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  1. Thanks again all, asppreicate all the useful you are giving me
  2. Thanks for rpelying. I thought you were going to say you lived in North Florida for some reason so was just curious if you would recommend anything there.
  3. Hahah thanks for all that, some good info there. May i ask what county you live in or is that too revealing?
  4. Yes we have plenty of creepy crawlers here but none are deadly so i was worried it was rife with deadly insects haha. Definitely not on my list of big concerns. I guess all will be clearer once i start staying in places. Found out that there is an investor visa which allows me to remain indefinitely although not as a citizen if i invest 100k+ and create a job for a US citizen so might see what business are available and rent a home for the first year and see how my business goes!
  5. Ok thanks. I'm not scared of snakes or scorpions but if they are deadly ones then i'd have some cause for concern hahah. Austin has been recommended to me, i was going to try a neighbourhood somewhere close by for a month. I am also not keen on hurricanes!
  6. Alright, going to have to take this into account! We get snakes in the UK but none are deadly. I'm guessing Texas is going to be the same? without the alligators/crocs
  7. Scorpions and snakes? How deadly we talking here haha! All we have in the UK are Wasps haha. I would like to live somewhere fairly diverse. I will take into account. Most cities these days are multi cultural even if the smaller burbs are not.
  8. I definitely notice the bugs and insects in Florida when im there every October! Assuming its worse in the summer? Whats the bugs like in Vegas and Texas? I'm from a very multi cultural area, in fact im a white minority but the food thing doesnt bother me. I'm not a 'foodie' at all. I wish i could enjoy food ubt i never do really.
  9. Ahh ok i must have misread it i thoguth someone said that if you dont pay then can take it away! Thats reassuring to know. Good on that old lady! It's her home after all!
  10. Wow thats really eye opening but you know what it did make me think and there is actually a village about 5 miles from where i live and if you buy there you do have rules about keeping your garden and front fo house clean and we all think thats insane but they cannot fine you or take your hom etc and no payments made to them. In the UK we have COUNCIL TAX which is paid monthly and that goes purely to your local elected area council, not the central government. They then take care of police/fire/NHS/roads etc from this budget but if you get behind they cantr claim your house just take you
  11. I'm sorry but this sounds insane!! How did these HOAs come about and get such power?! Is it governmental?
  12. Thanks Dancingfool. Will bear that in mind. I had no idea about any of this till you mentioned it so i really appreciate it.
  13. HOA's sound crazy!! If its my house and land how can they have a say? Something i'll have to get to grips with hahah! I've seen some HOA prices at 260 for example in the porpery listing, is thta $260 a month or a year?? Something like this in Gainesville would be fine for me https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1433-NE-14th-Ter_Gainesville_FL_32601_M64084-96752 In HOA payments it says 'customise' does that mean no HOA payments?
  14. Thanks Dancing Fool! Will book myself 3 months in Texas sometime in 2021 i think. Spend a month in 3 different areas and try and get a feel for it. Yeah regarding the condos/aptms etc i want a house,not something on a lease where i never own it outright. We call them leaseholds here in the UK, pay a large sum to live in a property for 100 years but then its handed back to the landowners family to do to do the next generations fo buyers. Not for me. I want to own the house AND the land it's own too. Thanks for the heads regaring right to rent out, here in the UK we don't have that.
  15. Well that's slightly disappointing. I can indeed spend 6 months of the year there but in 2x3 month periods. Canadians only can do 1x6 month stay. If I want to do a single 6 month stay I have to apply for a visa every year. Is the US really strict on this? I have no criminal record /cautions etc. Am financially sound. Bachelor degree educated etc.
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