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  1. Hi OG, I still believe that one can't talk oneself into and out of love, or fight to keep that emotion. It's either there or it isn't on his part but I won't belabour the point, I do understand why you are very angry. In any event, as I said, you need to concentrate on you, not on him and whatever his emotions are. That is exactly the attitude you should carry forward. Thanks Fudgie, but no, I won't be posting any more. I just felt so sorry for OG, whom I really like, and felt she needed a different perspective than she was getting on here. Insults and vindictiveness towards L are
  2. Hi OG, It is a long time since I have posted on ENA, but, as I said when I sent you a pm sympathizing with you over this, a friend told me what had happened and I came to read your journal myself. I think you need someone to bring a different view. It is totally understandable that you feel angry, but remember that anger is a secondary emotion, driven by one or more primary emotions, usually fear, often hurt, often bewilderment, and I think all three apply in this sort of scenario. Anger may help you in the immediate short term but it won’t any longer than that. Stoking that ange
  3. Spiders are good - they kill and dispose of all sorts of other nasty bugs.
  4. Congratulations - very pleased to hear that. It must be a great relief.
  5. You can contact the administrator by email using the contact icon on the ENA main page:
  6. If you take him out but he never takes you out he is taking financial advantage of you. Never let anyone do that.
  7. I don't agree it's necessarily selfish. Sometimes people still care about the person they left and want to make sure they are OK. Nothing wrong with that - not everything that people do has a base or selfish motive.
  8. Your friend is right and yoi are right to choose option #1.
  9. What you do is simple - walk away and don't look back.
  10. If you stay you will end up being arrested. Good chance you will be charged and convicted.
  11. Yes, it absolutely is. You see yourself defined by her actions and that is lack of self-esteem.
  12. Yes, - you should never be with someone you are scared of. You should not have gone back but now this has happened don't go back again no matter what. I suggest you get some counseling to do something about your self-esteem - it that was in a healthy state you would not be in this position right now.
  13. Actually that isn't true, but you are right to say the advice should always be the same - get out.
  14. She would be doing you a favour if she did dump you. You need to gather your courage and make your own life.
  15. Abusive people usually do have a different side which is why people stay with them - they think the good will outweigh or drive out the bad and it never does.
  16. You should not be in a a relationship with this woman. That is very clear; any reasonable person reading your post should advise you to leave her immediately and have nothing to do with her again.
  17. I agree with not leaving. If she wants a break she has to leave.
  18. People who have cats have to realise that they are put in this world to provide health and maintenance for cats. As the cat's 'human' your job is to feed, shelter, groom and entertain them. When you bring new items into their abode they consider them as gifts or offerings and will naturally claim them as part of their empire. Sometimes, if they don't like the offering they will signal their disapproval and you end up having to clear up the results of that disapproval. Sometimes they will graciously allow you exclusive use of it - this is a sop to the absurd idea that humans have that they ar
  19. I read something the other day that said as you get older the frequency of migraines reduces until you don't get them at all.
  20. Men tend not to go back to women who think they are total jerks.
  21. If you want to hear the pitter-patter of little feet - get a dog. They're cheaper and they have more feet. (I forget the name of the comedian to credit that)
  22. It really ticks me off when you have a problem and the rep keeps saying "it's a problem with your computer". Every time I hear that I say "thanks very much" and call back and get someone else. Eventually you will get someone who fixes the problem and it is almost always the cable company at fault.
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