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  1. A book some idiot wants to burn in a bonfire. He should read it first.
  2. Still reading Herzog, by Saul Bellow. It's such a fine read I returned the library copy and bought it to read a few times. My fave author's masterwork.
  3. Herzog, by Saul Bellow. His books aren't light reads but bring amazing insights about life.
  4. Greg Iles- Dead Sleep. A gripping tale of loss and triumph, discovery, love and credenzas... Not bad.
  5. I've been gobbling up bestseller paperbacks and feel kinda stupid for neglecting my reading list. Kinda like my diet failures lately. I keep promising to do Faulkner and tofu, but I'm weak.
  6. A Pack Of Two by Carol Knapp A description of a single woman's relationship with her dog. Excellent if you love dogs.
  7. Henderson the Rain King by Saul Bellow. Nothing trendy or Hollywoodesque but very substantial.
  8. Last week I read two Saul Bellow novels, Dangling Man and The Victim. Both were so engrossing I read Ravelstein yesterday and will pick up Augie March and Herzog this week. For an old guy, he can really write. Somewhere I read Artie Lange's Too Fat to Fish. A fluffy celeb indulgence by Howard Stern's sidekick. Self-indulgent slob without pretense. Not much on TV lately.
  9. A few breakups are followed by reconciliation, just as a few people win lotteries. Some of them breakup again because the problems haven't changed. Hope keeps you from starting to heal, since aceptance is the first step of the process. Some people take months or years to realize it's time to start recovery and stop living in the past. Let go, buy a lottery ticket and move on.
  10. Because the OP brought up that very idea within the time period this thread was most active, a year ago.
  11. Sexual identity is about one's own identity and not that of your partner. The drive to change gender is rooted in the feeling of being in the wrong body, but not in being with a certain partner. Many m2f transgendered are lesbians, but much happier as women. Some find love from an understanding man. Luckily, those men exist.
  12. Maybe being a Salieri isn't so bad. He was one of the finest musicians, composers and teachers of his era.
  13. When my depression is at its worst, I stutter and can't eat or make rational decisions. Unless you've had clinical depression to the point of being unable to make toast or a phonecall, it'd be hard to understand. It's not self-pity, but an ongoing struggle using skills many never have to use. Many strong and successful people have this burden and struggle in private. I'm a fortunate person in many ways, but only came to terms with my depression after decades of misery. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. When it hits, you could have no logical reason to feel down but still be suicidal. You could be rich, successful and loved, and still suffer. Knowing that others are starving, diseased or living in mud huts just makes me feel more depressed. Depression coexists with empathy.
  14. Strikes a chord in me. Happily ever after requires a delicate and fleeting faith.
  15. Batya's spot-on with the observation that snobs can be found anywhere. Even a homeless beggar can be arrogant.
  16. My last job was restructured by the Malaysian majority shareholders, so I was let go after 10 years of good service. My previous job was 15 years at a defense company that was bought and liquidated to make a quick profit and eventually bacame a part of British Aerospace. I'm sure some people feel sanguine about job exports, but if a fellow in Mumbai can do C++ for $3 an hour or a heart surgeon in Tijuana can offer a better deal, our country has a problem.
  17. I was left confused by an Indian fellow in customer support this morning. Right now I'm sweating healthcare, because I'm 54. I'm in the US, and wonder what happened to my country.
  18. I'm unemployed, so I lack the insight of the gainfully involved workforce. When I'm raking in the bucks and kissing the boss's sweet hindquarters, I feel more in tune with a fair and just job market, but after 6 months of jobhunting and retraining, my "objectivity" is far from it. I've interviewed and hired, fired and all that stuff in the past, and often hope I was fair to people like myself. Now I just want to pay my bills until I fall off my perch.
  19. People change genders for themselves and their self-image. Most female transexuals are lesbians, and many are much happier as women. When someone goes through the change, it's really amazing how it affects them. One fellow I know was miserable, but the day she returned from vaction in a skirt, I was surprised how even the crustiest old guys at work admired her strength. Jay, I'm not insinating anything at all. Simply wondered if you knew any of these people.
  20. We get it, Jay. You are grossed out by the idea. Got it. One question, though. How many have you known personally?
  21. W4, I understand what you mean. Until you meet someone like that with an attractive personality, the concept is hard to understand. I've known a few transgendered women who were such fine people, I couldn't imagine them without a partner.
  22. ER, Some would argue that living a virtuous life in order to enter heaven is also selfish. A classic conundrum.
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