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  1. PTSD and depression are awful right now. Baby decided to gum down on my nipples multiple times yesterday. I'm now in spare room fiance is attempting to bottle feed her, from what I gather she's refused 2 feeds :( I feel awful, but I just cannot cope tonight.
  2. The fear mongering is insane. I know I'm apprehensive about having the vaccine, purely due to breastfeeding, however it's for the good of everyone. My brother drives me insane with his drivel. Here acting like we're worse off than America, saying it's media bs to control us... lmao.. anyways...
  3. We need to buy a new tree, ours died over the summer cause I'm useless at watering. But it's L's first Christmas so we shall decorate a little, possibly next week as fiance has a week off yay!
  4. According to my brother the vaccine is made from dead babies *eyeroll* and claiming it's all a political stunt. Ugh conspiracy theorists at their finest...
  5. Yes I don't want a world where children are dying from preventable diseases. It's incredibly frustrating people still believe they cause asd etc. My mum just doesn't like the chemicals in them, she's a very old school hippie, didn't have me vaccinated, although mitch of that was due to me being very poorly as a child. I had meningitis as an infant and still suffer the ramifications of that today (ears).
  6. UK is looking at easing restrictions for Christmas.. I welcome it in some ways, but I know it'll lead to yet another spike. I start back at work next month too. Dreading that, high risk essential job, and wearing a mask all day will kill my ears(I can't wear things behind my ears it irritates the hell out of me and gets painful).. but it'll be nice to see and talk to someone other than my fiance and daughter. I'm apprehensive about the vaccine, although promising, I guess that's my mum's anti vaxx shining through. I I'll be eligible for it due to the work I do, however as I'm breastfeeding I'm not sure. I guess I'll have to wait and see..
  7. Aww pippy! I am so close to where you are, but this pandemic means I can't offer much by way of support. Thinking of you and I hope the surgery goes well xx
  8. I have got separate savings ans my own money going into my account. Can never be too careful, even with how strong we are overall. Thank you :)
  9. I'm having a hard time with nightmares. All baseless but awful and it's impacting my parenting and relationship. Massive change potentially coming up in the new year (buying our first home!) Means I'll have to look for a jew job, which with covid isn't going to be easy, there ate plenty of people who can work better hours than I can. We can survive on just fiance wages, but i don't want to be reliant on him. We will see how it all goes. Squish is going through something arm, wanting to sleep lots, not ready for solids, emotionally anyway physically has hit all the signs of readiness.. she's got even bigger, she's slimming out a little and gaining length, frustrating as it's her body, too long for 9-12 month clothes, bit her arms and legs barely surpass half way 🤣 I'm so proud of her, she's doing so well each day it's life she learns something new. I live watching her grow and teaching her new skills.
  10. She sleeps in her own cot attached to bed righty next to ne, easier for night feedings. She actually does ok getting off to sleep and there's no current need for sleep training depending how long this phase goes on. I mostly try to rationalise my nightmares, harder when I'm in sleep paralysis though. We did slightly better last night and she seemed slightly more settled although she had to have daddy cuddles to sleep after feed so I could get to sleep and she wasn't ready to settle in cot. She wasn't as unsettled through the night.
  11. Hmm, things aren't great atm, had been doing better for a while, but now I'm having nightmares of something bad happening to baby, so I'm having to disturb her to check she's breathing and ok.. she's going through a stage of nightmares and either needs to hold my hand, have my hand resting on her chest, or (her preference) sleep in my chest.. I'm exhausted as I was pretty much awake from 330am cause every time I stopped touching her shed wake up :(
  12. It's especially hard as she passed away the same day baby was born. But she's free from pain she wasn't far off 100 so she had a great long life..
  13. Hey pippy, we're ok! Fiance has some annual leave so I'm off my phone a bit more. We managed to avoid catching covid thank goodness.. hope you're well xx
  14. We say goodbye to my grandma today. I couldn't attend the funeral due to covid, so we're seeing her to rest. Really not quite ready for this :(
  15. Was just shy of 5000 cases today! Half these restrictions aren't new, like table service only, have been required to wear masks in work and shops for a while, and outside workers who can work from home should etc.
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