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  1. Oh my god, this wasn't just some little outpatient thing, this was a major accident. First of all, thank god you're okay and didn't have to have major surgery. Second o f all, this guy is a class-a douche. Thicker skin? What the hell. I would have told him to grow a pair, be a man and be there for someone he cares about in the future and to get the hell out of your life. I'm so sorry you went through such a trauma with so little support from someone who is supposed to care about you.
  2. The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl... I love the show, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, so I figured I'd check out the book. It's funny.
  3. Read "Midnight Voices" yesterday by John Saul (seriously, I can't take more than a day to read a book. It makes me crazy).... it was creepy...blehh. Kept me intrigued though.
  4. When I've had one night stands in the past (whoa, it's been awhile!), I've avoided kissing because for some reason it's a lot more intimate than the sex itself. It's odd, but just the way I work... some people are into the random kissing, others not so much.
  5. I just read "Her Fearful Symmetry"... I started it around 1pm today and just finished it at 10:30pm. 400 some pages, couldn't put it down. Very intriguing.
  6. For your first painting, it's good. It does, however, look amateur (which is okay! Because it is!). Keep practicing and you'll get lots better. I would stick with acrylics for right now if I were you. Oils can be tricky (not to mention expensive). I would master one media before moving on to the next. I'd start on canvas board, then work your way to canvas.. but that's just me, I found it easier. Canvas reeeeally soaks up the paint and changes the way colors blend (which is good, once you're more experienced). Sorry, you said be honest! It's not bad though. As for etsy, tons of my friends use it. It's reputable and safe.
  7. It's phenomenal. An absolutely fantastic accomplishment! You should be extremely proud of yourself. The ripples in the water are just magnificent.
  8. I had the same exact problem. When I used to paint or draw, everything had to be centered and perfect... same with the photos I used to take. Everything just lined up so neatly. Eventually, I started learning from my boyfriend who is a photographer and I'll admit--things look MUCH better off-centered. It was difficult at first because I wanted to apply those 1st-grade-art techniques (you know, the straight horizon line and the road that's like a triangle).
  9. With the way you paint, you should be able to get a full scholarship. I've taken quite a few university art courses and you're more talented than half of them... and they're mostly in their 20s!
  10. Oh my god, that's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your patience and perseverance has really paid off!
  11. If I were you I would be using low sugar/carb jam, either in jam form or peanut butter. Regular jam/jelly can be packed full of nasties. read nutrition labels
  12. It's coming along so beautifully! Don't rush yourself. If you don't finish it in 2 weeks, you don't finish it. Better to take your time and have it turn out the way you want, right?
  13. Wow, that painting is beautiful and you most definitely deserved to win! Congratulations on the prize, what an honor for you!
  14. I have about 9384574 unfinished paintings lying around I finally started and finished one a few weeks ago and it felt SO good. I definitely recommend you do something lighter, possibly more abstract, maybe a painting for your bedroom? Do it on a nice stretched canvas so it doesn't need a frame. 80 hours isn't very long. My first major project was a 4x4 rainbow labyrinth and it took me approx 200 hours. I think I did about 3 small projects in between because that thing made me lose my mind.
  15. Well, as you know, you can't rush art. Tell the people who are making fun of you to just buzz off. Everyone works at their own pace. I think the painting is turning out beautifully! I looked at the painting before I saw your age, you paint like a professional! It's great. Don't rush it. You obviously have a special talent you should take advantage of. If you're feeling overwhelmed (I do this with a lot of my paintings), start a new one... one that isn't as large or detailed. Once you finish that, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and probably feel more motivated to get back to the elephant one.
  16. I agree with HF, very nice flow to it. Comfy, nice to see you
  17. Thanks I wish I had a 2br apartment. I would love to have a studio to do it all in. Lately, I've either been painting on the floor or in bed. Ugh.
  18. Thanks! The more I look at it, the more I like it. I was very unhappy with it at first, but the black grid makes it look like a window so I think that adds something
  19. I've never had any formal training. I've just been doing it since I could fingerpaint. I Looooooove that site! That would be a wonderful way to make a bit of extra money. I never thought about it... the only problem is coming up with enough ideas! I've thought about handmaking journals though..
  20. For painting, I prefer acrylics. I find them easier to control and they're water soluble so it's easier cleanup. I prefer either stretched canvas or canvas board. The canvas is good for really absorbing the color, but the board can also be nice. I usually only buy: black, white, blue, red, and yellow paint then mix to get my shades. I think it's more fun and unique that way.
  21. Oh, I did! It was the second one. The little thingies are supposed to be bamboo haha.
  22. Thank you ren & fluid I didn't want to post the bamboo because I thought it sucked, but bf told me to
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