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  1. at end i wanted a different perspective and mindset. the co worker is someone im tight with and supportive. also seems smart
  2. whats your advice on 42 year old who has a gf for 9 years but his mom loves getting into his relationship affairs. mom wants a daughter in law who can cook clean like typical tradional chinese housewife and also hold a full time job. pretty much if comes into the family shes going give off a lot of value to us. she'll come visit me on my b day but mom would nick pick and say yea she bought the cake but when mom cuts the slice the g picks the biggest slice. mom sees that as greedy girl. mom doesnt like fact she comes to our house and doesnt help out in the kitchen and cook and clean while she watches. mom wants her to take the role the house wife since mom is getting old. but how about she came 30 min to my house and bought the cake and gave me a gift. most girls i met in my life didnt even give me a text of happy b day mind you that take only 30 secs. my co worker said most girls dont like guys who still lving at home and want get married and still live with their mom/ dad. got get your own place on your own terms and conditons . your at the mercy of nobody. lol if she was greedy she wouldnt be dating a guy that works retail and takes public transit yea.
  3. yes i agree hard work is vital in all aspects of life. i do believe i do work hard. the thing in life is you cant just out all blame on on part and label is as answer. that having a one track mind
  4. oh for sure hard work is big one for sure but its not the only faucet in your arsenal. you got have soical power , mental, physcial and spritual power. one cant be a one trick pony
  5. sure they have a lot good common sense stuff but a lot of what they say doesnt work. its like a one trick pony. all you got do is work hard. yes working hard works but its not just that but lot of fauets that come into equation( social intelligence, persuation skills, mental power, physical power, ...etc
  6. oh trust me i shake and do the nod and i just agree. she like to bring it up during diferent periods of the day. trust its like she cant be quiet and always have to talk lol very annoying
  7. How do you deal with extremely argumentative family relatives. im 40 btw got a family member who spilling lecturing me on their so called motivational talk about to work harder, and go up in company and i should go make more money and more money. when i told her that it isnt always aboout working hard but knowing the right people, social intetelligence, charisma, mental power, having the drive and being on your grind helps a lot too . Its a combo of a lot of things. She argues and thinks its all about working hard and thats it. MInd your she aint successful at all. Told her im listening social influencer on youtube who have social proof and recceipts to prove it. She argues that it wont work for you since everyone is different. blah blah i then tell her story aboout micheal jordan bulls how he wouldnt be able to do it all along. he had a lot help She then says i dont care about other people. seems like she likes arguing and when she runs out of gas then says i dont care. This is just an example but there are multiple cases and stories i can tell you. She just loves to argue and be self righteous attitude. When you give back you comments she shuts it down and says ok conversation is over. She a big instigator for arguments . any suggesions? is this a form of gas lighting
  8. yea i noticed he makes a lot of excuses-like he got a girls number at our workshop but didnt even text or message her lol-why hes 42 and has no career and said finding his passion but his younger bro is working in IT aready and married he tells us he has lot rich friends who pay for his dinner. his friend joe would ask him out and he said yea ill go out with you if you pay for my dinner , he says you want my time then pay for my dinner he says. these rich friends dont work since their families are loaded and own investments overseas lol. he has no cellphone but says he has friends give him free cellphone but he rejects it lol- sounds like BS considering i know he loves anything for free lol, free fair day, free samples at grocery store
  9. was talking to a bunch of co workers at lunch time yesterday and one of them said hes going to china, vietnam for 6 months to try to find a wife. he said its easier there than here. he said as long as one can speak english your already up and ahead. he said he gave up on local women here. he said they re too indepedent here ,strong, good jobs, careers, lots womens right while its opposite in asia, so its easier to get a wife there. he watns a partner who can cook. he said that a very basic need that lot women in canada cant do or wont do even if they are asian. hes a chinese guy. he said he knows lot asians girls who eat out all time and dont cook and he doesnt like that. he wants someone like his mom -that can cook and take care of family, hee said if he really likes here he dont mind doing 2 jobs to support her and their ffamily i find guys who cant get girls loccally go aboard but wont admit it since they dont want hurt pride, my co workers said he preffers a non canadian since he already has a canadian passport lol. wow what use is a china or vietnam passport lol
  10. Not young as I’m 37 plus I have a hard time getting a gf too I go on many dates from online and most of them end up being one time coffee dates. Not much time plus most women are taken ,married I think if Iet this girl go I won’t find another one too. My history dating wise isn’t successful at all. My job is considered low end even though I tried and went to school and my social skills aren’t good
  11. Prefer her family is well off too since my mom said she met a guy and his wife’s family bought mansion they live in and wife is accountant and guy is part time restaurant worker lol Told me I can find one too a rich girl and help us out in life
  12. She is here legally She been in Canada for long time since age of 8. She is 30 now
  13. Got gf at moment but have yet introduce her to my parents. I knew her a while.My nosey parents would ask what she do for living and I’ll tell them she works at factory making clothes, does she drive they ask and I say no, ask what her parents do and I say one works at restaurant and another works at factory. They don’t speak English. My parents ask me why she lived in Canada since age of 8 and she’s 30 now and doing a low end job and why she can’t drive or no drivers licesne. They are telling me find someone who is smarter than me, strong, and can help me and provide family and give value and benefit into our current household or why even marry her. Mom also mentioned if girl can drive that daughter in law can driver her around. Lol. Mom said she getting old and we need someone to help us out. Lol how many girls these days in Canada would cook and clean and work full time job as professional and at same time marry an office assistant guy The thing is if girl has a high end job aka lawyer and drives a bmw why would she date me. They also want a guy who’s also successful white collar. I also got low end job lol You comments and thoughts please They also don’t like girls who wear makeup , get Nails done or any pretty stuff. They think it’s waste of money. they mainly looking for homely women who also makes the money and stays home and does household work Someone who you marry can be of great added benefit and value to me and my parents in helping them be it doing the taxes, driving mom to grocery shopping, great financial management and can take care of family and other stuff .....etc
  14. Any witty comebacks when guy always says it’s your fault It’s getting old and annoying
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