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  1. That is key. Essentially all you are doing to achieve the "movement" within the photo is leaving the sensor exposed for longer than normal (so instead of fast shutter speed like 1/125th of a second you use maybe 2 second exposure). So you have to be able to adjust speed. You also will have to use a tripod. Most cameras you should be able to set speed but probably not mobile phone cam.
  2. Nice photo floating away. I don't have a macro lens so the first is shot on Canon 50mm. The second on Canon 400mm on tripod (very proud of that one as that is taken from about 20 yards!!)
  3. Yes, maybe not "justify" the behaviour but don't get in the way of it. Either way, if you do not satisfy to a significant extent your partner's emotional and physical needs you will be dumped or cheated on.
  4. LOL.....I am not sure about "bad" sex. I think the thing is about all needs is that if a human's need are not met, they likely will seek out ways to meet them, whether that be physical or emotional or financial etc etc. It is the nature of the beast.
  5. In my view, you are trying to separate things which cannot be separated. In an intimate relationship a strong emotional connection depends on strong physivcal connection and vice versa. If either is weak then the relationship has problems.
  6. Interesting this post is revived after 2 years. I heard a woman (who was some sort of expert in the field) interviewed on the radio a few months ago about divorce. When she was asked the top five reasons people get divorce she said, "Sex, sex, sex, money and money" in that order. I thought it was very clever and it stuck with me.
  7. That's extremely good and obviously very personal but I think it's so good that you should submit it for expert feedback, have you ever been to the "Poets Sanctuary" maybe have a look and see if you would be comfortable submitting it.
  8. Well you had one of the longest running "break ups" on record here so I guess this is a great example of how things can all turn around no matter how dire we think things are.
  9. Congratulations. To someone new I am guessing?
  10. Yeah I think incompatability is a big one but reality is, those relationships should probably never even start, they are not going to work no matter how you try and address the issue, if you are incompatable you are incompatable. I do think though that more people should be brave enough to accept incompatability earlier in their relationships and do the right thing.
  11. Yeah, that is what I was trying to opinpoint in my list, "causes" not symptoms. I like 1,2,3 and 4 but think maybe 5 is more a symptom of the others. I quite like can'texplain's note because I think imbalance is another cause.
  12. Yeah that is the difficulty isn't it. What is a symptom and what is the cause. I think often we are asked to address symptoms and people don't really examine the underlying cause.
  13. Yeah I get what you are saying. That could come under a heading "Imbalance".
  14. Yep, I am a very strong advocate of those thoughts (i've not seen this before). Having had a few relationships in my time this rings very true to me.
  15. sorry I missed this SB. It is really good. Unfortunately poetry doesn't have a very high profile on eNot. If you are interested there is a very good poetry forum called the "The Poet's Sanctuary" you'd have to google the address as I have lost my link but you will get a lot more critiques there if you are interested.
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