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  1. My ex wantede a toy....went to the adult shop, was helped by the staff (that sounds wrong, LOL!) and loves her rabbit. But only for clit stimulation. Not for the penetration. And got BenWah balls too!
  2. Victoria, Very good advice, indeed! I also walk, and find it refreshing. Thanks. KG
  3. I'm the same....sometimes 1/2 hour, sometimes an hour, other times, not. But she has accepted it's me, part of who I am, and is OK with it.
  4. The end of the first year was tough for me...I was reliving all the evnts in my head. But it's natural, you can't ignore the date you S/O passes away, you simply can't. So we chose to honor her with pictures, stories of her...it hurt, but felt good also. Very bittersweet. Is this 3rd time any easier? Yes. Does it still hurt? Yes. Will it always? But that's part of living.
  5. It will get easier, you will get stronger, and you will always have the memories to cherish.
  6. All of us "medium" men love this thread, have printed it out, framed it and have hung it next to the shower!
  7. My 2 c's....the mouth is not designed as the vay-j is. The latter is a smooth sheath, wheras the mouth is a cirlce of tissue. This is why most men prefer the hands and mouth combo, to stimulate the entire shaft. A talented woman knows how to employ both, as well as some rubbing underneath, as well as the visual..."look at me, while I enjoy you." Then it's firecrackers!
  8. I think that's a great idea! What a good friend.
  9. I agree with the above. Some therapists just aren't good at what they do. Between a competent one, and possibly some meds, you may be able to get straigtened out.
  10. PG, Good for you. Life is too short to put up with that B#...
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