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  1. Um no I've never had sex with a girl. I mean I've kissed another straight girl infront of guys but yeah my first sexual expereince was with a guy.
  2. I envy people who can write poems or songs lol. It's good, you should keep writing poems.
  3. I can write like speeches but anything involving creativity is like umm no lol.
  4. Wow, great poem. I wish I could write poems but I'm just no good at it but clearly you are so keep it up. I think it's awesome.
  5. I really don't like it. I think it's just disgusting. I mean I'll do it but I don't enjoy it.
  6. I think its your personal choice and it should stay that way. Though I'm not a chrisitan I imagine if something was important jesus would have put it in there somewhere.
  7. Just because he's interested our curious about gay porn doesn't mean that he's for sure gay. It's possible but not an automatic fact. He could be bisexual. I wouldn't base my opinion solely on the gay websites. So what if he is gay? If he is I hope you guys respond well and don't make him feel like it's something he needs to hide.
  8. lol that's exactly what I was thinking...it just sounds gross when you say it like that.
  9. It would depend on weather or not it was someone I just started dating or if it was like my boyfriend.
  10. I really don't like doing it. I avoid it at all costs.
  11. I grew up in Australia but I've been living in the US since I was 13.
  12. I can't, I never understand poetry.
  13. I keep looking at my pinky and thinking how the hell can it be that small lol... but yeah I totally agree with what the other 2 people above me said.
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