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  1. Hi OG, I still believe that one can't talk oneself into and out of love, or fight to keep that emotion. It's either there or it isn't on his part but I won't belabour the point, I do understand why you are very angry. In any event, as I said, you need to concentrate on you, not on him and whatever his emotions are. That is exactly the attitude you should carry forward. Thanks Fudgie, but no, I won't be posting any more. I just felt so sorry for OG, whom I really like, and felt she needed a different perspective than she was getting on here. Insults and vindictiveness towards L are
  2. Hi OG, It is a long time since I have posted on ENA, but, as I said when I sent you a pm sympathizing with you over this, a friend told me what had happened and I came to read your journal myself. I think you need someone to bring a different view. It is totally understandable that you feel angry, but remember that anger is a secondary emotion, driven by one or more primary emotions, usually fear, often hurt, often bewilderment, and I think all three apply in this sort of scenario. Anger may help you in the immediate short term but it won’t any longer than that. Stoking that ange
  3. Well, I suppose if you are staying with him while he is working then doing something to help out is reasonable, but demanding that you cook seems sexist. I would not go the route of 'flying 8 hours to see him' because that is for your benefit as much as his, don't make it seem like you are doing him a favour. But the main point is - is he in this relationship for the right reasons? Don't get distracted by symptoms, look for what is really going on.
  4. He should not have told you that. But his mother's first priority is him and she is concerned about what is best for him. Perhaps she feels he is not as emotionally invested in you as he is telling you.
  5. I too wondered what he has done, but unless he was some sort of pedophile, rapist or murderer, it seems extreme to threaten to cut you out of their lives if you marry him.
  6. Moderator Note: this is a relationship advice website - if you post here you are going to get people's opinions and they are not always going to be ones that you like. One of the reasons we do not allw account/thread deletions is to avoid people deleting opinions they don't like. Thread closed.
  7. After two years he might think it strange to be complaining now and wonder what suddenly brought that on.
  8. Consider yourself yelled at for being unreasonable. Really unreasonable.
  9. The problem is that it wasn't his friend disrespecting you but his friend's fiancee who, for whatever reason, didn't want you at her wedding. IMO it is never wise to try and force or manipulate a partner to choose you or a friend when there is no real need. Why would you want to go to a wedding where you aren't wanted and why would you want to essentially stop a partner from attending a friend's wedding because your feelings are hurt? Controlling or manipulative behaviour by making a partner choose sides unnecessarily is never wise and to blame a partner when they won't be manipulated
  10. Did he contact you to tell you that or was he responding to you contacting him?
  11. Well, no, it isn't. It hasn't been something that has been obvious since your first post. It does seem that you were very impressed when he said " ...i will work as hard as i can to make sure you have a happy life"
  12. If he can wake up to hit snooze he can get up - a medical condition is just an excuse. When he's late - go without him.
  13. Well, sometimes the 'stupid' things we do are fixable.
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