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  1. SUCH AN AWESOME RESOURCE!!! Man, thank you so much!!!
  2. Wow, that's really interesting. At what point did you begin to notice you were mistaken? That your process was flawed somehow? Like how long after starting?
  3. You just sold it to me, BTR. Man, I'm so lucky to have you!!! You really have no idea how much you have helped me!!!! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING. I have to go back to work six weeks after my delivery (if I have a natural childbirth). I just hope I can pump (or begin pumping) quite soon after the delivery so I can get in the groove of things and not get wiped out before returning to work. I really, really want to breastfeed!!!
  4. CoNgRaTs MEJANE!!! YAYAY, not far now!!!
  5. OK, I need to read back a little, how do you make sure your mild ducts are empty?
  6. BTR, why the Avent Isis Duo over the Double Breast Medela? I appreciate any feedback you have on this. I will be using the Dr. Brown's bottles, which, well, I've heard you either love or hate.
  7. My ex's birthday, Scout. Born on the cusp of being a Virgo and a Libra. Very cool-minded personality if you lend any credibility to astrology.
  8. BTR, what are some good pumps that you would recommend? I'm glad you are able to continue.
  9. The Medela - did you think about buying one? $45/month is a lot, but what if you can't breastfeed? That's why I'm not buying a pump yet. Doesn't sound bad though.
  10. BTR, HUGS - that's all I have to say. You know way more about this now than I ever did. YOWSERS!!! Keep pushing for more information. Some people say medicine is an art, but really it should be more objective than it seems to have been for you!!!
  11. It's prolly just so you can avoid vomitting under anesthesia. It's annoying that they are not telling you anything. Is there a nurse's line you might call? So glad you will be over this soon!!!
  12. How did the surgical procedure go? You feeling better?
  13. You look beautiful. Don't doubt that for a second! And yes, you do have a very fit upper body!!! You're almost there. Don't look down now. I am the same way. My bootie is quite big now and my b-friend asked me jokingly (all right, he was cracking all the way up) if the roll of paper towels in the bathroom were for my toosh. I could have gotten funny about it, but you know what, I thought it was hilarious. Anyway, it's possible to get thin again and that's the plan for me. I'm sure you will also. We have the weather working on our sides. I mean, by the time the baby is here, it will be warm and wonderful outside and we can go for strolls.
  14. Me, too. It was lightly positive on the day my period was due.
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