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  1. I can't even imagine. Get out now before you lose a good guy out there who will actually treat you with some respect. You don't want to age too much before you want to just give up men altogether!
  2. I was talking to a pediatric surgeon. This topic came up because the topic of hemaphrodites came up. We were talking about different cells, development, etc... He said there have been instances where babies are born mostly male but made female because they have both genitalia. The doctors can make a wrong guess. So that child grows up liking the same sex because they were actually mostly male. This is why I do not believe we should ever judge a "gay" person. I don't think it's our job. That would be far too big of a burden for a mere mortal. That's why God says to just love everyone and leave the judging to him. (He's perfectly capable and we aren't, thank you).
  3. Jstan: I know at schools specially designed for those sorts of kids, they literally put them in restraints if they get violent and do it everytime they get violent. Woah! that's a lot to deal with. I would only suggest that if a kid is seriously violent, but geez...what else does a parent do?
  4. phobos512: What a sweet guy!! Jstan is lucky to have you for support! You guys are obviously doing your best! Good luck guys.
  5. There ARE girls your OWN age you can date who aren't jail bait. I would run the other way FAST before you end up being 18 and caught on DATELINE's "To catch a predator".
  6. Another thing: when my father died, I seemed to progress in my grieving process by dreaming about him. I haven't had a dream for some time, now. But don't forget you are grieving the loss of this person. So you'll go through some of the steps.
  7. I agree with Okie270 about the processing thing. Our brains process things from our lives that have occurred during the day. That's where EMDR (rapid eye movement) therapy originated from. link removed It's great, by the way. I have had it done. It helps A LOT.
  8. Can you go visit your bro/sis. separately from your mother? Is there a way to tell her about your frustrations? If you would want to...could you invite her to your place? Even if she refuses...can you keep inviting so she gets the hint? What about inviting everyone to your place for the holidays? Ouch. All that sounds like it hurts. My dad died when I was 15 and we had to fend for ourselves quite a bit. Hope everything turns out okay!
  9. Yes, it is beautiful!! Tan for a preg. belly! Cute tattoo!!!
  10. You're doing the typical mommy thing. You're worrying before the baby is even born. That's very sweet. I think you're going to be a very very good mommy. All babies need is milk, diapers, and warmth. If you have those things, the baby will be fine. With my first, I nit picked EVERYTHING because it's nerve wracking when you have your first baby. You don't know exactly what to expect. What I learned with my second (when I was much better off financially, emotionally, etc...), is that as long as you're caring and loving AND IT'S OBVIOUS YOU ARE...EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.
  11. It took him 20 years to learn to act this way. Someone taught him it was okay with daily lessons on the subject. It will take him a LONG time to change...with DAILY lessons on a new subject that entails learning an entirely new thought process and way of being as a human in the world. I am seriously concerned because it doesn't seem like you are grasping the reality of your situation. Please know I seem harsh at times...but it's only because I wish someone had told ME YEARS AGO!!! But they didn't. a) You have only been with this guy for 3 months. What exactly makes you think in any way you can even KNOW this guy NONETHELESS LOVE him in that amount of time? Therpists and psychologists suggest 12 - 18 months of getting to know someone before considering a committment. This is from intensive research and investigation of human behavior. This is not someone pulled off the top of their head for convenience. b) I believe you are dilusioned by sex if you think this is in any way healthy, good, or that this guy is a keeper. Trust me, sex clouds logical thinking!!! c) What is it you truly think of youself if you would even consider going back with this guy after he treats you this way? Do you deserve respect 100% of the time? If your answer is "no"...why not? d) All the patterns you have described are extremely unhealthy. These include: The amount of time you waited before the move in; The excuses you are making now to go back after seriously crazy and irrational behavior; The "what if he could have changed" mentality. (He won't any time soon. It's guaranteed). I think you need some therapy. This is NOT an insult or put down. We all need something at different stages of our lives.
  12. I think your intuition is setting in. I agree w/Raykay re the idea of great sex. Sex can really cloud judgement. When I was around your age I was in the exact same situation. I had been with my fiancee for a year. He was two years older than I was. He was my brother's best friend. His sister was my best friend. Our families had known each other for many years. I ended up getting pregnant (he absolutely convinced me this would be alright and he would help me with the baby). I saw hardly a flaw in the guy at all. I thought for sure he would stick by me forever. He ended up sleeping with another girl after stopping contact with me for about two months. He then left with a girl from another state he had been in contact with. They just had their third child. I thought he would never betray me, never suggest anything out of the best for me. I thought he was the absolute best person to marry and that I would never love another. I think he has his issues...yes...but guys that young sometimes just do not realize what they are saying or thinking until it's too late. Then they realize they just weren't ready after convincing their girlfriend otherwise. It happens ALL the time. I know I am not just a single case. When young people talk with their ehem... sex drives in tow they sometimes don't even realize what they are saying. And you, my dear...highlighted sex as the star of the relationship. I see this as very dangerous for you both. I would steer clear of any talk of marriage until you are so sure you want to that nothing else would even make sense.
  13. AwdreeHpburn: I agree 100%. I don't think I could have said it any better. Trust me... a divorce with much less money, no house, no time with your kids, and a headache of a time with a very expensive attorney is no comparison to dealing with your marriage. Marriages go through lots of ups and downs. All that loss IS NOT worth a roll under the covers with some random woman.
  14. I feel for you ! When you're newly pregnant, you can get a very irregular period. (Heavy or very light). Question: If you're past the first day of your next period ...you're breasts should be extrememly tender (like nipples can't be touched tender). You also can get very very tired and begin feeling bloated. These signs can also be similar to a period, so I would get a PT and take it to ease your stressed mind. Good luck with everything!
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