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  1. You are providing the emotional love and attention that she wants from her boyfriend...but you're her FRIEND. Like Gath said, you're in the friendzone...and while it may be possible to break out, in the end you are more likely to loose both of them as your friends. So try to stop seeing her so much. If you have to, tell her the truth, that your feelings for her are a bit confused and you need time to straighten them out. But if you try to pursue her....you'll most likely loose...take it from someone who has been there.
  2. Again....strangely compelling. Keep submitting this stuff to your teachers!
  3. Eerily beautiful.... I'm sure that rope is alot stronger than you think.
  4. I'm a horrid poet...but something made me write this... The creeping fog of loathing swirls up into my soul again and again. Much like the viper of old, whose head can be severed in one stroke, and yet does its scaly and cold body rise and thrash, undying, through the underbrush, as if attempting to flee from the wound which has already stolen its life. So to does the fog rise into my soul, headless and without direction, yet teeming with an unnatural life as if it too is seeking a place where it can once again reside in my body and steal that which I have discovered. Again and again, it does attempt to steer me from the path I have taken into the sun. It seeks to turn my soul to the dark and damp places of old, those areas were decay, hatred and fear can once again consume me and reduce me to the shattered wreck that is so familiar. I am tired.
  5. I don't remember where I got this.... I woke early one morning, The Earth lay cool and still. When suddenly a tiny bird Perched on my window sill. He sang a song so lovely so carefree and gay, That slowly all my troubles Began to slip away. He sang of far off places Of laughter and of fun, It seemed his very trilling, brought up the morning sun. I stirred beneath the covers Crept slowly out of bed, Then gently shut the window And crushed his tiny head. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!
  6. Have you tried masturbating before hand? Maybe get a BJ? Once that initial "burst" is taken care of, most men last MUCH longer later on.
  7. URG! Again, I don't look at the dates.....
  8. Pfft...I'm sure YOUR mom has a "friend" or two hidden away in a shoebox somewhere! You know she did have sex..most likely still does....
  9. Better her mom buy her a "friend" than she go out looking for the real thing!
  10. I actually saw a dildo someone made from silicon caulk and a condom once! Course that wouldn't be safe, the caulk would leak chemicals! Dazed...why don't you talk to your mom? It couldn't be THAT bad...
  11. *Kiss* Day by day sweetness. Thats all you can do. Always keep in mind that you are a wonderful, beautiful person who deserves EVERYTHING that life has to offer! Its all out there for the taking! A real man who won't be mean to you, who knows the value of a hard day's work. One that know how to make his woman feel loved, and would cry for joy at the news of his lady being pregnent! He and the life he offers is out there...just look for them!
  12. You need to study on stimulating a woman's G-Spot. Thats inside her, about two to three inches in, around the pubic bone area. You can't just dive in though, its like a man's penis, there is some arousal needed before it become sensitive...here...link removed This is a GREAT source of info that you both can learn from.
  13. If she is going to stay with him, then yes. But if you think that they will NOT remain an item, then you need to put her on notice that you are interested. So, do you think they will last? Honestly!
  14. Hello FRIEND! Cause I'm afraid thats what you are! You worried about her problems, talked nice and helped her whenever she needed it. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST! If you want to be more than a friend...its time to go into MAN MODE! By that I mean to need to back off from the role of the concerned friend, and start slipping in a few moves, hints and suggestions. Start flirting with her in a more serious manner, ask her out to dinner, just the TWO OF YOU. Or set back, help her through her problems and watch while she gets a new boyfriend.
  15. I think I can be a very jealous person. Most of my life, I was plauged by a large amount of self-loathing. While I'm working my hardest to get rid of it, and succeeding, that feeling of not being desirable is still there.
  16. Like I said...only if you have to. RUN is your first thought! That or steel-toed boot, either one.
  17. You are a freak....I love that in a woman!
  18. 'Kay, thanks for letting us know. We can get quite caught up if people in trouble vanish on us. Hang tough bud!! Maybe I shouldn't say this...I pray that you never need to use it.....*sigh* Ladies, Turn your heads for a moment. If something happens, you can stop a man from hurting you, by wrapping your hand around the base of his scrotom, while the testes are dangling, and pulling hard! You've heard the phrase, "Got 'em by the short and curlys?" Well thats what it means. I don't care how big and strong he is, you can control him as long as you need. You can "walk" him to the phone and call the police. He won't put up too much of a fight. But RUN if you can! Ok ladies, you can look again.
  19. Don't be sorry about a damn thing bud...not a damn thing. I would like to ask you, once the perv moves in, start a journal and give us a daily check-in ok? Don't let us fear the worse ok?
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