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  1. I have 2 suggestions 1) take up new hobbies that can involve u with other people, but dont abandon ure old 1s. A team sport is always a good way to make friends. Only you can really pick a new hobby that will make u meet new people or more compatible with people at the least. 2) maybe try to slightly alter ure current hobbies so they allow u to interact with other people e.g if u play tennis find a partner to play doubles with. Or if u like cars join a car enthusist club. if you do both or either one of these things im sure u wont have long until u get along with people, at the very least u will be hanging out with people who have the same interests as u
  2. Lately i have just gotten over my fear of rejection with speaking to girls. My next thing is i have a huge fear of getting rejected when leaning in to kiss a girl, for some reason i think that she is going to pull away and its going to be weird. So my question is whats a good line/action to slot in the conversation to suss out if shes keen or just being nice and talking to me?
  3. In my opinion u both owe each other an apology, the fact that u didnt handle the situation well and the fact u didnt want them to be up there. They too need to apologise for going through your personal stuff.
  4. Oh my god, i feel the exact same it feels as if everytime u get close 2 finding someone something happeneds and it stuffs up.
  5. Hi A week ago i started TAFE (its kinda like university/college) it is about 50 minutes from where i live and its the only place that offered the course i wanted. Anyway i have just spent the last 8 years in an all boys school so having girls around still in class is something new to me. Im having trouble approaching girls and just starting up a convo and seeing how things go from there. I mean most of the girls on campus are gorgeous and it intimidates me. Im not normally scared to approach girls but for some reason when im there i am. In class we are learning so i dont bother then but when were at our break i just flip out. The thing that adds to this is 9/10 people there know each other because they are local so i get even more intimidated. What do you think i should do?
  6. i know a pool lifeguard qualification is international, if ure in finance but a bank teller may work
  7. I guess there is no one location you can go and find a girl. The key is go out as much as u can and youll find one. The more u go out the more your chances are of finding a girl. If u find someone u like ure probably gonna have to make the move though. So remember go out as much as u can
  8. Hey I was just wondering if you find a potential person to go out with, but u cant see yourself (or u dont) getting along with their friends/family, or vice versa. Is this enough reason to find someone else before the relationship gets serious and there is a conflict of interest? Ive been guilty of this before and i just wanted to know what everyone thought.
  9. Umm getting involved in some sports can help, coffee places, shops, church. just a few off the top of my head
  10. This reminds me of the song "Flavour of the week by american hi-fi". Anyway even if she is passive you shouldnt try convince her to break up with him, im speaking from experience itl do more harm then good. All you can do is tell her that hes bad for her and why. But apart from that ure hands are tied. It sux i noe but dere isnt much else u can do
  11. you are 15 so its not a huge issue yet so i wouldnt worry too much. My advice is just go on dates and have small relationships with girls, it sounds like its what you want and is perfectly healthy. The whole point of the teenage dating game is to give u skills for when you find our life partner so each relationship is meant to teach you something. So if you find a girl who like you and vice versa, just go out on a couple dates and see how it goes from there
  12. There is a relatively simple solution to your problem... go out more to places where there is alot of people. The more you go out the more chances you have of meeting a girl that meets ure criteria. Finishing school shouldnt have to much to do with it because all it means is you find another "main" place to meet girls. Another point that may help is maybe lower ure standards a little but to something that is a bit easier to find e.g. If a girl isnt funny you may think she isnt right for you, try look past that and see wat u do like about the girl. If the positive outweighs the negative then maybe go on a date and see how things go, thats the beauty of dates there like trial runs for a relationship.
  13. personally i dont think u should try convince her, it will probably just push you and her further apart. What i do recomend is just being upfront with her and telling her everything you just wrote. Maybe that may help her see the light and try get her friends back
  14. i like to start with a "hi my name is XXXX, what are use up to today at XXXX"
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