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  1. I would go for the "tell me about her" option. Asking for a pic from a friend may sound a bit weird, like you somehow don't trust your friend. You are under no obligation to like the person she introduces you to so go in with no expectations and see what happens.
  2. Yes I think you should end it and swallow the pain. You have to love yourself enough to know you deserve betterrt than this and the current arrangments are just holding you back from moving on with your life.
  3. Mandy12, I just realised to have tagged on to this old thread. You would be better to post your issue as it's own topic. You will get more relevant replies.
  4. Sometimes that is not enough. You are wasting an important part of your life here. You won't get it back. Move on and find someone to love that is more on your page in terms of values and life goals.
  5. No I wouldn't. I am sexually active and I don't have any beliefs that would persuade me to reverse that and anyone who had those beliefs would not be compatible with me.
  6. LOL...about the same here:sad: I think it's all about context. Walking around the city, supermarkets, malls, going to cinemas etc etc....no top is out of place. At home, on beach, near beach etc it is OK.
  7. It's more that that. It's "I think you are so stupid I think I can make this fly with you"......it's probably even more disrespectful than going to the dating sites in the first place.
  8. LOL...I think it will...it's not that old!
  9. There is a fine line between being the fun brake and being the door mat. To me, the thing I would be angry about is more that he sleeps all day Saturday. I think the consensus of opinion would be that 5am once a week is excessive but you are the one who has to live with it or otherwise.
  10. It's not really the point I am trying to make and to an extent I agree with DN, the specifics of time are not that meaningful. My point is, the OP's b/f has told her this is a non-negotiable. He's been quite upfront about it. So she needs to make her decision about this relationship based on this is how it is going to continue. So weigh up what is good....balance it against what is bad (and put some perspective around it....plenty of people will do long periods of time away from their loved ones)...and see if it is a dealbreaker for her. If there are drugs involved or other matters that
  11. Musicians and chefs come immediately to mind. My wife was married to a musician before me. He'd do gigs till midnight then be out with the band till 6 am 4 nights a week. They are just so high after a performace they can't sleep anyway. I have friends who are chefs, similar, they need to burn off the adrenaline before going home to bed and there is nothing a chef likes more than a few beers and a chat with other chefs late into the night, they have their own venues. I am sure there are many others. My sister was married (briefly) to a guy who worked in corporate finance. It was very usua
  12. I agree but sometimes it is instructive to ask what is right, not what is wrong. So the relationship is a year old...still reasonably early days, they are 26 and 30 so moving toward real commitment territory in the next year or two, they are happy together but for this one thing. So what are the good things here and do they outweigh this one thing you are not happy with. Beacuse at the end of the day, that is how you need to assess whether this is something you are willing to compromise on or not. Because in terms of what can go wrong in a relationship, or what you hate about a
  13. Yes HSE, the guts of what I was trying to say.
  14. No the point that is being missed here is that he has made it very clear to the OP that that is who he is and he is not going to change. The OP has lived with it for two years. Is it immature...maybe. Is it wrong...that is just a value judgement, most would probably not put up with it. The point is, he has been upfront with her, he will be unhappy if he has to change his habits. Yes it may feel good for the OP to hear that a whole bunch of other people think it is not great behaviour but it matters little because she must make any decision on the relationship based on the reality of it. Not
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