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  1. 1. Which parent cheated? My dad cheated early on in their marriage, My mom cheated later in their marriage. 2. What happened to your parents' marriage? It fell apart, my mom left my dad when I was 17. 3. What were your feelings on what was happening? I was hurt, torn and just completely confused about the whole situation. 4. Did you ever know about the affair before it was known to your parent who was not cheating? What did you do? Yes, I knew about nearly all of my moms affairs. She used to take me with her to meet guys. It destroyed me!! I told my father of course about most of them. 5. Did you forgive your cheating parent or not? I never "forgave" them but I didn't hold a grudge over it either. 6. Have/would you ever had an affair? Never!
  2. Anyone realize the original post is over 2 years old?
  3. alot of places Pot is legal. To me, it doesn't matter as long as people handle their business and take care of what they need to take care of who am I to judge? I've done things alot worse than pot so for me to say "oh they're wrong" would be quite hypocritical and it's the same for most other people who dare judge someone because they smoke pot or do any other drug. You choose who you want to be friends with, if you don't want to be friends with someone because they smoke pot then don't.
  4. Most people in this world have the Herpes Simplex Virus or has been exposed to it. Nothing a doctor can do, yes it is highly contagious but guess what.. There isn't anything a doctor can do. The only thing you should do is avoid touching the bumps, kissing, drinking, etc after others. THere is nothing to freak out and rush to the doctor over.
  5. These are mild cases of oral herpes. It doesn't always look like your lip is going to rot off. Very rarely have I ever had a cold sore that goes beyond these little white bumps.
  6. There is no reason to seek medical attention if it's a cold sore/Oral Herpes.
  7. The only symptoms I have when I have a cold sore , is just what you described. A patch of tiny white bumps on my lip. Its very rare that they itch, hurt, whatever and if I leave them alone they usually don't form into blisters. I really think you have oral herpes. Even if this isn't a cold sore this time you probably already have the Herpes Simplex Virus in your body as nearly everyone has it, some just don't have outbreaks so the whole disgusted "Thank god" Comment really may not be necessary.
  8. you don't need to seek medical attention because you have cold sores.
  9. My son used to do this all the time but the great news is.. He outgrew it in no time! I also did as others suggested and kept him occupied with things like finger paints and the like and it seemed to work. I dont have much more advice but i wanted to give you some hope that it doesnt last forever
  10. Please please please use proper grammar. It is fairly exhausting trying to understand your posts when you're typing like "dis" and "dat" it really makes my head hurt! I wouldn't risk it! Use a condom, because as said by other posters, there is still a chance of pregnancy and other infections.. It just isn't worth it.
  11. It's unsafe to be having unprotected sex with her no matter what whether you cum in her or not. Obviously judging by what you said, you have already been sexually active together so if STD's were a concern you have already been exposed unless you have been using condoms (even then there are a few STD/STI's that condoms won't fully protect against) Have you both been tested for STD's? and besides the STD factor, there is so much bacteria lingering in that area that you are running a risk even just having anal sex without a condom in general.
  12. NOTHING WILL REMOVE STRETCH MARKS!! unless you have some sort of laser surgery done you are stuck with them the rest of your life. They will however fade overtime. Whoever believes that "magic" cream exists to remove stretchmarks are fairly naive. Cocoa Butter doesn't help after you have them, it only helps if you use it BEFORE they develop..
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