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  1. Wow, I haven't checked in in ENA forever. I'm sorry!!! Things are fine. Job is going fine - no one has gotten laid off and we even got some bonuses, so that was nice. I feel really lucky right now. I haven't gotten covid but I gained the COVID 19, sigh. I am joining a weight loss research study soon - no drugs or surgery, it seems like a weight-watchers style program and they pay you, so lol, sounds good to me. My friend I wrote about above finally got the unemployment. It turns out, that it was my fault - I put down her address wrong. Like 132 Main Street instead of 123 Main street. Howe
  2. Honestly, he sounds like a jerk and you're better off without him. I am so sorry that he's acting like this. I think that the lockdown has in an interesting way shown what people are all about. Hugs, hang in there.
  3. Haha, I was about to say the same thing. It's like if someone asks what you did this afternoon, you don't tell them you took a massive poo even if that's the truth. Leave sex, bathroom stuff, other overly personal things out of it. It's ok to say we watched some movies and talked about our day and then we looked at cat photos on the internet or whatever.
  4. I feel uneasy about my own employment situation. However, the company assures us that no one is getting laid off at this time. So, that's good, just have to keep saving, just in case. I guess in private industry, they can let you go at any time, for any reason anyway. My company paid for me to take an online course this week, that was interesting. It's to gain a new skill set (new computer program/data analysis) that will be helpful in my job. And having it on my resume, just in case. You really can't stop learning.
  5. My friend asked me again tonight if I can come over on the weekend to help with unemployment forms - I said no, I obviously haven't done it right, she needs to ask someone, best someone who has successfully applied for unemployment to help her. I said I felt bad and guilty that I haven't been able to make it work for her. She said it's the government, not me, but still, I told her it makes me feel bad and that I want her to have someone better at this help her. She complained that everyone else is either too far away or they are inside and are not taking visitors/not going to peoples' houses.
  6. Hi Seraphim - Hang in there. I hope that things are going well with you. I like the new play set you got the kids. My friend's son is turning... I don't know - 3 or 4 next weekend. I told her I'd drop something on her porch for him. I asked her what he is into these days (like Paw Patrol or whatever). She said "cheese." I'm like, "what - your son wants a cheese platter for his bday???" lol. I got him a cheese toy and a cheese book and I'll go to the store and get him some cheeses.
  7. Welcome to ENA. That relationship sounds very scary. I am sorry. I don't think you should continue it. If he's gotten violent like this, it's best to break it off. This is often what happens in abusive relationships - they can be very nice and charming but they can also be vicious. I am not based in australia but I think it would be a good idea to contact a domestic violence hotline and perhaps they can give you tips on how to leave him. Please be very careful. It is good that he is back in his home country, but it is scary that he said that you have no right to break up with him as he has mad
  8. Hi Fudgie - I hope you are well. Yeah, I actually gave her my old laptop when I got a new one so that she could have a computer. But she never uses it. I guess she feels like she knows nothing. She needed to send an email and I was trying to talk her through how to do it on the phone and she couldn't even get past the login screen. :/ But she uses her phone and facebook just fine. Sigh. But at this point, I feel like a professional needs to step in because I'm just messing it up or not doing something in just the way they want. I don't know. I know with everyone applying for UC, they're lo
  9. I'm very good at overextending myself and offering too many things. I finally said NO. I mean, this is stupid. There is a liquor store where you can order online and do curbside pickup, so that's what I did. But I was thinking to do that once a month, not every week. Also, they have a store literally down the block that sells bottles of beer. Granted, it's more expensive than buying a case of beer, but yeah, I'm not doing liquor trips every 3 days. Especially when I don't need any myself. Oh gosh. I'm so annoyed. So I have been helping a friend who lost her job apply for unemployment. She's
  10. How is everyone doing? I'm looking forward to when antibody tests get full clearance by the FDA, I'd love to know if I'm immune. So far my job seems stable, but who knows what will happen in a few months. :/ On the plus side, I'm still getting emails from recruiters on LinkedIn, so some places look like they are hiring. I've been running around doing errands for others - which is fun and rewarding, I want to help my friends without cars or with health conditions, but sometimes annoying. I did a liquor run over the weekend, and then 3 days later, my friend asked if I can get more beer. Like
  11. So.... I'm not sure if you will be less over-worked as a social worker. They seem to have a lot going on too. I would talk to your manager about if it's possible to balance the workload, but I'm not sure you can do that during a pandemic. :( Is there another wing you can be transferred to? Sorry, I don't know a ton about nursing, but I am sure you are being overworked at this time. Is there an additional certification that you can get that would help you get transferred to a less-busy wing?
  12. Ugh, I am really sorry. This is awful. I agree with the others - go to a lawyer and get a custody agreement drawn up. And yes, going to the GP and talking to a therapist will really help. I am sorry you are dealing with this, the cheating sucks. :( hang in there.
  13. I don't get the impression that he was a player either. I think for some people, having sex means that the relationship is getting more serious, whereas for others, having sex is a fun thing to do, but doesn't mean a relationship is in the cards right away. If you got too intense early on (that was I think an intense conversation after 2 dates), he may have decided it was too much drama for him and backed off. Or he was still corresponding with other women and wanted to see "what else is out there." In any case, sorry it didn't work out.
  14. Is it possible that his Instagram and Facebook names are not real? For example, if he told you his name is "Larry David" but that's actually his first and middle name (not last name?). Or he went to your university but dropped out? It's hard to know unless you meet.... In any case, I don't know about dating in a pandemic... you don't know who he is exposed to and what other women he is seeing...
  15. How are you all doing in lockdown?? I'm doing ok. I'm working from home, having meetings and phone calls and emails. That part is pretty normal. We're going to have a work happy hour from home, cameras on soon. (Most of our meetings are currently cameras off). I feel lucky that I have a job I can do more or less from home. Most customers do not want us there, so I'm communicating with them through email or calls. I hope we do not get laid off. They are telling us no one is getting laid off, but I'm still nervous, their tune may change in 3 months. At home, my place is quite clean. I need t
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