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  1. no, i can't say that i've ever done anything like that...i'm into guys and that's it.
  2. wow, that's really good! definitely impressive.
  3. omg, dump this jerk!!! if a man ever ever EVERRR touches a woman in a violent way, that is a red flag to get OUT of that relationship. you see, once your man saw that you would help him after he hit you, he knows that he is in complete control of the relationship. he knows that he can treat you like crap and beat you up and you'll still be putting him first. you deserve better. so dump the loser and go get yourself a man that treats you like a princess! good luck babe! xoxo ~anna elizabeth
  4. it's not like i have unprotected sex all the time, it was just one drunken mistake. it's just really hard to tell my mom because she's all like "i'm so glad you're gonna wait til ur married to have sex. chastity is such a rare thing these days" cuz about a year ago i told her that i THOUGHT i was gonna wait...big mistake, cuz she still reminds me of it every single day. anyways, i live in LA and you cant buy the pill here over the counter unless you're 18. plus, i havent been in town the past few days because my parents (very randomly) insisted on going out of town to look at colleges, so i never had the chance to get someone to buy me the pill. how soon do you think i can take a pregnancy test?
  5. it was two nights ago, which means i still can get the pill, but i called planned parenthood and they dont have a facility in my area whatsoever. so i called a local pregnancy chrisis center and they told me that i need to get a prescription for one. but i'm not 18 yet so i cant get one without my mom knowing and she doesnt know that i sleep with him so now i'm pretty much screwed...
  6. ok, so i know i'm officially a MORON, but my bf and i were really smashed the other night and we ended up having sex without a condom on. he pulled out and everything, but what are the chances that i'm pregnant from precum? i looked at my calendar the next day and it turns out i was ovulationg (...woo hoo...) and i'm so nervous i can't take it!! i know it's possible for me to be pregnant, but what do you think the chances are that i really am? i'm a senior in high school, i cant have a baby right now!!! please help me... p.s. i know that we were really really stupid for doign it without a condom. i've already given myself sooooo much crap for it, so please spare me the lectures. and no i'm not on the pill (but prob will get on it after an incident like this lol)
  7. ok thank you guys so much!! it really has helped! my parents agreed to have dinner with him, so i'll keep you posted
  8. I'm 17 (I'll be 18 in three weeks) and my boyfriend is 24. I've always been a really good kid, i've always obeyed my parents, and all that other stuff. but three and a half months ago, i met kyle through a good friend and we really hit it off. we've been together ever since. he's now my boyfriend and my parents HATE him because he's so old. but i finally put my foot down and basically said "look, im gonna do what i wanna do, and you cant stop me." and they're SO pissed about that. now my mom wont let me drive to his house or anything and stuff and i just don't know wut to do!! i feel like im old enough to make my own mistakes and i just wish they would let me learn for myself!! please help...
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