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Thread: My Wife Emotional Relation with another Men; What would help?

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    Jan 2020
    Originally Posted by LaHermes

    You say:

    "Its like a battle I can not win trying to impress my wife and trying to convince her that I am better than him."

    Why bother any more, really.

    That battle I am done with as I understood it to be Limerence; He had no responsibility to my wife and had nothing to lose by agreeing with what ever her imagination she put out;

    I did and allowed all that out of Trust and confidence in our marriage; that person in me no longer exist.

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    So you do not know if it was an out of wedlock child from an extra marital affair or legitimate sperm donation? Does his wife know about this love child? What is all the secrecy about? Secret sperm, secret conversation between you and his wife, secret tracking devices, secret kids, secret infertility, secret DNA? Your story keeps changing from affair to sperm donor to coworker to cousin, etc..
    Originally Posted by canadien
    His wife wants nothing to do with us anymore.

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    Jan 2015
    Do you not know if they had actual sex or if they went to the clinic together and he provided sperm there?

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    Aug 2020
    Why have you not filed for divorce?

    You have allowed this affair. You do know that they are having sex, right?

    You are showing that you have no self respect. You have allowed this for so long now that you can't stop it. She doesn't want to stop.

    Divorce your cheating wife. you should have 6 months ago.


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