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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, I am still at the pharmacy at the moment. The hairdresser who I will be renting the room off only approached me about it 2 weeks ago, we had a brief chat about it, she told me to think about it and went on holidays a week after she asked me (for 2 weeks) so until she gets back, I cannot really finalise anything. I have been trying to do all the sums, and work out what this is going to cost me before she gets back, so when I go and talk to her again, I will be organised and have a decision for her. She said I can bounce off her clients, and I have no doubt she wi
  2. Thanks for all your replies. I have the financial side basically under control (just have to finalise some things with the lady who I'll be renting the room off). The reason I can't use those brands is because it is a small town, if there is already someone else using that brand, the company won't give it to another business. It's "exclusive" I guess. So I need something different, but I also want something different. No point having something that a person could come to me for a treatment, but buy their aftercare product from someone else too. I was just wondering if anyone has had any po
  3. Hi guys! Wow it has been a while since I've posted a thread here My situation is a little complicated, but I'll try and give you the brief version. In my (small) town, there is a salon that was hair on one side, beauty on the other. Under the same roof, open plan so you can walk through from one side to the other. Two friends went into business together, one owned the hair side, and one owned the beauty side. It was so successful that the beauty part expanded into the shop next door, knocking out the wall so you could still walk though to the hair side. The lady that originally star
  4. Just to add my two cents.... I was one of those girls who would say stuff like that to my ex. He was my first real relationship, and so I was VERY naive. I don't think I ever actually said "I'm nothing without you" specifically, but very similar things, like "I would die without you" and things like that. My ex though, did say many times "I am nothing without you" and "You are everything to me". It being my first experience with love, I guess you could say I believed him. I couldn't believe however, the fact that someone was saying this stuff to me, how could I be 'everything', in some
  5. sunflower - I have never been in this position before, so I can't offer you any advice I'm sorry, but I just had to say something after reading that. I am thinking of you, and I'm so sorry for your loss. The advice you've received so far is great. I hope you're doing ok.
  6. Very inspiring post WS. I'm sorry I'm not able to say much - but that was really lovely to read Thanks for posting.
  7. girl friend, that is really lovely. Thanks for posting.
  8. musicguy I love your avatar, it's gorgeous! I still keep thinking about Chris...If only he could have seen all these posts...
  9. I wasn't saying she should feel guilty. I just meant she probably does. From experience, when someone commits suicide, anybody close to them blames themselves. "I should have seen the signs" or "I could have helped" are commonly said. It's just what happens. I don't think she is to blame for his death, no way, that would be so unfair! But reading those articles, and it said something to effect of "he killed himself after an internet romance soured" sort of looks like others are pointing the finger at her, as if to say "had the relationship not soured, he'd still be here". I by no me
  10. Oh I've been thinking about that all day...how would you feel! I can't even imagine, but I'd think unbearably guilty to start with!
  11. Yes, I know he's definitely dead, but was jsut wondering who would have been loggin in. But melrich cleared that up for me - I only read about this last night, and today I couldn't stop thinking about it. You hear of suicides all the time, and think "oh how awful", but this time, it's like "oh my goodness, I talked to him! I had contact with him!" I can't get it out of my head. Reading his posts, you could see his innocence. He was so...what's the word...idealistic? I remember reading threads about "Jesse" and he was so adamant that things would turn out, that they would get marr
  12. Oh my goodness... I wish I hadn't read that. But I saw something about MewSkitty in someone's sig, and thought "what??" I talked with him a few times - through PM's - a few months ago, when he lost his grandmother... He seemed like such a nice kid, just struggling with losing his grandma (as most do). He abruptly stopped replying one day, back in about march I think it was, and I didn't think anything of it, thought he must have just not needed my help anymore, but man... I wish I had just sent one more, and said "you ok?"... How horrible. My thoughts are with his family. I can't get
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