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  1. Tragic story, brings tears to my eyes & heart....But such a beautiful soul....
  2. I think he's also depressed. I also think he does need to be introduced to the real world....He's 23. he doesn't do anything for himself, he lives there for free & has a maid (your mom) why would he ever leave?? he can do what he wants & still have a great life, free food, free home, freedom to do nothing all day long, free mail service. Nothing is expected of him, so he will achieve nothing. he gets away with almost murder (that drunk car accident) he needs help before he kills someone. this is serious. I think your parents need to follow through with the threat, if he didn't get
  3. I think you misunderstood me. It has nothing to do with competition amongst the species or finding someone 'better' (because better, is a matter of opinion, what some love, others hate) I simply meant - accept people the way they are. If she began dating him as a musician, than accept that, don't ask him to be something else. and tell him to grow up. that's wrong. If she wants something else in her man that find a man that is that...dont' change someone. And as far as me being like this quote. "FOR WOMEN, THE MAN IS THE MEANS, THE END IS ALWAYS THE CHILD" - NIETZSCHE I'm not. I've
  4. have you two done counselling together?? I think she could use some and you could both benefit from it. She sounds unhappy, It seems like she is expecting you to make her happy, and now she's realizing you can't. And she's blaming you for it, rather than realizing happiness comes from within (it's not carried by a person).. physical apperance shouldn't matter that much. I think it was something she could put the blame on, since you fixed the last thing she requested. It's easier for her to blame you rather than looking inwards to see how she lost herself & to help find her self again.
  5. Personally, for him to stay with this girl...would be a stupid move. This is Warning sign. She doesn't respect, understand or support his passion & dream. HUGE warning sing to me. If she can so easily say this after 3 month, so early in the relationship, she will say far more later in it. crushing his dream & cutting him down...wow! if she doesn't like him the way he is, why is she with him? He's got to find a women that will encourge & support his dream & passion...or at the least, understand it.
  6. I agree. I wouldn't worry too much, unless thier are other weird signs. If it really bothers you & you find it disgusting. Maybe you could buy him HIS OWN tooth brush, just like hers.
  7. I fully agree. There is nothing you can do at this point. And he's your ex. You don't owe him an explaination. but next time, just maybe use better judgement as to who's around when doing something like that hope you had fun though.
  8. Great observation. When is it that you generally feel the lack of control???? When do you feel bad? And what makes you feel bad?? That you feel you have no control over??? Awesome!!! writing and art were my greatest release....even if it didn't sound good or look 'good', it just felt awesome to get it out say what I want to say...And to see the colors and feel it all, amazing feeling at times espcially with music that you connect to. And really you control it all. And if it means something to you..it's Beautiful. and just recently I got a boxing bag...that one really helps too
  9. Me being bisexual..but also not 'practicing it' because my finacee is not comfortable with it. I would say following her to the bathroom and asking if she swings both ways, really seems out of line. WHY WOULD THAT MATTER?. They are both there with thier boyfriends, they only met that weekend... That question is rather personal & only seems relevent if she's going to make a move. And I believe that drinking does make her horny. As it does many people & also makes you lose your inhibitions. Of course she is in touch with her bisexual nature, because it's part of her, but it's a
  10. Try talking, try counselling, find out what has triggered this. If this came out of the blue only 2 months ago...Maybe throwing a marriage away may not be the answer yet...at least not until you've tried to repair the damage. Find out what has happen that has changed your man so much, that has changed the man you once loved & dedicated your life to. Search for the answer & try to save it before giving up yet.
  11. I dont' know about her at all but if it took so long to get over her, than No I don't think it's a good idea...But it depends what was the reason for the break up? Why do you want to see her again? I'm guess because it's comfortable & she knows you & you her. So you don't have to start from scratch with someone else. Basically it's easy & safe Do you have feelings for her again?
  12. Wow, honestly he sounds like a jerk....I'm sorry for what you've been going through. I see this started about 2 months ago...has there been indications of this behavior prior to this? how long have you been married? how long have you known him?
  13. You're welcome. I really hope it turns out well That is great advice he gave. And a wise choice you've made hugs ***&***smiles
  14. if a man wants a 3some could he still love you? my opinion yes & no. Yes if you were bi sexual & you wanted it too, than sure. NO if you have never done this before & have insecurieties (which are fully justified) & he's asking you to put aside your own feelings to fullfill his fantasy. That's not love. When you began this relationship you had doubts, you didn't trust him & had trouble beliving him...personally I don't think you should. I believe that was your intuition & you should be listening to it...before it leads to pain & regret.
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