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  1. Seriously - Shay is the best you've dated for a long time by a country mile; it's very easy for people to criticise and pick someone apart for entertainment, but she's the best sounding one on here for years. Don't spoil it by over-analysing! She sounds bang on the money for you.
  2. I think I would just go with the flow too Miss M. I don't know how to explain this well, but when people are long-term dating online, they seem to become very much about interviewer/interviewee. Other people are judged against a long list of criteria and if they don't match up, they are struck off quickly and ruthlessly. That's absolutely fine, but it does take the romance out of it. I think you need to start going on a few dates with the same guy, it might or might not go anywhere, but it gets you out of that endless loop of first dates and more into dating. I'm not phrasing this right, I know. I met my partner online dating three years ago and I had an absolute blast when I was dating online. The thing that was offputting was meeting guys who had been online dating a long time - they were almost too business like, and almost too about the checklist. I get that they were valuing themselves etc and avoiding timewasting, but dating is meant to be fun and not angst. It wasn't my job to make them better people or not but it was lovely to meet up with guys and have fun and a giggle. Anyway, fingers crossed that you have a lovely time with this guy today
  3. I'd go - you like him and there's a bit of spark. He's been texting you regularly all week, and to be honest, I think there is a difference between American and European dating. I think if you say no you drag it out for another week and it fizzles out. See how it goes on a third date
  4. Did you suggest meeting up later or at another time? To me, that sentence in a text would sound like a knockback "I appreciate the offer but I'm busy today and I usually make plans in advance" - like you're not interested. Being spontaneous is a nice trait, not something that he needs hints about changing. If you like him, ease up a little bit on all these rules perhaps?
  5. Best news ever!!!! Well done Tinu, am smiling for you!!!!
  6. I'm so happy for you Tinu! I almost feel like I want to go to your graduation and cheer you... Best news of today, am smiling as I read your post. Congrats!
  7. Huge huge congratulations - I am so pleased for you, well done, you must feel absolutely terrific just now!!!
  8. Awwwww, thank you! I have endless dreams about flying, and in them I can fly similar to how it is when you swim. I always think for a second when I wake up that if I could just remember the trick to it, I could do it in real life! I love my flying dreams.
  9. If my soul could fly, it would kick off the ground with one pudgy foot rising through the air parting like water, pure happiness like lightning. Soaring, swooping, dancing with kites, twisting and diving, witnessing the ground bound with compassion; they can't know this delight. I hope this is what death brings.
  10. Tinu, marriage isn't a solution to life's problems. You know this, and this mindset is terrible for you, holding you back from achieving what you want. I think it's called the Cinderella complex, this idea that you'll be 'rescued' from life's hardships by marriage. But that's something you need to grow out of and realise you are responsible for yourself. You can't hope to be rescued just because life is a bit hard. Penelope is right - how about telling yourself you CANNOT date until 2011, or even look. The only thing you can do right now is to finish up your Phd, keep healthy and focused on YOU.
  11. Well, maybe it depends what he wanted? I mean, I have to say it would not be what I expected if I were to commission a vampire portrait, I think I would want something more realistic but sinister and so on. It looks a little cartoonish to me, to be honest.
  12. 131 pages, and I guess that you are done with this guy! That seems very conclusive to me, to be honest. He doesn't want you back, and he is not holding out ANY hope. I hope you can find peace. I hope you can move on from this guy. I am exhausted just by reading your roller-coaster journy. Maybe start a new thread in 'healing after break-up'? Make a ceremonial break from 'getting back together'? I am sorry you're hurting, I really hope his reply kind of gives you closure, BG.
  13. Yowser, my head hurts having read this thread!!! I think the OP needs some time out from this situation (and thread) for a few days - I would say take the weekend off completely, have a holiday from it. Then sit down and think about what DN is saying, whether a letter to clarify what you actually WANT, would help the situation. If it would, then write it, send it, and implement NC. If not, continue with NC. I think this is a bit of a vortex, and I honestly think you need a break from this drama to get some perspective and to be a bit less roller-coaster ride.
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