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  1. I am a real estate expert, but I'm not familiar with your local market. thereforeeee, I cannot give any advice on that. I will say this however: An investment councelor sells stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, and many various types of non-real estate investments. Naturally an investment councelor will tell you that real estate is NOT a good investment because they can't sell that and can't make a commission on that. They want you to buy something they can make a commission on. So their advice is always biased against real estate. That even happens in my local area where real estate is an
  2. This thread on credit is full of good financial advice, if I say so myself. Yes, it's my thread. Might be useful for you. Have a look please.
  3. However, it sounds, based on your last post, that maybe your parents are starting to accept him, or willing to consider it. You mentioned all of you having dinner. That has the potential to make excellent progress towards their accepting him. If that works out, then great. If not, wait until you are 18.
  4. They can legally physically stop her because the legal age of consent here is 18. If she drives to his house against parents will, they can report her as a runaway and him for contributing to delinquency of a minor, and both of them could be locked up in jail, and he'd have a criminal record. If they really wanted to be nasty, they could accuse him of having sex with her and get him arrested for being a child molestor. This his life would be ruined. If he survived prison, which is doubtful, he'd have a criminal record as a child molestor and never be able to get a decent job. Back when I
  5. When you are 17, you have to ask your parents permission and they have the legal right to say no. That's reality. When you are 18, you can just tell your parents he's your BF. Then it's your choice and the law is on your side then and your parents will know that, or should know that. I think it's really counter productive asking them permission, arguing with them, or trying to go behind their back when you are 17. Just be smart, act like an adult about this and chill out until you are 18. That way you can skip a lot of conflict that is bad for you, your parents, and your BF. After yo
  6. I suggest you just play it cool and don't force this situation on your parents since you are 17 because they legally have all the power and you and your BF have none. You are at their mercy and they could potentially get him into a lot of trouble, even if he never touched you. They could just say he did regardless of reality. Play it cool until you're 18 and don't push your parents. It's only a few weeks anyway. After you are 18, then you will legally be the master of your own life. So wait until then before you assert yourself. No point rocking the boat when you are 17. Wow. I never
  7. Good grief. He's not even that old. When you are 18, none of this should matter at all. However, if it still matters to your parents, they'll get used to it eventually. Your situation sounds the polar opposite of when I was 24. I dated a 17 year old and her parents loved me. I was friends with her parents before, during, and after the time we dated. I knew her parents before I knew her and they introduced us. It's to bad you don't have that sort of nice situation.
  8. Well, I'm treating Valentines Day as a friend day for my lady friends since I have many of those, but no romantic relationship. Also treating it like Mother's Day for my mom. I'm getting each a card. Something cute and childish like a Snoopy or Peanuts card. Nothing romantic or serious. Also, a bit of chocolate for each. For the one friend I did ask out, who's not available, I understand and accept she's not available, which is why I'm not getting her earings like I had originally intended. However, I do want to do something extra for her beyond what I do for my other friends. Somethi
  9. Hi Bethany. German Sheperds were bred to protect sheep, humans (their owners), and to be a general all purpose working dog. That means they were bred for intelligence and athletic ability, as well as a reasonable, yet brave temperment. They were NOT bred for killing or to be vicious like a Pit Bull or Rottweiler. It's not the same thing. German Sheperds have the instinct to protect when necessary, not to kill and attack (and continue to attack) whether a threat exists or not. German Sheperds were bred to have judgement about when to use force to protect livestock or their owner. Killer breeds
  10. Just to make myself very plain on this point. I agree with Scout. Kindness cannot be taught, at least not to an adult. Cruel adults are not reformable. Better to be single than with this man. Your feet were made for walkin, and walkin's what they should be doing. Do still get your dog obediance training, but later. Right now, just get out.
  11. Let me add that many people who own pit bulls and Rottweilers are notorious for certain behaviors. 1) Intentionally abusing dog to make dog mean 2) Encouraging their dog to attack smaller or weaker dogs called bait dogs to teach their killer to kill. Your dog is in danger, from his dog as well as him. 3) Those type dog owners are notorious for being violent to other people. This guy has so many red flags that he's like a quilt made of red flags. Your dog does need obediance school, but that is a separate issue from the abuse. Your BF is a dangerous scumbag with violent tendencie
  12. Perhaps your dog peed because he was frightened? I see several red flags here. 1) A man who'd abuse a little dog is capable of anything, including abusing you, or kids. I would not associate with someone like that. As Scout suggested, leave him. 2) The breed of dog tells a lot about the dog owner. Men who own dogs bred for fighting are giving a plain clue to their personality. He likes dogs with violent capabilities and tendencies. That's psychological projection. i.e. - he has violent capabilities and tendencies himself. He likes violence, and that's why he is attracted to owning a
  13. Great poem. I like it. It's emotionally intense enough that it's hard to read at points. Moving.
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