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  1. Seriously - Shay is the best you've dated for a long time by a country mile; it's very easy for people to criticise and pick someone apart for entertainment, but she's the best sounding one on here for years. Don't spoil it by over-analysing! She sounds bang on the money for you.
  2. I think I would just go with the flow too Miss M. I don't know how to explain this well, but when people are long-term dating online, they seem to become very much about interviewer/interviewee. Other people are judged against a long list of criteria and if they don't match up, they are struck off quickly and ruthlessly. That's absolutely fine, but it does take the romance out of it. I think you need to start going on a few dates with the same guy, it might or might not go anywhere, but it gets you out of that endless loop of first dates and more into dating. I'm not phrasing this right,
  3. I'd go - you like him and there's a bit of spark. He's been texting you regularly all week, and to be honest, I think there is a difference between American and European dating. I think if you say no you drag it out for another week and it fizzles out. See how it goes on a third date
  4. Did you suggest meeting up later or at another time? To me, that sentence in a text would sound like a knockback "I appreciate the offer but I'm busy today and I usually make plans in advance" - like you're not interested. Being spontaneous is a nice trait, not something that he needs hints about changing. If you like him, ease up a little bit on all these rules perhaps?
  5. You know what? I was thinking this - I am straight and have never been sexually attracted to women. But if I met someone I felt intense love for who happened to be a woman (the way you describe), I would explore whether I could have a meaningful relationship with them, I hope. Because labels don't matter, but I think this sounds like it could be a very good relationship for you. I would explore it. There is such yearning in your posts and your languagel; maybe you're not gay or bisexual, but maybe you could have a full relationship with this person. I don't know.
  6. Just a thought - if he masturbates and ejaculates on your leg, there is a physical sexuality going on there. Maybe you're not gay or bisexual, but maybe you are with this guy. I have a female friend who is the same, she isn't gay, but she is in a same sex relationship with another woman because she fell in love with that woman. Would it be so hard to consider a physical relationship with this person that you love, and ignore the labelling?
  7. Hey optimisticgirl - DN is right; there are changes going on about immigration here in the UK, it's a real hot political topic; my friends are here from the US and the rules keep changing. Without being political, I think things are likely to get tighter over the next couple of years, so the best thing is to do what you're doing, and keep EVERYTHING, and be able to prove EVERYTHING.
  8. Actually, while the NHS is fantastic, you can count on losing about a third of your salary to taxes and national insurance. But it's worth it in the end. I don't think the healthcare is inferior, Batya, but I live in Scotland and we have quite good care here. But yes, the amount you lose on your wages is shocking. Plus: road tax, VAT @ 20%, tv licence etc etc. Very heavily taxed. But you will like the NHS, it's good service. I am always shocked to hear of people not being able to get the healthcare they need in other countries.
  9. SMP is not that great. You get six weeks at 90% of your wage, then you get about £120 for the next 8 months (I think). Okay if it's not the only income. But better than other countries! One thing is that the conservatives are cutting a lot of benefits (disability, housing benefit etc), and are in the process of dismantling the NHS, although the reforms may not go through. I don't know what the US is like though, so maybe it's a lot better??? Seems that we are having a lot of savage cuts and will continue to do so over the next few years. Whereabouts will you be settling, without being too
  10. Best news ever!!!! Well done Tinu, am smiling for you!!!!
  11. I'm so happy for you Tinu! I almost feel like I want to go to your graduation and cheer you... Best news of today, am smiling as I read your post. Congrats!
  12. Huge huge congratulations - I am so pleased for you, well done, you must feel absolutely terrific just now!!!
  13. Tinu, marriage isn't a solution to life's problems. You know this, and this mindset is terrible for you, holding you back from achieving what you want. I think it's called the Cinderella complex, this idea that you'll be 'rescued' from life's hardships by marriage. But that's something you need to grow out of and realise you are responsible for yourself. You can't hope to be rescued just because life is a bit hard. Penelope is right - how about telling yourself you CANNOT date until 2011, or even look. The only thing you can do right now is to finish up your Phd, keep healthy and focus
  14. I don't know, quiet people in the office can come accross as refusing to contribute. It depends where you work, but I work in a shared office with 8 other people, and it is kind of a team thing, a lot of interaction is informal. You spend 40 hours a week with these people, longer than with friends/family, so it's important I think that there is a good atmosphere. We once had a very very shy person work with us (I think she was shy), but to be honest, she was disliked intensely by a lot of people. Her attituded came accross as very judgemental and disapproving. She would never say hel
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