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  1. CoNgRaTs MEJANE!!! YAYAY, not far now!!!
  2. My ex's birthday, Scout. Born on the cusp of being a Virgo and a Libra. Very cool-minded personality if you lend any credibility to astrology.
  3. How does it slide??? Just by circulatory flow (lymph and blood)?
  4. I got it once and it definitely works. I used it around my crow's feet, not in the center of my forehead, because I tend not to do the center line crease thing. But I definitely have lines on my eyes and well, my whole family does. It's possible that it can be charming on men, maybe not so much on women, who knows? Nonetheless, I found it took some time to begin working, like four or five days and that it only lasted for me for about three months. I would agree that the information I received was that the need for frequent visits would become less necessary over time if you continued treatments? I also refrained from getting it in between my forehead because of what the doc told me about the SLIGHT possiblity of the agent sinking into the eyelid area and paralyzing the upper and/or lower eyelids forever. BUT she did inform that that was a rare event. Do you remember how many mg you got injected in each area. I want to say I got 10 mg or 15 mg. I think for a longer lasting effect, the higher dose may be more efficacious but I was very nervous. I never had any of the flu-like symptoms or headaches.
  5. Well, congratulations, Ash!!! Great news!!! She's close to her second trimester!
  6. Great news!!! Keep coming on board and posting - it's amazing what you can glean from this site...
  7. Yay, I'm so glad you got clarity on this situation. NOW, you can relax and draw your own boundaries where you deem them reasonable. I think you are in great shape to research that with all that's going on. I'm glad you have that behind you!!! YAYAYAYAYA!
  8. I agree with everything. COngrats on the name change!! I am glad you are going with your own feelings on this! You're right - everything you have before you is no more than you can handle. You are a strong, strong person and I admire your courage!!! You are heroic in many ways, BTR! I know these hormones can trip you up (they are hell to deal with), but keep in mind, it will pass and you will be your normal self again soon, only more enriched and wiser for the wear. I am very, very proud!!!
  9. I have not read the entire thread - but would like to say that if you do not stand up to your boyfriend over this, he WILL continue. I have been in this situatin before and it escalated to the point where my ex- pulled a gun on my dog. I became hysterical and that forced me into rethinking the relationship. He eventually began to be a very good daddy to the dogs, but I never fully recovered from the event and my love for this man eventually became so sparse that I left the relationship. I also think that had I not made a big deal of his disciplinary modes, my ex- would have continued being a bad "dad" and now, he is very good at it I gather. I feel that a man who abuses a dog, has unfathomable aggressive tendencies and should not be trusted until he acknowledges his aggressions as bad behavior. Riley deserves better.
  10. BTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO So happy for you!!! I agree with Hope. Time to let the authorities take over. Be consistent and focus all your attention on this little Benjamin!!! Love the name!!!
  11. OK OK OK read your spiel on condoms.. not lecturing but you either use the condoms or be comfortable with the idea of having a pregnant girlfriend. Maybe that's secretly what you both want? To be pregnant?
  12. Ummmm, condoms? What's wrong with them?
  13. I was negative for 2-3 days after the first day of my missed period. Then, on night 3, I was barely positive. Next day, totally positive.
  14. I hate the fact that you put your guard down and feel safe with someone and they bail. It's just scarry. Is he one of those guys that you might have coined a "playboy" before you met? I mean, if he's in his 30's, he really needs to get a grip. Lots of guys in their mid-30's think women will find them hot who are in their early-20's and they go play the field and well (no offense to age-gappers or anything), but sometimes, they get what they deserve. My boyfriend actually played the field for a few days during our breakup and I got to see some of his online rejections where girls (God only knows how young) wrote him and said, "gee, sorry, but I think the age gap is just too great." HA!!! No wonder he came back tail between his legs.
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