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  1. Love this. Thanks so much for sharing.
  2. This is my personal opinion - it is wrong on varying levels. In essense, it makes a mockery of the sacred intimate bond shared between man and wife. I would not tolerate this type of behavior with my future hubby (nor would I want to be involved with someone who would repeatedly engage in these types of activities). However, other couples are much more relaxed and 'adventurous' in the sensuality department. Phone sex would not be wrong if both partners had a mutual agreement to view it as relatively harmless, as something extra to add spice and enjoyment into their sex life together. How would hubby react if you were engaging in phone sex, I wonder?
  3. Anna, I'm not asking you to justify yourself to me or anyone else. No one is judging you, hon. I'm merely asking to gain an insight into what this man personally means to you. You've endured so much torment from his callous actions and I'm trying to understand why - what your motivation has been for continuing to pursue this man.
  4. Anna, why are you still torturing yourself with this guy?
  5. Currently mauling some ideas over in my head. If anyone is a financial advisor, or knows someone who is, I would love to speak to them. Thanks! =^..^=
  6. Obscurity, don't go into the unknown though. Just take some time to arm yourself with information and research. Don't be intimidated. You'll be financially saavy in no time. You'll soon be saying, "financial advisors, pfft. who needs 'em? I have complete control over my finances." Good luck!! Start with that retirement article and then browse through the rest of the site if you have time. Ramit is a recent Stanford grad who offers excellent - free- advice on investing. He's an ace guy. I also have a financial management website, you can link removed if you'd like. Now go kick some butt, girl!
  7. * cringe * Oh, my eyes, my eyes !!!! Thank goodness you're still young. Here is a little food for thought for you, link removed - NOW -. Do not waste another second on this board until you've read through it ! It's a simple enough read. (you may have to research the equivalent in Canada, as I'm unfamiliar). I'd also suggest going to your local library and picking up a copy of link removed. Never invest in anything you don't undestand. You don't need a financial advisor, my dear. Welcome to the wonderful world of financial management and awareness. May your $10,000 prosper and, with wise decisions, flourish into millions. Because if you start now, it will.
  8. 1. How old are you? 2. Do you have a retirement account? If so, are you funding the maximum allowed? Oh, and don't invest in anything until you understand it yourself. A.k.a., you don't need a financial advisor. Unless you enjoy throwing your money away on exorbitant and needless fees.
  9. I'm a full-time student with a part-time job. This year, I'm trying to aggressively tackle my 10k car loan debt at 7%. I keep a small safety cushion of savings in an online savings account of 5.30%. I've just started a new job last week. For the first time ever, I have an opportunity to contribute to a 403(b) at my workplace. My employer will not match contributions. One of my friends is a licensed financial advisor and tells me I might be better off opening a Roth IRA instead of contributing to my 403(b). She says there are now opportunities to open a Roth with as low as $25. Without 403(b) employer matches, any advice on the wisest choice given my current situation and limited income stream?
  10. I enjoy retaining my anonymity on ENotalone. I talk about some personal stuff here, and I enjoy not censoring what I'm putting out there (or having it come back to bite me in the butt later). Some people have little regard to their privacy. I came accross a profile of an attorney I know recently, and it was a bit shocking how he was presenting himself on his personal page. I believe it caused a few ripples at his job.
  11. Currently a student. I also work part-time as a proctor in terms of college student placement testing. I'm also pursuing my own venues and passions through journalism and writing. I'm trying to not lock myself into someone else's 'occupation', but rather, finding the courage to live my own dream.
  12. Hi Icemotoboy, thank you. I appreciate hearing your perspective. These issues have plagued us from the start. I've told my guy how I've felt numerous times because I don't feel I'm necessarily receiving the emotional support I need with this relationship. But each time, it causes him to pursue me viciously. Then my heart gets all tangled up in him again. Eventually things settle back to ... this. It's a cycle. I understand people need space. I'm actually quite a loner as well. But if I don't feel emotionally connected with the person I love, the space further deteriorates the relationship. There is no strong foundation there to withstand the pressure. I don't know what to do, sigh. He's a very rare breed. But while I value and love his differences, some of them are wearing on my self-esteem. This is never good, especially in a relationship with a supposed 'best friend' and a 'lover'. All of these are indicators to me that it might be time to pack my emotional bags and not look back.
  13. Very noble and interesting. Have you considered setting aside time where you and her could watch a few hours of television together a week? I rarely watch television myself. Most of the programs are complete crap. I spend the bulk of my time reading nowadays.
  14. We'll talk for maybe about 10 or 15 minutes. He's very quiet on the phone and doesn't say much. So if I won't carry the bulk of the conversation, there ends up being a lot of dead air. He will call faithfully. But it's kind of the same when we see each other. He's generally very silent and sometimes seems really zoned out. We don't see each other a lot in general, so it's sometimes disquieting and disturbing. Out of a week, we'll maybe spend two evenings together, if that. He's a musician and sometimes I get the feeling he'd rather be in his studio than out with me. He's 31 and will get extremely defensive if I try to bring up the future or where the relationship is heading. I'm beginning to realize I'm sitting at a big dead end. None of these feel like particularly good signs.
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