a forum, in whole, if people have time then anytime someone presents themself to us like he did those who are mentally stable enough should try to help. Granted there are people here who are going through very emotional times and them taking on something of this or that magnitude could be detrimental to both parties.


Again, my thoughts and prayers with the family, Trooop.

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^^^ Perhaps not enough people? and possibly people with some expertise could be required on this site as a thought going forward^^^


I think it works just the way it is on here. A lot of people have expertise, and a lot of people have been in the places that people come on here searching for a way out of, so who better to help them? It is not a paid job, it is voluntary chatting or support, a community. Even if there were experts or therapists employed to work here there is no guarentee they would get to everyone, besides, sometimes you will talk to a friend, even an online friend sooner than youd see a therapist. Sometimes people cannot be saved by other people, Depression is an illness where the mind kills the body, just like other illnesses like cancer the mind is killed by the body.


Ive cried my eyes out over Chris, but he loved this site. It was not our fault and thinking 'we should have seen it coming, if only i had been online the second he posted that suicide note...etc'' is not healthy. There was nothing that we could have done, i wish there was, but there wasn't.

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I knew Cris well and he did not say much about the last mouth of his life, we talked about his work at school and his hopes of becoming an Aminator, he loved cartoons. Chris had broblems and was for a time seeing some one hwere he lived about them, but again he did not talk overly about them with me.


It seems that he hit a bad pach, one that cost him his life, he was deeply loved by thows around him and us here at ENA.


We and I know this is true, we always try and help, trying is waht matters of the 1000's who come here a few a very small number are lost to there illness and dispear, we try but fail, what we should never do is give up giving advise

and helping others to find help here and where they live.


Ill miss Chris and his passing has upset me but I will not stop trying to help others, the Mods, the owners and us all have to keep on doing what we do.


Which is to say.


"I know how you feel, I have been there and this is how I found help."


All of us in our own words.


Walk well freands and light the way.

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I truly hope that if anyone who is in despair and is thinking of ending their own life reads this thread, I hope they do not go through with suicide. There are many people here who care and want to help you be happy and hopeful again. There are many people out there who care for you, friends, family, and us, complete strangers, and we care and don't want anyone to take their own life.

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We love you Chris, we love ya buddy


I just got done reading his threads/posts. Genuinely nice kid, smart, good hearted, loved the toons. Such a wonderful guy.


I'll write you a song and put it on an album for ya good man



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We love you Chris, we love ya buddy


I just got done reading his threads/posts. Genuinely nice kid, smart, good hearted, loved the toons. Such a wonderful guy.


I'll write you a song and put it on an album for ya good man




musicguy I love your avatar, it's gorgeous!


I still keep thinking about Chris...If only he could have seen all these posts...

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I still keep thinking about Chris...If only he could have seen all these posts...



I know that he knows.


Think of it like he's just gone into a different room:



"Death is nothing at all

I have only slipped away

into the next room.

I am I, and you are you.

Whatever we were

to each toher.

that we still are.


Call me by my old

familiar name.

speak to me

in the easy way

which you always used.


Let my name be ever

the household word

that it always was.

Let it be spoken

without a trace

of a shadow on it.

Life is the same

as it ever was:

there is unbroken



Why should I be

out of mind because

I am out of sight?

I am waiting for you,

for an interval

just around the corner.

ALL is well."

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With angels wings

there he sits

smiling down on everyone

with open arms we hold him within our hearts

he's on a cloud, watching his toons

now he can fly and have super powers.

He left a world of love behind

the people who love him so

with sadden eyes we weep for him.

A man with a heart of gold

yet blackened so deep.

so young,

so much love to give.

as the tears roll down my face

he peacefully rests,

but in our hearts I will never forget

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This one really hits home with me. He sent me a private message on the 17th and told me he had been diagnosed with the same thing a family member of mine has. I knew he had it from all of his posts. It is a personal issue and I do not feel it's appropriate at this time to disclose the exact syndrome to protect confidentiality of his family.


I think if we could do anything productive as a result of this, we could research personality differences and educate ourselves on the topic. Hopefully this would help us to accept those with differences we would not understand otherwise.


One thing I want everyone to know is...people with this certain diagnosis are not only extremely intelligent, but they are extremely loving and sensitive.


I am deeply affected by his passing, and in the nature that it happened. I hope we can all pray for his family.

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This is absolutely heartbreaking! I don't know Christopher personally nor have I talked to him but...wow! My heart sank after reading his last post. No one should ever have to feel this way. May he rest in peace and his family find comfort knowing he's in a much better place now

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