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  1. I think it simply depends on the two people. For some, sex does not make the relationship. For others like myself, if there is no sex then there is no relationship.
  2. I somehow managed one time to give myself one of these. was in the shower masturbating, and I got no idea how I managed to but I gave myself one, and immediately collapsed to the floor it was so powerful. It took me 5 minutes to get up and I could just barely walk.
  3. Yeah, it is the most amazing feeling. My x was my first love. She was not my first girlfriend, but she was my first love. Before her, being alone was easy for me because I had never felt love before. Now that I have experienced it, I can not stand to be without it. I do not miss her, but I miss love. I guess this feeling is probably gonna take a bit to get over.
  4. thnx for all the advice guys. it feels good just to be heard. i have lots of friends and other stuff i do in my life, but its still just so hard to ignore that empty void. you guys made me feel a lot better though, thnx.
  5. Yeah, Jessica (my x) was beautiful and intelligent (not very very smart, more like intelligent in a way that appealed to me). She is the only girl I have ever met that has attracted me with both these qualities. i am a very physically fit guy and want someone who cares about there own health, and smoking I just can't stand at all. But god waiting for someone who matches the qualities I want is tearing me up inside now. I am off every friday-sunday from work and I feel so lonely on these days that I just can't stand it.
  6. Hi. I have been single for 3 months now. For the first 2 months I was ok, but now I am feeling terribly lonely and depressed. I do not miss my x, I have been over her for the last 2 months, but I miss having someone, I miss being in love, and I miss being loved. I feel I need to meet someone to get out of this depression, and over the last month I have been dating a lot. But every girl I meet does not even come remotely close to meeting my standards. I do not have high standards, but it just seems noone ever meets them. I get the feeling that there simply is no girl out there that I will be both mentally and physically attracted to, I just can't help but feel this way. I would give anything to meet a girl that does not smoke and is in relatively decent health (meaning not too over weight, but not necessarily perfect). Tell me, are these standards too much? Am I too picky for wanting someone that does not smoke? God I am so lonely. I just need to be heard.
  7. This is kind of relating to miracle29's post. It seems that a lot of girls do not like having sex for long amounts of time. I know it is probably because it is painful, but are there any out there that enjoy the occasional hour or more of actual intercourse? I used to be a so called "miinute man" with my x, but I worked hard, practiced masturbation techniques to teach my wiener to last longer, and am now capable of going long amounts of time (not always, but usually), and my x absolutely loved it. I now find that just 20 minutes of actual intercourse simply does not satisfy me. So come on ladies, are there any of you that actually like an hour (on average) of intercourse? Oh, and please do not lecture me on how the intimate connection is more important, I agree it is, I still want my answer
  8. CarnelianButterfly, I gotta say, I find a lot of your logic to be flawed. You say that overdoing it at a gym is a waist of time because it does nothing for the greater good of the worl. By that same logic, would you say that spending 2 hours watching a movie is a waist of time? I mean, renting a movie and watching it in no way helps the economy around you, so do you not watch movies? Spending hours upon hours in a gym is not a waist of time if the person doing it enjoys it. I myself am 5"10, 190ibs, and I am looking to put on another 15ibs of muscle over the next year, that is my goal. I enjoy doing this, it gives me self confidence and makes me feel good, thereforeee it is not a waist of time. As for whether someone is attracted to my physique.. well, I do not work out to impress anyone, I do it because I enjoy it.
  9. Ok, this is turning out to be something that is really bothering me. When me and my gf (well, x gf now, but that is another story and is unrelated) have sex, everything building up to my first orgasm is amazing, I feel energized, I feel adrenaline, I feel like I have the stamina of 10 men plus 2. Me and my girlfriend (I am just gonna speak as if me and her are still together because it is easier to type out my question this way) both feel this. Both of our hearts are pounding hard, both of us are lusting and moaning for each other like wild animals. We usually keep this going for about 45 minutes until I have my first orgasm. Then it all just stops. I mean, I do keep my erection up with some concentration, but the aggressiveness I had just goes away, my heart just stops beating hard, and my wild animal lusting just.... stops. I mean, I keep going and make sure she gets off of course, I am not selfish, but I wanna be able to have my first orgasm, and still have that aggression in me. I find myself out of it, and tempted to roll over and go to sleep after getting off, I do not loose my erection, I just find myself not as sexually driven after it. I wanna change this, I wanna go for 2-3 hours and have a lot more then 1 orgasm. To this day I can sometimes make it an hour and a half, but I have never had more then one orgasm during sex. You can imagine, I need some advice here.
  10. wow, good responses. i feel my girl may be an oddity then cuz she likes my facial hair to be full and bushy, i mean the whole package, hairy neck, chin, no trimming at all. i have never met a girl that likes it like that. i shaved one time when we first started dating, she told me to NEVER shave it again lol. personally i do not like it, i just keep it for her. she says it gives me a macho kinda look that she likes. weird huh? as long as she likes it.
  11. Just looking for some opinions here. my ex gf hated any facial hair on me, it grossed her out. my current gf LOVES it, i mean she LOVES it a lot, i got the full deal, side burns, mushtasche, the whole nine yards and she loves it, just looking for opinions, what do you think of facial hair? turn off or turn on?
  12. ok, without reading all the responses, first, how many pictures of him have you seen? the thing about pictures is that they can be very misleading. i once met a girl online who i thought looked very pretty in her pictures and was not attracted to her at all in person. maybe the opposite will be true here, maybe in person you may be attracted to him, maybe those were just bad pictures? i really think you need to meet him, and SOON so that you know whether this will be an issue for you or not. and personally i do think physical attraction is very important in a relationship, just my opinion.
  13. haha, yes i do love her to death. if i told her that something bothered me she would knock it off, but i actually like her calling me a lot.
  14. This is kind of a funny post, but I am looking for stories similar to this one that are funny. OK, my gf will call me in the middle of the night a lot, we have a very close relationship so she can call me any time day or night. I would ask her why she calls and she would just say "no reason, just wanted to talk." and I am like yeah right Jessica, I know you better then that, lol. anyways, I love her to death so I do not care what time it is when she calls if she wants to talk. so this went on for like 2 months, until I finally dug it out of her. she came out and told me honostly why she calls me out of nowhere in the middle of the night, she says its because I sound sexy when I am tired, that my voice is long and deep like elvis when I am tired, and she thinks it sounds sexy as hell. naturally i start laughing and then i am like "dam you Jessica, you been making me loose sleep every night just for that!!" lol. Anyways, anyone else have some funny quirks or annoying things your bf or gf does? Please share them.
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