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  1. This thread is just so so sad. Nice poetry though.
  2. Well plagiarism is what it is when you post something as if it were your own. If it was not your poem you should have said so. Sharing a poem with us that your read and really enjoyed is commendable but not claiming you wrote it. You did change that later, after you were busted. I am not trying to be harsh but it is troubling to me that some people don't realize this is wrong to do.
  3. Im glad things are going better for you! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thats awesome that he slept through the night! I bet you woke up and ran to make sure he was breathing! Did ya? Thats what I did the first time LiL MIss here slept through the night. I woke up and raced to look at her, even though she was right next to me anyway, and then I starred at her until I was sure she was alive =-)
  4. (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))) Your amazing. Here I gave up on my daughter when it was rough on the fourth day. I was crying though and in loads of pain and all I could think about was letting her down. I probably should have tried harder. *sigh*
  5. Wow BTR I am sorry you are going through this! I just found this thread... sheesh me missing it... so much on this forum I bet no one can see it all. Anyways, you are in my thoughts! Your little one did get to nurse for a little while, thats better than not trying at all. Congratulate yourself for all your effort and please dont beat yourself up over it like I beat myself up... I nursed my oldest, but my 2 year old I couldnt even though I tried... He wouldnt latch on and I was so very depressed. For weeks... Now new baby girl she nursed for four days. Then I was in intense pain. So painful that I would cry everytime she nursed. Finally, I gave her a bottle and you know what? Shes okay. My two year old is not sickly (i was worried) and he is okay too! image removed
  6. I have had three C-sections. I was awake the whole time but couldnt feel any pain. The pain afterwords wasnt that bad either because they gave me major pain pills. One great thing about it though, my 'bits' have not been stretched. They look like I've never had a child and I have three.
  7. yes, in short, I believe that your past can effect your present. However, if you know this and can identify when those bad thoughts come down you can better deal with them. Try to think if what your worried about is because of his actions, or is it your reactions? Remember we can not control another person or what they do but we can control how we react to it and feel. Good luck with the counseling.
  8. You are doing the same thing that I did during the last months of my pregnancy. Your hitting the 'nesting phase' and you are starting to worry about everything. It will all work out just fine. Your worry is normal! My daughter just turned 12 weeks on this past wednesday and guess what, she still cant roll over! YOu have time! Most days she spends in her bassinette, her bouncy seat, her swing, or in my arms. Before they walk they have to crawl and before that they have to roll over.. It will all work out, youll see... just think in about six months, your babe will be this age and still not even rolling over (most likely)
  9. Yeah, stop telling her things. How old are you? Not that age would change the advice much but I am wondering. My mom used to tell her sisters everything. So if I told her something I knew she would be on the phone telling them.
  10. Your water will not always break though. Mine didnt. In fact my doctor had to break my water at the hospital in an attempt to speed things along. But in my case I wasnt 'progressing' or dialating much even though I was in what they call 'hard labor'
  11. I would think that it starts when there are regular contractions noticed. For me, when I say I labored for '14 and a half hours before I had a CSection' that is counting when the contractions were about 10 minutes apart. I did not go to the hospital though until 9 pm, even though I noticed them about 2 pm that day. The baby was born at 4:12 am. By the time I went to the hospital the contractions were closer to 5 minutes apart. My doctor, this latest pregnancy.... me being concerned because I could feel 'pre labor' contractions or 'braxton hicks' contractions, told me that unless the contractions were regular and 5-10 minutes apart I was not in labor. But, that If i were in labor with regular contractions to head to the hospital. I hope this helps =-)
  12. Alot of men are attracted to pregnant women. I think that its about procreation of the species. We are all animals anyway even if we like to think we are smarter. Its really not a strange fetish at all.
  13. So ask her out on a date! What are you waiting for?
  14. Shes just really pissed right now. You can not control what she does but you can control how you react to it. Stop arguing with her, stop debating it with her... just STOP. Have no more contact with her, ignore her... its better for your sanity.
  15. It sounds like there may be some other developemental problems going on here. Has his doctors evaulated him for other possible things? Should be careful not to blame too much on the neglect he has suffered, could short change him on other care he may need. If say it was autism or some other thing. Now, I really do not know symptoms of all the world of things that can create challenges for children... so talking to his doctor may help. I commend you for opening your home to children who need it. You are a wonderful mother and person for doing this. Thank you! Those children are our future... all of ours.
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