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  1. Your friend is right and yoi are right to choose option #1.
  2. What you do is simple - walk away and don't look back.
  3. If you stay you will end up being arrested. Good chance you will be charged and convicted.
  4. Yes, it absolutely is. You see yourself defined by her actions and that is lack of self-esteem.
  5. Yes, - you should never be with someone you are scared of. You should not have gone back but now this has happened don't go back again no matter what. I suggest you get some counseling to do something about your self-esteem - it that was in a healthy state you would not be in this position right now.
  6. Actually that isn't true, but you are right to say the advice should always be the same - get out.
  7. She would be doing you a favour if she did dump you. You need to gather your courage and make your own life.
  8. Abusive people usually do have a different side which is why people stay with them - they think the good will outweigh or drive out the bad and it never does.
  9. You should not be in a a relationship with this woman. That is very clear; any reasonable person reading your post should advise you to leave her immediately and have nothing to do with her again.
  10. I agree with not leaving. If she wants a break she has to leave.
  11. Men tend not to go back to women who think they are total jerks.
  12. True but you can ask if they have the commitment and the ability to keep the commitment to do the job properly as and when scheduled.
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